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All my sites are about Truth being 100% absolute Truth from the Scripture, and revealing how it is also shown in All Objects, Shapes, Colors, Words, History, Movies, Music, Math, Science, etc..etc.. Even the Human Body Reveals the Truth of the Scripture Being the Authority in Life & Eternity & that this Scripture Points back to the story of God’s Son and that this Story is being played out moment by moment in time as a Repeat Holographic Fractal Which is the real TrueMan Show & that God is making copies of that True man by his Son Jesus!!! We are actually in a daily repeat of that old rugged cross story and each person is playing his or her role in their calling down here. Revealing Jesus to the World.
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Jesus died and then rose from the dead to bring the elect saints home!
Black/White/Red is code for the blood of his cross! Colosians 1:20
Red vs Blue == Verses of the scripture turning you!

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7000 Video Titles Below:


Gaslighting is A Pirate Attack Against Your Body Ship!
If They Persecuted Jesus, They Will Also Persecute You! - John 15:20
Joint Heirs Body Cut Back in By Faith!
Activate the Power by Abiding & Dwelling in the Word!
Bear Experiment Day 3.. Inserting Objects into the Repeat Time Cube!
Day 4 of the Bear Experiment!
Joint Heirs w/ Christ!
Neo! Your Gentile Nation is 'Fake as all Get Out!
See the Holographic Truth in 2018, Encoded Everywhere!!
Your Life is a 3D Portrayal Before God, As you Think & ion Walk it out!
"Matter" Decoded! - Everything Spirals/Springs out from the Cross!
1/3 Proper Perception Prerequisite == Getting the Heart Right!!
2/3 Proper Perception, Renewing the Mind, Renewing the Heart!
3/3 Proper Perception, Renewing the Mind, Renewing the Heart!
Bear Experiment Day 2 - Manifesting into 3D Realm from 2D image!
If the Bible is Holographic, then the Universe is as Well.....
The Etymology Proves that Your Thoughts Affect Matter!
Cart: Transport from divided flesh mind to spirit mind identity!
Greatest Mystery of the Universe! - Whole(Holo) Truth Typology!
How to Use the Hologram for Your Advantage!
Integrating Her Back into Wholeness, with Sound Doctrinal Truth!
Proof of Concept! - Time is Not Linear but a Repeat!
Simple Time Experiment! Sending an instant message through time!
1/2 F.ace to F.ace, Amos 3:3, ACE, Ring the Bell by Faith in His Son!
1/2 See Your Spiritual Growth Process via a Fractal Mirror!
2/2 Face to Face Communion! - Changed from Glory to Glory!
2/2 See Your Spiritual Growth Process via a Fractal Mirror!
ai:ia Decode: Becoming Aware & Hearing Your Inner Man!
You Can't Handle The Truth, Until Christ Be Birthed in You!
Are we in a Simulation? - Yes! A Spiritual Word Craft Simulation!
Biblical Object Lessons Everywhere!
If you attack the sheep, it's a personal attack on a true captain!
See the Fractal Holographic Truth in 2018!
The Narcissist's Mirror World of Lies!
When you watch a TV series it is a Cross Cut of your own life!
You Think Holographically w/out even Knowing it!
Born From Above Copies! Spiritual Portals of Jesus Sent Back in Time!
NCC == in 33 == in Com.m.union == in fellow.ship
Planning a Power Point Speaking Event! - The Seed is now Planted!
The Narcissist's Spiritual Root Problem Explained!
Thinking with Wholeness aka The Holographic Truth!
FCN Decode: Coming together for a common purpose! - The Way!
Learning to Cultivate A Cornucopia Harvest w/ Your Mind!
Typology in the Home, the Church, & Society!
You are in a Soul Training Program!
21 Day Transformation Challenge! You Will Be A New Person!
Day 1 - Write & Speak Your Thoughts & Desires!
Think Then Act w/ Typology Wholeness! - See the Hologram in 2018!
If you or someone you know gets hit by a spiral light. Explanation!
Life Fractal: Try To Be A Sport! - It's Game Over Legalist!
Revelation 4 Birthing Process Revealed in All TV Series! - S.our.ce Code Thinking!
The Bible Reveals Your Transformation Process in Christ!
Today's Holographic Fractal Quantum Reflecting Pond!
Twisting, Turning, & Integrating Ewe Back to Wholeness in God through Christ!
a)Friend or Foe? b)Eve Mother of All Living!
Eve, mother of all living! - Jesus, pattern of all things!
Saints! - They, The Hive Mind, Have No New Game!
1/2 Someone Must Die for the Narcissist to Live in Dreamland.
2/2 Someone Must Die for the Narcissist to Live in Dreamland.
A Loser and a Drunk or a Great Pilot? Choose!
As You Change Others Will fight Against That Change in You!
Body of Christ Per the Pa in Series As An Ordered Set in Time!
Greatest Video on Narcissist Flying Monkeys to Date!
Holographic Fractal: She Fell During the Simulation Training Program!
Naricissist & Sociopaths Root Attack: 1)Identity Crisis & 2)Fake Reality!
When Fake Reality Says Hi, You Say Good-Bye!
Where Along the Way did You Forget who you really Are?
1/2 Explaining my Artwork & Research!
2/2 Explaining the Research/Artwork!
Explaining why this image is in the tenet video!
Gain the whole world but leanness in the soul? Why? That's Dumb!
TE.N.ET - [Stay connected in the spirit walk, in your body temple]
"I AM" is NOT PLAYING GAMES! No! He is Not! This is for Keeps!
100% Proof!: 5D Mental Farming & Cultivating 3D Land.
5 Second Reflecting Pond Ripple Manifestation!
Be Careful About Who You Vibrate With!
Believe it!: - John 14 & 15 in Real Time Life Experiences!
Deep Truths if We Just Ask, Seek & Knock!
Saints! - How to Untangle From a Bad Situation!
Who is Stopping You from Your Goal? You!
1/3 Decoding "Last Day Decepticons" w/ Sound Biblical Doctrine!
Choose Your Path & Choose Who Walks With You!
See the Spiritual Hologram in 2018: Law to Grace Encoded in Reality!
Total Recall Movie Decoded! (Perfect Example of the Whole Pie)
Breaking Bad Cycles! - Find God's Calling for Ur Life & Stay With it!
Choose Wisely! - What U Quantum Connect w/ is What U Become!
Looking at Others? Ur Actually Viewing One of Your Growth Cycles!
Looking outward we see timeline fractal multiverse versions of self!
What we have Here is a failure to Communicate! (word derivatives!)
Another Holographic Fractal for Today!
Birthing From Aaronic Law Flesh Mind to Melchizedek Spirit Mind!
Creations Fractal: His Word will not Return Void!
Extra Terrestrial Wisdom From the Spirit Ether(et heir) Flow!
Mr Clean Decode! - Thermometer Decode!
Saints! - How to Get Healed!
That which is seen is made by the unseen!
Today's Fractal - Welcome home! Good to be back! Journey's End!
Flesh Walkers need Law Cuttings to Birth in Faith & Spirit Walking!
The Healthy Balanced Life: A Good Side & A Bad Side to A Bubble!
Alex Jones Drops a Truth Bomb!
Bringing All the Data Point Parts into the Whole!
Do Not Be Afraid to Break Free! - Spirit, Soul, Body!
Episode == epi sow de == toward sow spirit
Get Rite by Faith!
Revealing the Omnipresent Spiritual Fractal.
Ruminate on This! ...aka... th-ink it Out!
Saints Can Know All Things in the Spirit aka The Mind of Christ!
The Highest Grade Decepticon on Youtube!
POND ER OS A = Ponder Operating System A
A Sh.Re(a)d & of Today's Consciousness Flow!
How the Devil Fools You Out of Your Blessings!
If We Vanish in Front of You then Read & Believe John 3:16,17
Question & Answer Video! - Are We in Purgatory?
Step 1 in Covert Narcissist Healing!
Transformer == Trans.Form.Heir == Across Form == Renovate Her!
Being aware of Toxic Worldly People!
Getting Your Walk Lined up with Your Faith!
Luciferian Game: Start Guarding Your Heart for the Year!
Step One in Seeing Through the devil's Game!
~~~~~~~~ Today's Pond ~~~~~~~~
1/3 Revealing the Narcissist's Fake Contradictory Mirror World!
Ignore the Old Quantum Ghost! They're Not Even Real Anymore.
Looking Outward is Actually Viewing Your Spiritual Self!
Vessels, Temples, Ships, Living Breathing Pillars of Truth & Grace!
Spiritual Truth Encoded in All Creation! Everywhere!
Want to be a Superman? Cross Walk it Out by Faith!
1/3 Breaking Toxic Patterns w/ Simple Boundaries!
2/3 Break Old Patterns by Creating New Ones! - Easy Button!
See the Hologram in 2018! - Simulated Training Program.
See the Holographic Truth! - Encoded in All Things!
The Jezebel Spirit, Flesh Mind Fractal Repeat!
10/10 - Cognitive Dissonance at it's Root!
Cyclic Cuttings Birthing in the Mind of Christ! - Destiny(destination)
Holographic Q-fractal for Today! Try the Spirits! Always!
The Body of Christ: Fractal Portions of the Spirit Cut from the Whole.
The System, Narcissist, Sociopaths, & Psychopaths Dehumanize by Default!
6/10 - Cognitive Dissonance from Chronic Abusers
7/10 Cog Dissonance - A devil's Hive Mind Psyop Trap!
8/10 The devil's agents all have the same spirit of cognitive dissonance!
9/10 Cognitive Dissonance == Unsound Mind == No Doctrine!
Renew the Mind w/ Absolute Truth & Escape the Satanic Traps!
Shift into Your New Reality w/ Ex.act Verbatim Truth of the Logos Word!
DVD: Changing Your Reality! From di to id by the V. - More Truth!
The Reason Why Some Will Burn in Hell Forever!
Be Water My Friend! Be Water!
Law & Grace Sealed w/ the Star Jesus! Full of Grace and Truth!
Learning of His Sacrificial Love in this Repeat Time Cube Experience!
Study This and See Reality as it Really is!
Ascension Story Found on a Piece of Plywood!
Truth is Encoded In All Things! - All are Fractal Pieces of the Whole!
Animated Clay Vessels! - Pieces of the Whole!
Complex Spiritual Proxy Warfare! - (ripples in the pond)
Healing CPTSD: Becoming Aware of Your Inner Man!
Overcome by the Blood of Jesus & Word Testimony!
Pressing the Spiritual Body into Real Love w/ The Spirit of Truth!
Reptile Narc Predator Mind -vs- Mammal Compassionate Mind
Toxic People Devalue You Covertly Over Many Years!
4/13 - Spiritual Gang Stalking - Information about You! Wordcraft War!
Analogue & Digital Relate to Functional Aspects of the Body!
Becoming Your True Identity in Christ in the Inner Man Sets Free!
CPTSD is Primarily a Word Craft & Thought War!
33.13 Unveiled..... See the Hologram in 2018
ABBA "I AM" is Preparing His Elect Saint Sage Priestclass!
Do This for 30 Days & it Will Change Your Life! Retraining your Brain!
Summing it all Up! - The Ultimate Decode!
Viewing the System EA Game from Outside Looking In! Spirit Walk!
Common Denominators w/ all the Fake Gang Stalking Agents!
Covert Attacks! Proof! Ptsd? Foggy Mind? Sound waves to the Brain!
Don't Let Them Make Merchandise of You!
Every Ad Has Biblical truth Encoded in it! Fact!
Morpheus - the maker of shapes - transfigure - semblance
Semblance: Leveling Up! - As He is, So are we in the World!
Time to Wake up to the Real Evil World System! - Gang Stalkers!
Gathering The True Fold into Absolute Holographic Fractal Truth!
God uses that ole Lying Devil to Sift Out the Fakers!
Instant Cognition Explained w/ Example! - Savior Complex Revealed
Precognition & Sacred Geometry Explained! Easy Button!
Become A Weapon! - Become the Word!
My Research Conclusion: Covert Narcs are the Demonic Portals!
A Few Tips on Keeping the Sharks & Snakes at Bay!
Together Mesh, Birth, & Settle into Your Spirit Walk! - "Co.m.po.sit.e"
Earth/Heaven moved from presence of Great White Throne Judgement!
If Something Doesn't Feel Right! - Must be a Reason!
Integrating Her Back Home Unto Absolute Truth & Wholeness!
Meshing with Source Codex!
Only a Saved Person or Satanic Agent can Grasp this Concept!
Romans 12 - DVD RE Cord in G! - [Digit.US V Show] Verbatim!
Eating Eternal Truths Breaks Old Adam Strongholds!
Never ending Story Scene Decoded back to Genesis 3!
Same Spirit Behind Every Witch! (see the holographic truth in 2018)
Same Truths Everywhere! Nothing New Under the Sun!
The Earth & The Heart of Man are Connected Fractally.
The Universe Has Been Decoded! It is Holographic! Wake Up time!
"Queen of Heaven" Lie Completely Utterly Destroyed!
Intention == in tent ion == dwell in the ion copious flow power walk!
Time is Not Linear But Cyclic! (renewing your mind & dominate time!)
Word Forming EL.E.Ment 3D Universal Holographic Training Program!
"Know All things" Addendum to the Original Video!
"Know All Things" Video Blocked in All Countries!
Bible, Alphabet, Phonics, Magnet, Boomerang, Elect Saints, Gather!
Know All Things! - Root Source Code Pattern of All Reality!
Unfurling the Truth via The Cross! - The Logos in All Things!
"it is right in front of you" - 6 Years to Decode This! (it == V)
1/13 - Spiritual Gang Stalking Mini Documentary! - Intro
2/13 - Spiritual Gang Stalking! - The AC Heir Conditioning Element!
3/13 - Spiritual Gang Stalking! - Time is Not Linear but a Repeat!
Natural Realm Object Lessons Here for Spiritual Growth!
"Demon" - Short Word Study!
1/2 Your Eternal Inheritance as Saints by Faith in Christ!
See the Fractal Holographic Truth in 2018 & Know All Things!
666 Jezebel Narcissist Flesh Mind Game Cube Revealed in Cartoon!
Cross Cut Framework Viewing: c, t, a, at, @, act, cat, tac, atc, cta, tca.
Framework of creation wholly written by the blood of His cross!
Go Away Doubting Thomas Devils!
Strawberry Experiment! - 2d to 3d (look at == be hold == grasp)
"It is right in front of you" - You are literally swimming in it!
1/2 Boot the Jezebel/Narc to the Curb ASAP! They are demonized.
2/2 Boot the jezebel/narc to the Curb! They are Fake People!
Democrats Have Gone into the Devil's Delusional Drama Land!
Finding the Truth Channel, Is a Divine Appointment!!
Illuminati Land: 2018 Preliminary Fractal System Decode!
Narcissist Jezebels Running from God w/ mkultra Mind Games!
No Coinkydinks! - It is All A Truth & Grace Game!
See the Hologram in 2018: Evil Woman False Church Fractal.
Teleporting U an Orange from my 2d drawing to UR 3d Reality.
Draco MA Fake Love! (
Old Unsaved Flesh Mind Eve(ning) Hates ad.Am!
1/3 Word Craft Wars! - [techno(craft) logo]
2/3 Word Craft Wars! - [techno(craft) logo]
3/3 Word Craft Wars!
From 2D Paper to your 5D Heart & 3D Life!
His Truth is Utterl(E) Writ.ten eve.ry.w(here)! Where Ya Gonna Hide?
Living Life!
From Old life to the New life!
God is oppo.sit.e ur flesh mind(6)(u) to birth Spirit(e) Mind(7)(Y) in ewe!
RED SAC! (sacred, set apart, separated, consecrated, sanctified!)
Becoming One w/ The Truth! == True Freedom & Power!
Hebrews 6:4,5 - (those who tasted the free gift but spit it out)
Seeing the Macro in the Micro!
Agape(C) Love is where it's AT! - A piece cut off! (a cross cut section)
Cat, SeeAT, C@, 1313, System Machinery for Dwelling Down Here!
See the Hologram in 2018: MAC, cam, 1313, m13 [essence of "mac"]
Becoming the Word while in this Anti-System!
See the Hologram in 2018: Jezebel Cain Virus Fractal Wholly Written!
Thinking about God & his Word is like boot camp training.
1/3 Luciferian archon reverse psyop Decepticon -vs- Yahweh Truth
2/3 Archon Discourse!
Seeing Past the Surface Meaning to the Spiritual Body!
Clay mask personas sounding out the gospel to gather the elect!
Creation Personifies Christ's Program & Attributes Everywhere in Simile & Type!
Life is a Series == Sequence == Course == Training Program!
Patterns in Reality Follow Universal Truths!
Unfurling(revealing) Logos to the World!
An Ode to the Saints Epic Heroic Walk of Faith in Christ Alone!
Nothing is a Coincidence! - Everything is a spiritual typology in time!
Becoming the Very Thing You Hate?
If Bookz Promotes a Book you Better Read it!
Television Decoded!
The LOG Operating System! - Logos on T.
What satan means for evil God in.tends for good!
1st Cor 11 Reveals God's Fractal Holographic Authority Typology!
Biggest Red Flag of An Agent!
Short Train Ride!
Took A Count of the Good People in the World!
Word Forming El.e.ments to Press Out Ment Copies!
The Deepest Truth out There! The Only Real Conspiracy Theory!
The Whole System is Attacking your Faith Walk w/ God!
JUMANJI Decoded! - [Je.we Man Ge] (jehovah we mankind Genesis)
Making My Incoming Ringtone: Warning Incoming Game, Warning Incoming Game!
My Channel == Revealing Jesus in Everything! (rock, paper, scissors)
Narcissism: Graduating Past "Earth Plane Only" Teachers!
Narcissist Sociopath Catfish Ringtone! - Free to download!
Unsaved Wiccan Goat Ringtone Reminder! Free to download!
Word Craft Wars! - Aka Body Ship Discourse Wars!
Jim Carrey Carrying People to a Delusional Hell w/ Him!
Oneness the proper way!
Stop Sign Decode Correction!
7 Aim, G.AIM: It's Game Over! When you see the Game!
Has the 3rd eye Gentile System Turned you into a Jezebel w/ Subtility?
Hologram Proof: Secrets of the Universe Revealed even in Cartoon!
Ten, Tenet, Hold, Stretch, Grasp, Contain, Maintain!
The Game!
The Whole Truth is Wholly Written in Types Everywhere! Period!
"ReBoot" Series Introduction, Holographic Decode!
Per the Son, Pre Positioned, Body(body of Christ), Anyone.
See the Hologram! - 2 Simple Examples to Help you Grasp it!
Spirit: spi, iri, airy, breathe, inspiration, state of mind, essential principle.
Narcissist Scorner Root Issue! - Ultimate Explanation!
Reboot Cartoon Reveals Whole Spiritual(E) Matrix Fractal.
Divine Revelation: Source Code Truth Unveiled.
Dot's Diner, AL's Diner, Pierce, Concentrate, Incoming Game.
Jeremiah 3 - Backsliding, Treacherous System Psyop Explained!
Truth is Completely Written & Spiritually Stained throughout All Reality!
Animated Char.Actors in Holographic Fractal Claydoh Land...
Best Decode Ever! "CHARACTER" [char ac t er(air)(heir)(share)]
Claydoh Land Must Follow Your "% of Word" Transformation.
To Play the Game Well, Read & Follow the Manual!
1/10 Holographic Fractal Life Pattern of an Evil Person!
2/10 Holographic Fractal Life Pattern of an Evil Person!
2/3 Movie Fractal Revealing Demon Hive Spiritual Clones!
3/3 Movie Fractal Revealing Demon Hive Spiritual Clones!
TV & Media Full of Demonized People!
1/3 Demon Possessed People Acting Like Robot Clones!
Destroying Pagan Fake Reality Agents w/ Truth!
Get in Your Proper Rank & File & Fight the Fight of Faith!
Hebrews 11:38 - MA creatures not even worthy of MAE creatures.
Hell in Cain, Maura, Flapper, Drunk on 'Mother Mary Worship' Fractal....
See the Holo-Gram in 2018 - A, OX, Blood, Oxy Clean.
See the Hologram! - The Alice Fractal.....
Types & Shadows Revealed in Songs & Movies!
Easily Defeating The "Destabilization Tactics" of the Devil....
How to Be in this Sin.E Wave System! Nail it to the T.
Revealing the Demonic Wiccan Jezebel System Tricks!
Sacrificial Love for His Elect: Filling Up That Which is Left Behind!
A Saved Person Can't Walk w/ an Unsaved Person! Period!
Jezebel Witch Queen Underground Network Hidden in Plain View!
New Believers Should Not Be Teaching the Bible!
OPPO - Face to Face Transformation Process!
Thought Experiment Proves We are in a Spiritual Hologram!
Wiccan & Witch Jezebel's Are the illuminati. 100% Absolute Fact!
"Pattern" [pa (+) turn] - Experience the Holo-G-Ram in 2018!
1/2 Proof, Alex Jones Knows the Truth!
2/2 Proof, Alex Jones Knows the Truth!
The Alphabet Reveals Deep Truth Hidden in Plain View!
Push Hard & Birth Out Your Holographic Christ Mind in 2018!
See the Hologram in 2018! - Adamic Reptilian Flesh Mind Fractal!
See the Hologram in 2018! - Everything Fits to Perfectly!
When the War is Finally Over! - Til Christ be Formed in You!
1/3 Experiencing God Everyday & in Everything!
2/3 Experiencing God Everyday! Being Aware of His Presence!
3/3 Experiencing God Everyday & in Everything!
Captain Your Ship Wisely!
Source Code "I Am" is the River Flow of All Things!
Changing Time from Being a Cursing to Being a Blessing!
Jezebel Hive Mind Projecting onto you Impossible Perfectionism!
Lack of Introspection being Played Out in Film & Life!
Perfect Example of a Narcissistic Jezebel Spirit! - Frenemies!
Real Ship Communion Can Accept Healthy Criticism!
Real Time Example of the Hologram Revealing Universal Truth!
Ship Mates! S(hip) M(ate)== |\+/| ate == M 33 == Union.
1/2 The Old Eve Fractal Holographic Truth!
2/2 The Old Eve Fractal Holographic Truth!
4/4 Sandbox Birthing Experience via the ion Cross Walk reCreation!
UR E SCRIPT! - Your spiritual script! - Scripture! Becoming like Jesus!
1 Peter 1:7 - The Household of Faith is Painful! - Deal With It!
Being an Overcomer! - Rising Above the Jezebel System!
If Your Heart's Not in It, Then Just Walk Away!
Spiritual Meaning Behind All Suffixes!
"Believe" Decoded: Style Us, V==The Cutting Turing Machine!
Breaking Strongholds w/ 2 Way Communication!
Breaking the Bond w/ Jealous Jezebel. Linking w/ Own Kind.
Solids -vs- Liquids: True id - Leaving Egyptian loyalties Behind
Summation: The Whole Scheme of Things!
How to Know more than a Ma.ster Ma.son! The Light of Jesus!
2nd Ex.Peri.Ment! - 2d to 3d - Piercing into the Unseen by Faith!
Breaking Fractured Cultic Demonic Stronghold Thinking!
Fact! The Universe is Recording & Reflecting Back Ur Heart & Ur Life!
Holiday Warfare in Fake Outward Show Plastic Face Claydoh Land!
Letter of the Law Killeth! - Spirit gives Freedom!
Only One Way out of this Demonic Ecumenical Gaslighting System!
Urgent! Jezebel Hive Mind Cult Indoctrination Fractal Revealed!
Christmas Gift Decode! - Where are we? What the bleep is going on?
Market==Mark ET==ET Mark==Lamb Slain Written in All Reality!
Seeing the Whole Pie via the Psalms!
The Pattern in the Book of Psalms!
What are you Projecting about yourself onto Others?
2/3 Interpretation of my Video Artwork!
3/3 Explaining my Video Artwork!
Breaking Bubble Boy False World Views! - Whole Pie Thinking!
Cutting Edge Elaboration til the Word be Formed in You!
Interpretating of My Art Work! Deep Truth Revealed in Plain View!
Sacrificial Redemptive Eternal Selfless Stretching Love in the Truth!
Stepping into Whole Pie Thinking!
Your Old Identity Has to Die! - Deal With It! - It's a New Day!
Consciously Aware: About His Father's Business! - Follow Him!
New Day! New Goals! New Outlook! New Mind! New Ship!
Piercing Through to Ur True Identity! Seeing/Acting from Over Yonder!
The Daily Fractal Repeat! - God's Will -vs- Own Understanding.
Another, 'Off the Rails' "E" Decode!
Behold! - I Show You a Mystery! ( 6 year ex.peri.ment)
Eyes to See, Absolute Proof: The Spiritual E-Pond Revealed!
Flesh Mind Fights Against the True Spiritual Path!
Hebrews 4:12 - Holographic E Fractal: 2D to 3D - Ex.Peri.Ment!
Here is your Answer!
De.ep S(p.ace) N.ine! - The True Elect R Appearing & Raising the Bar!
If U Grasp this video then Ewe are an Out-Called(Y) Holy One!
The illuminati is the Genesis 3:1 Jezebel Spirit!
"G" - It is Finished! - Christ in you the Power! - Col 1:27
1/2 Elect! You Already Won Every Battle 2000 Years Ago!
2/2 Elect! - You Already Won Every Battle 2000 Years Ago!
Can a Man or UUO.Man Hide from God?
God Pond.heirs the of Man!
Narcissistic Abuse! - My Last Video on this Topic!
Narcissistic Rage Manifesting in Delusional Democrats!
Walking in Power! - Drinking & Grasping the Whole Truth!
"Gaslighting" - Playlist Intro! (narc/jezebel mind control series)
1/2 Seeing Life via a Fractal Holographic Perspective!
2/2 Seeing Life via a Fractal Holographic Perspective!
Chew on this for a sea.son!
How the gnostic/wiccans justify their lying fake reality!
Narcissist Trauma Bond Spiritual Matrix Sandbox Research!
NEO needs the ONE who is NOE of the EONs!
Revelation of Deeper Spiritual Truths in Everything!
1/10 - Appliance Decode! - Washing Machine!
1/2 Series Are Sub-Fractals Viewings of the Whole Truth!
Ai worship/dependence agenda! Lord Jesus! Help Us All!
Clay Vessel Actors Spreading the Seed of the Word!
Identity Crisis Help!!! - Setting Affections Above!!!
John 14:14 - Desired Ripples in the Ether of the Reflecting Pond!
Net Neutrality
The Reason Buddha Cain will Burn Forever!
God Uses goat Experiences to Sanctify the Saints More & More!
A New Identity in Christ! From old adam to the new Adam!
Bottle in a Bush: Reality Follows this Pattern Everywhere!
El.e.g.ance Crucible! A Co.M.Pan.E! - No pain no gain!
Spiritual Turing Machine! - N.AME
The unsaved world is more evil than people want to admit!
Unsaved Hive Mind Want You Dead or Worldly Minded!
Enemies in Your Own House! - You Were Born in Babylon!
In form aet ion. - Unfolding the Truth! -
Together in Oneness! - That's "Where it's At!"
1 Corinthian 13:12 - Proper Interpretation!
Deep Research(seek) Changes You From Partial to Whole Thinking!
Faith of the Heart! Believe and be Saved!
Gaslighting = Mind Control Trick by Demonic Lying Agents!
IT, HIT, HE - "Tho he slay me yet will i trust him! "
Logos Objects Hitting you via Glass Dimly but soon Face to Face!
Q Recruitment, Kin-Ship, US, Con.T.Act Us, To.Get.Her ac.T Us!!
When Witches Mess w/ Saints, it Always Backfires!
1/2 Jezebel Narcissist Spirit Rampant because of Genesis 3:1-5
2/3 Moment by Moment Choice of Which Spirit you Walk in!
A Never Ending Fractal Holographic Love Story Around the Cross!
Demonic Agents Reverse Engineered & Destroyed! Truth Stands On!
Is the Spirit of Elijah Here? Are the 2 Witnesses Alive Right Now?
The Holographic Truth Revealed in all Reality!
This Drawing will Reveal the Whole Pie Truth!
Unseen Demonic Realm 3rd Eye Agent 1313 Watchers! - It's Real......... Are You
Fires & Earthquakes, Alien Technology, False Accusers Admit Lies!
1/3 Spiritual Warfare: Continual Demonic Babylon Script Attempt!
1500W Intertek Oil Filled Heater Experiment Review!
2/3 Spiritual Warfare: Continual Demonic Babylon Script Attempt!
3/3 Spiritual Warfare: Continual Demonic Babylon Script Attempt!
900W Intertek Oil Filled Heater Experiment Review!
All Alphabets are Extra Terrestrial!
Born Again will Always be Persecuted!
Deep Stuff! - I Was Pushed to Share This One!
Home Depot Zobo Radiant Heater Review! 9k-15k BTU!
Jezebel Hates & Envies the Saved Women more than She Hates Men!
Pelonis Ceramic Heater w/ Box Fan Experiment Review!
Intro: Experiments == Ex.Peri.Ment == Out.Beyond.Mind.
Just Walk Away! It was a fake reality from the get go anyway!
Q: Cut, Turn, Union, Flow! - Copy After in Time! - Sequence! - Typify!
Seeded Copies Per PA! God the Father! [not MA earth worship lies]
Facebook indoctrination Narc Warfare on your Children!
It is finished! The whole pie! The language decode is finished!
Orange teleportation from 2d to 3d through time & space!
Source Code Hologram Typology! Holo.gram==Holo.writ==Holy Writ.
The Body of Christ is the Spiritual Reflecting Pond!
Walking in the Spirit! Crystal Clear Explanation!
1/2 - Arc, Arch, Archon, Architect, Arcade, Arcane, Ark, Archetype!
Faith Walkers are not in Sync w/ Sight Walkers!
Galatians 6:1 - Restore with Meekness!
Meditation Explained from a Biblical World View!
Ship within a Ship within a Ship! Row row row your boat properly!
The Power of Cogitation in Real Time!
CE Decoded! - (ce, 35, camp.US ce, e.lite, form)
E is the Power! Just bE already! (bE==home of the espirit...)
Holo Saints == Bite Size Fragment Pieces Cut back in By Faith!
Q R U?
Rising Up Out of the 666 Simulated Training Program Cutting Machine!
1/2 LCD Internet connected is a Spiritual viewing into the flow.
2/2 Internet Con.neck.tied LCD Devices == Crystal Balls.
Bringing Holographic Personel Ships to Spiritual Insight!
Demonic Agents Love Chaos & Confusion & Drama!
How Does Alex Jones Read Your Mind?! - Decoded!
How i See the Spiritual Warfare Before it Hits!
Perfect Example of being thrown under the Bus! Do i know you?
3am Night Hag!
Jez/Narc 101: From a Biblical worldview source code perspective!
The Reality You Live In!
The Rhythm of the Universe is the Logos! Re.A.Son! Disciple After!
A Great Mystery: How Reality Works, Explained in Ephesians 5!
A Quick Discourse Walk Through Ephesians 5! Literally, Spiritually, Metaphorically, Allegorically, Symbolically!
Portals of Truth! The Born Again Know All Things in Christ!
Types & Shadows in Your Body Ship! - Christ & His Body!
Holographic Source Code Thinking == Total Freedom!
This is for you!!! You know who you are!!! - Faith, Hope, Love.
Ephesians 5:21 Submission & Authority: A Holographic Fractal Truth!
Real Time Proof of the Repeat Time Cube Seed Birthing Process!
Shore Leave Episode, Captain Object Lesson!
1/4 Spiritual Hologram Revealed in Real Time!
2/4 Spiritual Hologram Revealed in Real Time!
2018's Game Plan! - Expanding & Spreading the Truth Far & Wide!!!
3/4 CC, 33, 11:11, Jesus, Spiritual Hologram Revealed!
4/4 Spiritual Hologram Revealed in Real Time!
Wholeness Body, Soul, Spirit! 1 thess 5:23
Wholeness! Via the Absolute Truth!
1 Cor 15:31 - Spirit Walking is Dying Daily to the Old Adam!
Arch.E.type Wholly Written: One == Spirit Mind, Zero == Flesh Mind
Arch.E.Type: The Essence of Jesus Wholly Written in All Reality!
Break any Addiction with this Truth! Period!
Escape A Fire!
God the Father! Not goddess mother, you insane blind demonic wiccans!
Great Object Lesson for Dying Daily!
John 15:7 "...ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you."
The Whole Truth! - Right Here, Right Now!
Watch These 7 Movies to Grasp Reality Down Here! The Fractal Truth!
1/3 The Bible Reveals How to Catch a Psychopath!
Enabling the Fake Reality of Narcs & Sociopaths isn't Love!
New Battle: Going into Borg Territory One More Time! Exodus 14:14!
Projecting, Disseminating 5D Truth into 3D Claydoh Hard Hearts!
Truth Sets Free! Not Lies! Stand on the Truth! Period!
Wake Up to Cognitive Dissonance Demonic Mind Games!
"Star Trek" Ship Preaches Jesus!
Fake Unequal Yoking Never Works!
Greatest Show on Earth! via the ST.air! The Cross Walk!
Jezebel/Narcissist Object Lesson Revealed in Star Trek Episode!
The Name "JESUS" Reveals the Whole Program of God!
Fractal Hip Movement of The Spiritual Hologram Don't Be Lying!
How To Know All Things in Christ!!! Easy Button!!!
If You Really Want to Be Whole, Then Here You Go!
Keep Rising Up by Applying the "3 Strikes & You're Out" Rule!
No Fear! Cain Already Lost! Abel Won!
The Power of God!
Wherefore come out from among them, & be ye separate, saith the Lord
100% Free From Jezebel Narcissist Right NOW! Via this Truth!
Advancing the Cause! W/in Enemy Territory! Occupy! Maintain! Hold!
God Still Speaks! Believe it!
iLLuminati Magician Priestclass Being Told False Demonic Information!
Watcher Free Mason illuminati Agents Hide the Truth w/ Distractions!
7 Day Purge! Purging Out the Hive Mind Agenda & Agents!
BRB in 7: Testing the Hive 'Mind Control' & Suspected MK Handlers!
GE.N.E(SIS) It's Time! Wake up! Bee Fruit(5).Full & Multiply Spiritually!
Wholly Integrated into the Vine Arranges you into the Flow!
1/2 Did the illuminati Priestclass Mock My Alphabet Creation Decode?
2/2 Is the illuminati Mocking my Creation Code Decode?
Ecclesiastes 9:3b - One Event Happens to All.. (elect vehincles)
Throw Out a Life Line to Others!
AM PM - UR Script E - Scripture - (pm)Eve-ry-Day(am)
E.Merge into 5d Spirit Walk, Out of 3d Claydoh/Playdoh Land.
Narcissist Common Denominator Explained!
Narcissist Jezebels stuck in a Genesis Chapter 3 Daily Repeat!
The Final Authority on all Narcissistic Jezebels!
The Whole Pie - Figure it out! I'm done spoon feeding!
Absolute Fractal Truth Forces Narcissist to Face Reality or Walk!
Epidemic Delusions in the Nation!
Phase 3: Total Spiritual Warfare! The Ultimate Decode!
Pulling Souls out of the Enemy Camp!
Sowing Seed Causes Serious Paranormal Spiritual Warfare!
Stretching Forth! Seeing Deep into Spiritual Truths!
The War is On Against Christians!
Tila Claims the Blood & The Cross of Jesus!
Colosians 1:12 - Heirs Redeemed, Translated, Partakers, & Appearing!
It's fake, if it or they are not Fundamental Bible!
Non Born Again Can't Hear the Saints Absolute Truth!
Refuting Crazy False Doctrines! Easy Button!
The Devil Has No Authority or Power Over True Believers!
Digging for Gold! Breaking Up the Word 'Fire' Just a Tad Bit!
Drink the Word til it Permeates your Essence Through & Through!
Perfect "object lesson image" to explain the last video!
A Prophet is Not Known in His Own Hometown!
Open Your Eyes! It All Exist Because of Him! All of It!
People Claiming to be Jesus all over the World Now!
Systemic Problem! Lack of Conviction of Sin System Wide!
1)Natural 2)Mental & 3)Spiritual Conception All via a Seed!
All Things Encoded into Reality At the Cross! audio added
All Things Encoded into Reality At the Cross!!!
Can You See Truth in All Things? If No! Why Not?
How to Catch a Snake!
It's All Him! Our Duty is to Renew Our Mind & Die Daily!
Success == Success.ion == Walk after Jesus in time.
The End Times War! - In Your Face! - Daily! - Right Now!
Using Word Craft (logos techno) to Weed out an Agent Every Time!
Is Lucifer Using 3rd Eye Agent Actors for his End Days Deception?
Tired of same ole same ole dreamland delusional devil's lies yet?
Transforming Love Never Fails but it Might Hurt a Little Bit!
All Mind Control & MK-ULTRA Based on Genesis 3:1-5.
Ink it out, break the strongholds & edit the spiritual pond in truth!
The Real Life Game Cube, is Cutting Out Your Old Adam!
The Holographic Fractal Truth Summary, in 12 Minutes Flat!
They Are Legion! My Channel Reveals & Defeats Them All w/ Truth!
Utterly Destroyed Jezebel, Gnostics, Wiccans, Catfish, & Legalist Lies!
Defend Your Home Front! Go Buy a Gun Good Men & Women!
From Flat Tare to a Full Heir Ship by His Spirit by Faith! - Beep Beep!
How to catch an online lying demoniac catfish!
Saints! U R the Eternal Conduit & Lamp Post of Truth in Time Now!
Get Whole! Boot all narcissist jezebel scorners to the curb! Psalm 1:1
A Piece of Pie! Remarkable! (RE MARK ABLE) Able Got in By Faith!
Spiritual Knowledge & Wisdom: Follow After Jesus to See Real Truth!
The Whole Pie aka The Whole Truth in 21 Minutes!
Blinded by the Demon Program Controlling Them!
Decoding an Intoxicated Uber Rider's Fractal Message!
Escape the Cube by Faith alone in the Son alone!
It is Rapture Time! Get Ready!
Texas Church Shooting Spirit Realm Agenda Decoded by his Name!
Type & Anti-Type Explained! (master this, then you got it!)
Who Controls the Cube & Why? & How to Get the Bleep Out of It!
3rd Eye Lie == Egyptian Babylonian Demonic Seers!
Narcissism: Spiritual Reason Why Narcs Project their Guilt onto You!
When Fishing in Enemy Territory Expect Demonic Warfare!
"Fire" Object Lesson, Decoded! - Proof of faith alone!
1/2 Blessed, Be-Attitudes, Letter of Law, Spirit of Law, Faith!
2/2 Be-Attitudes, Letter of Law, Spirit of Law, Faith!
Cut the Hive Mind Machine Noise Off & Let God's Word Machine You!
Kick the Agents Out to Activate Real Agape Fellowship!
Own Works = Self Glory -vs- God's Glory = Faith in His Son.
Revelation! Spiritual Truth Wholly(Holy) Written in Everything!
"S"(ES) - Teaching You Hyper(E) Dimensional Thinking!
How to Know if you Know God!
My interpretation of the "i pet goat" video!
Romans 7 - Sanctification Process Out of Sin -vs- Habitual Sin!
Rule Based Living Is Not Faith Based New Mind Spirit Walking!
The Truth is Everywhere! All around you! Creation Reveals it!
100,000,000% Proof You Live in a Spiritual Hologram!
2 Corinthians 6:17 - orange is the new black decoded
ACME Flesh Mind -vs- Spirit Mind!
Dark Soul Delusional Narcissist Drama Queen Zombies in a Script!
Intro: Toxic Relationship Series! - For web site series: 101A
John 1:10
Lesser Magic of solomon Another Genesis 3 Unfolding.....!
More Proof Etymology(doctrine) Reveals the Whole Truth!
Saved -vs- Born Again!
Keep pushing! Shoot through to the other side! Almost there!
Pound, Ponder, Reflecting Pond, Reflecting Pond.heir,!
Spirit Mind is Way Beyond the Comprehension of the Flesh Mind!
1/2 Same Spiritual Truth in Eve.ry.thing! Re-Member, Re-Company!
2/2 Same Spiritual Truth in Eve.ry.thing! Re-Member, Re-Company!
Proof after Proof after Proof! Same Spiritual Truth in All Things!
Sandbox Experiment! EX-PERI-MENT
Seeing Past the Surface to the Deeper Truths!
Seeing the Spirit Realm Play Out in Your Life!
Spooky: Clock tower, Farm, Nursing home, Train track, You need her!
Sync Happens: The Hologram Reflections & Reverberations Warned Me!
Time travel movie speaks of the river flow!
Urgent! Enemy Camp Spinning Reality on a Massive Scale!
2/3 no title yet - utter
3/3 No title yet - screen
All Love Songs Typify God's Love & Desire for a Faithful Spirit Filled Church!
Cain & Abel Revealed Everything!
Feelings -vs- Thinking! Wiccan Agenda!
Pressing On w/ Copious Flow! Leaving stagnated vessels behind!
Universal Source Creation Code Cracked Open! Free to All..
Your waking up process is being hindered by agents & distractions!
Indescribable! (not de scribe ab el)
It's Universal Common Sense to Stay Away from A Narcissist!
Narcissist Validation -VS- Sociopathic Control
Real time example: Obedience to the small still voice!!
Time Travel, Blind Leaders of the Blind, Cardboard Cut-Out Robots!
We Meta-Human Spirit Creatures(mae) Teaching You the Way Up!
Woke up with these 4 Topics to Discuss Later!
1/3 Moving you from 1d, 2d, & 3d, thinking to 5D thinking!
2/3 Moving ewe from 1d, 2d, & 3d, thinking to 5D thinking!
Shift Happens: The illuiminati are Telling You Something Big!!!
Some of Us are Meta-Humans!
As You Rightly Divide the Word the Word Rightly Divides You!
Explaining the spiritual hologram from another perspective!
Google Admits Jesus is the Source of all Logic!
Hello Q! Stretch Forth! Break New Ground! Run to Win!
Truth in the Inward Man, Manifest & Reflects Back Outwardly!
Another legalistic works based devil showed up! Par for the course!
Look at this cursed devil in Disguise!
Paragraph unfurled: Weaving Parts Back Home to Source! Pan E.Ma!
Real Agape Love! Real Absolute Truth! Fakers not Welcome!
The mark of the beast! Man's devices create his own destruction!
1/2 Getting Whole inside the Born Again Body of Christ!
2/2 Getting Whole inside the Born Again Body of Christ!
3rd Eye "me tablet" "it's Me" god complex rooted in Egyptian Sun worship!
At Least 4 Dimensions in Every Paragraph You Read!
Kick Chronic Liars to the Curb! Far Away From Your Ear Gate!
Stream Unfolded! Water == uu ate heir == spiritual communion!
Easy Money! Be Your Own Boss! Sign up Today! Link below!
How to Catch a Fake Christian 3rd Eye Witch Every Time!
Revelation 14:4 - These did not defile themselves w/ women!
Warning! This is Queen Bee Spiritual Warfare!
What happens after you get saved!
1/3 Selfish Lazy Socialism in the heart always manifest outwardly!
2/3 Selfish Lazy Socialism in the Heart Manifest Outwardly!
3/3 Socialism in the heart manifest outwardly!
Gen 1:2 - Gap Theory Refuted! Eve is the gap flesh mind typology!
How Dark Souls Create their Fictional Personas!
It's a New Day Saints! We can never lose! It's wholly written! 2d,3d,5d
Pebble: Logos Turing Machine Giving U(ewe) a New Name(Y)!
The Rock Logos Application Via Time Cutting You a New Name!
Ether of the Spirit Manifesting Everywhere! Swim in it by Faith!
Plastic Fake People Are Blind & Deaf to Obvious Truth!
Queen Bee Double Crossing[TT] Hive Fractal, Holographically Decoded!
The Ultimate Decode!
5 yrs of proof: Demonic gang stalking by 9 fake believer agents!
All Flesh Minded Roads Lead to the Genesis 3 Jezebel Spirit!
Different levels of Truth comprehension! Most people are ai programs!
Huge Data Point! Prayer answered after 5 Years!
Moving toward the Spirit Mind Thinking!
Revealing "The Logos" to the Whole World! The Pattern of all things!
How much TRUTH can u HOLD in ur Ship 'manly p hall' agents? None!
impo, Dr. Stephen Davey is in the top 10 bible teachers alive right now!
Pier Sea, Peer See, Pierce, Take up your cross to fathom the depths!
What does the Shekinah Glory look like? My first hand testimony!
1/2 Holographic Quantum Fractal View into the Enemy Camp Mind.
1/30 Business Ideas Out of Your Home! & Quantum Flow!
Cast out the bondwoman and her son!
Friction Heat is a Hottie 10! According to Holographic Creation Code!
Health & wholeness: Parts in union in their proper place!
Proof the masonic Seat Belt Law is for Money Flow Only!
Son's of belial genesis 3 fractal: Personal, corporate, cultural & religious.
Teaching you to re.cog.nize son's of belial hidden in plain view.
Proverbs 31- Advising the King of How to Rule & Who to Marry!
Ship Log for 10-16-17 - Agents playing same ole game at a higher level.
$14,000/Year Part Time Job - $20-$30 Per Hour!
1/3 Your Heart & Mind Fractal Condition Vibrate Outward in Life!
3/3 Wendy's Decode - He Laces & Weaves His Elect Together!
If a Man don't work he don't Eat! That's Bible!
Integral healthy parts by typifying the body of Christ in truth & agape!
Partial Explanation of the Last Video!
Revelation 12 - Easy Button! Think!
Revelation 4
Revelation 5
Reverse engineering the Mind Control Agents! - 11 Year Hobby...
Your Metamorphosis is Coming! Hold on with All You Got!
Dark Souls Want to Vampire & Leech Off the Bright Souls!
Ethereal Logos Stream Piercing for a Conception then a Birthing!
High Level Synchronicity Proof!
Revelation 1
Unfolding the Source Code Logos, to the Gentiles! Spirit & Bride Say Come!
1/2 Thinking Multidimensionally.... in the pen fold.... stream...
1/2 Whole system under christ consciousness indoctrination lie!
2/2 Thinking Multidimensionally.... in the pen fold....
2/2 Whole system under christ consciousness indoctrination lie!
Pushing Forward Past the Bow of the Ship!
Redemptive Blood Sacrifice Typified Everywhere!
Typology: Your Body is a Ship! A House for your Soul & Spirit!
2 Legit Women's Ministries! - Older Women Teacher Younger Women!
All Patterns Derive From "PA" Pattern Jesus God-Head Bodily!!
Oratory, Orate, OR ATE, Con-Junction, Join Together!
The Words Prove it! You Are in a Spiritual Script!
Tribute to the Crisis Actors & Fake Gentile System!
1/2 "Event" Unfolded. - Spirit Venting via the Cross!
2/2 "Event" Unfolded. - Spirit Venting via the Cross!
Everything Passes Through the Cross!
Great Channel to Subscribe To! Sound Doctrine!
The KEY to "Knowing All Things" in Christ!
Holographic Truth Makes You Whole! - Spirit, Soul, & Body!
Keep Your Soul/Mind/Heart Whole! No Matter What! God is First!
Thinking According to the Whole not in Partiality!
"Adam Ruins Everything" Holographic Fractal.
1/2 Wake Up! ...You deaf/dumb/blind 501-3c Legalist!
2/2 Wake Up! You deaf/dumb/blind 501-3c Legalist!
Explaining the "Wedge" Video!
It follows: Logos Changing you into a Copy of Himself! - Word Craft!
More Proof All Truth Leads Back to the Sacrifice of the Cross!
The Waking up Process! Seeing the Covert Narcissist in your Life!
Contentment comes when parts rank & file into the whole!
Got a Stable Mind? Get Holographic Truth Beyond Space-Time!
What is your Crystal.line Vibration in the Rock of Ages?
2 Uber Stories: Narcissistic & Psychopathic Drunks!
Not even joking: Black/White/Red is Creation Code for Colosians 1:20.
Unshackled from Babylon!
1/2 Spiritual Reason Behind Quantum Physics Wave/Particle Duality!
2/2 Quantum Wave/Particle Duality Spiritual reason!
7 Podcast in One.
Relationship == Re ion walking via the cross continually & often!
E SISter, & Exit OD, Genesis & Exodus Types!
Get Ready for some serious Typology Teaching!
Another Demonic Game used by Wiccan Jezebels on Facebook.
Listen Up Joint Heirs! - Pierce the Sin.e Wave to Break the Cycle!
Scripture == script.ur.e == Unite & Fit Together as One Sacred Body!
2/3 Wendy's Logo Decoded - The Big O Maestro Compilation!
Overview/Explanation of the last 5.5 Years of Decoding !
See Through the Narcissist Jezebel via Holographic Patterns!
Trying to Break the Blinders of the Demonic Fake Culture Christianity!
1/3 Wendy's Logo Full On Holographic Decode!
Does anyone fight for real love & truth anymore?
Series == Circuit == Elect Circus == An Elect Heart Circumcision!
1/3 Circle Object Lesson: Every shape has a holographic language!
2/2 The Holographic Logos Language of the Circle!
Behold! See the Same Truth in All Things! - Amos 3:3, Aim Us C:C.
Breaking Free from the Gentile Hive Mind Explained!
Chained to the Rhythm Real Time Decode!
Cultic Hive Mind Wiccan 3rd Eye Luciferian Indoctrination!
Sold out to the Holograohic Fractal Truth of the Gospel! John 3:16
The Feeling of Gang Stalking is just you Waking up to the Unseen!
The Monarch Butterfly Has a Temper!
Thinking According to the Whole not Just the Parts!
Jezebel Narcissist Blind to Their Repeat illusions & Delusions.
Priorities & Affections? Earthly -vs- Heavenly.., Animals vs Humans.
So you want to find the buddha path?
Can you find the cross in all these images?
Evil == eve ill == flesh side == flesh mind == old adam == Gal 5:19.
Find your flow & calling: Lo & Behold a Deep Mystery! []
Holographic Truth Revelation: Welcome to the Real World Neo!
Time to Become Aware of the Real War for Souls!
"River Song" Object Lesson for Born Again Saints!
Deep Truth's Found in the letter "M".
Eternal Security of the Born Again Saint! (OSAS)
Gang stalking & paranoia feelings Increasing b/c devils time is short!
Picking on a Doubting Thomas Flesh Minded Interpretation!
Tribute to the Narcissist! - Greatest Actors on Earth!
Unseen daemon program controlling a Narcissist Jezebel.
"P" Unfurled - Add-On, River Song, Accompaniment, Little Mouth, Companion!
~~Eternal Sacrificial Love in Truth Makes the World Go Round~~
2/2 Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm - Decoded
Discourse on Narc/Jez Trauma Bond Healing!
Jesus is the Pattern to Follow After!
1/2 Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm - Decoded
The Culture Christianity world view, is a big fat lying coward joke!
"Bow of Ship" Drive Down the Highway! PRO-G-RAM
1st Corinthians 3:1, & 1 Peter 2:2 - Expounded Graphically!
Become Love & Truth! Then your Done!
Beware of the Enemies of your Soul...
Forget everything that you think you know! Kill your pride!
From OT & NT to a Living Breathing Testament!
I Can't Stop Praising The Lord! Praise Ye the Lord all his Saints!
I knew it in my spirit man 2 days ago! (that's why i added this song yesterday)
Just documenting a scene!
Living Word in you adorning u as you gaze into the Word.
More Proof: The devil's Kids must Mock the Saints Constantly!
Only One Captain Per Ship!
Puzzle Pieces being Cut Back In by Faith in Jesus! His Work not Ours!
Revealing Creations Deep Biblical Object Lessons on this Channel!
Die to Self & Agree w/ God. Connect w/ God's Will & Program!
God Has a Calling & Purpose for your Life!
Life Lessons: Getting to the root of the issue!
Spiritual Body of Christ Manifesting, Patterned, & Typified Everywhere!
Teaching EWE to Think Holographically: Basket, Carry, Ask, Car, ET
"Fold" unFolded. The holographic truth enFolds you EVE.rywhere!
They Live! - Master Manipulative Evil Demonic Narcissist!
5 Years of Nirvana! - Perfect Bliss in Christ!
How Free do you Want to Be?
Spiritual Meaning Behind the "Laplace Transform"!
Documenting a dream this day... All language derives from the spiritual body!
Jesus = Fullness of the God-Head BODILY! (Body of Christ!)
Narcissism & 1st Corinthians 7.
Only The Body of Christ Can Build Souls Up Rightly!
Shatter the Predators Game by Unfolding Absolute Truth!
Spiritual reason behind why the referee wears black and white!
Unfurling Truth: The Church Revealing Jesus to the Gentiles!
1/4 Freedom: From Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Freedom!
2/4 Freedom: God Gives you a new name & new identity!
2/4 Freedom: Kill the Old man & Walk in the New Man!
3/4 Freedom: Saved by Faith, so also Walk by Faith!
Demon Possessed Narcissist try to Bedevil, & Confuse Their Target!
T.IM.E CUBE Explained in Simple Terms!
Sin Makes You Dumb!
Spiritual Codex Revealed in Clay-doh Land!
Words Reveal the Spirit Behind the Person, Issue or Matter!
1/3 Healing from Demonic/Narcissistic/Psychopathic PTSD.
2/3 Kick the Demonic Narcissist off your Ship to Heal Faster!
3/3 PTSD Healing: Step out of Agreement w/ the fabricated Lies!
E. Blunt decoded: Blunt on screen & off screen! Names reveal all....
E[mily] BLUNT: "Come find me when you wake up!", "but i do"
Healing from Gaslighting & Finding the Bright Side of the Matter!
Just being spirituallE Blunt! You are Assleep Neo!
Seeing Deeper into the Unseen!
The Spirit of the Man suStains the Man!
Unfurling "Lace" to Crack Open Some Hidden Eternal Truths!
1/2 Carnival Pattern: Turns, Piercings, Union, & Flowing!
2/3 In sync w/, saturated in, meshed w/, & swimming in the Word!
3/3 Until Christ be formed in you!
The Whole System Revealed in Simple Terms!
1/3 Get Ready~~ Now it really gets good~~ The Ether of the Word.
5D Spirit Creatures can't go back to 3D Claydoh Land!
1/2 Jose Storm Prediction via 'Name' Unfurling! Data points only!
Proof!: IRMA Prediction via 'Name Decoded' Lined up Perfectly!
To Incline Together! To Converge! Resistance is Futile!
"Bring Forth", Product, Producing, Production, OPUS
1/x? Revealing Some Life Lessons that'll Keep You Safe!
All you need to know about the Marriage Yoke! In this chapter!
Can you see it? It is in everywhere & in everything! See it too?
Fallen Gray Archons Holding People in System Lies!
Just documenting a g+ note i made one day...(note to self)
Don't obsess over the evil or the past, lest you become like them!
The Culture Creates Narcissist Jezebels by Design!
Twix, Superman, & All Media == Luciferianism Indoctrination Psyop!
Narcissist Jezebels Root Issue: Disordered Selfish Mind!
The narcissist jezebel is a holographic fractal view into babylon!
Coincidence? This song was released after i decoded the alphabet!
It's Only the Beginning! Praise Ye the LORD! (
Re cord to real love, Re member to the body, Re collect your mind!
Fragmented Gentile Relation.Ships! God has call.ed us to P.ea.ce!
EC Echo linguist Curling in the Gentile! Ho!
From a Time Traveling Mindset to an Eternal Mindset!
Mickey Mouse Occult Fake Time is all the Flesh Mind can SEA!
Got Flow?
My "Irma" Storm Prediction! (btw it is not geo-engineered!), in.ten.d, reflect, con.template, con.side.r,,, Hear.T
Decoding the Covert Narcissist! Everytime! No Brainer!
Empath, Normal, Vampire Dynamic!
This is Really Funny!
Whirl-Pool Object Lesson!
Yoked up w/ God: Big Hint in Revelation 4 - A Deep Spiritual Truth!
FYI JICYDK windows has a new cool paint program!
Looking at Life from Outside the Repeat Scripted Gentile System!
Behind all mind control is the jezebel spirit works based 666 cube hive mind!
Different levels of awareness! Waking up is a Process!
Hello!!!!!!!! Hello!
Logos turning you into a Logos copy!
Patterns of Truth Destroy Mind Control, Trauma, & Manipulation!
The 8 Root Words of This Reality Experience!
The natural follows after the saints in series after Christ!
1/2 Overcoming Enemies within & Frenemies Without!
Free at last, Free at last, Free at last! Total Freedom!
More Proof! Bible Doctrines Holographically Encoded in all Things! & keep up ur garden: Thought == th(over 1see un ion garden)ht.
Will of God -vs- Will of Flesh, or Gentile, or Mankind.
WORKING IT OUT! (preliminary decode re/ shapes)
More Proof You Live in a Holographic Truth Construct!
The Essence of All Patterns!
The Bill Comes Due! Always a day of reckoning!
Bow of my ship decode for today: Hound of heaven is gonna getcha!
God's Never Ending Restoration Love Story is Encoded in Everything!
Want Victory? Abide in the Truth!
"PATTERN" Admonition in the Bible! - Creating & Following
Beating Psychopathic Narcissist Jezebel's Delusional False Universe!
Leaving the Fake Mirror illusion World.... It Starts w/ a Choice!
Pixel Decode: Still Walking My Same Path! U Walking Yours?
Contradiction Unfolded!
Forgive Them & Overcome Evil w/ Good! (and pray they get saved)
God Cutting Out the Old Evil Wicked Heart is a Painful Process.
New Website listing all 6000 Video Titles! - Setting the captives free!
Outward Show & Outward Image to please man -vs- God pleaser.
Receiving God's Complete(7) Forgiveness Enables U to Forgive Others!
Revealing Jesus in All Things!
100% Proof..!!! You Live in a Spiritual Holographic Reflecting Pond!
Kings & Priest to Our God! - Woven in by Faith in Jesus!
Rebuilding the Walls! Securing the Camp of Faith!
The Left are Delusional Psychopathic Narcissist! It's a fact!
Day 1/30 Results: No Communion w/ the MA system! (aka the machine)
Get your heart right w/ the word & you can read minds!
How to see the devil's minions holographically!
Living Outside of Time! Right Here & Right Now! The Spirit Walk!
Material Realm, Flesh Mind, Holographic Fractal Explained.
Mind Control - 101
Reading Minds/Hearts via the Fractal Holographic Reflection!
Spiritual Root behind why people key cars! Decoded!
You're in a Spiritually Balanced Hologram based on the Word of God!!
1/2 Contorted Twisted Magician Priestclass Jezebel System!
2/2 Contorted Twisted Magician Priestclass Jezebel System!
30 Day Fast from the MA-sheen! Totally Disconnecting!
Hebrews 11 - World not Worthy! Saints Hold Back God's Judgement!
The Left is Absolutely Under the Mind Control of the Devil's System.
A deeper walk saints: More Proof of the Spirit Flow Awareness!
ACME Decode: God made man upright but he sought out many inventions!
Aware unfolded. (a.uu.are)
Minions of the devil hate God and your Soul.
Nothing New under the Sun. (sheep reality truth -vs- goat illusion lies)
Support All Those who Speak Bible Truth in this Country!
Today's River Flow! Stream!
TRY(judge) THE SPIRITS! [not everyone is really saved who say so]
World Wide Psychological Warfare for your Soul!
Head & Heart Knowledge! - Flogging a dead horse!
Life After the Psychopathic Jezebels - Chapter 1A (audio book)
Meditation on the Truth 24-7! (Sound Mind -vs- Noise)
The Q Continuum Unfurled, Divided, & Decoded!
1/4 Real Undefiled Love in the Body of Christ!
2/4 Real Love in the Spiritual Body of Christ!
3/4 Real Love in the Body of Christ! (love abides in truth)
4/4 Real Love in the Body! (no respecter of persons)
Life After the Psychopathic Jezebels - Preface. (audio book)
Zombies Can't Even Communicate!
Bringing the Parts Together! Out of Egypt & Back Home!
Conversation transforms & pushes you higher! Feel the pain yet?
Dwell, Observe, Xray, Sol=Sun, Judging the Essence of a Matter!
Narcissist Selfie Scorners are Exponentially Growing in this Society!
The Bible tells you to Judge who you let in your Ship!
This TRUTH is ENCODED in Everything! (bringing HEiR into proper state)
1/3 Genesis 3 Reveals the Entire Game of the Pagan Enemy Camp!
Her George is not even Real...She ate the illusion Lie!
Opus Opera! It's all about Hymn! A Praise & Worship Service to God!
Revealing Jesus in All Things! (One Form Re Source Set)
All words, thoughts, concepts originate in Him! It's His sheepfold pen!
Anti-Christ queen bee jezebel narcissist pagan wiccan witch signs!
It's All God's Creation! Seasoning Up His Elect Saints!
I Am An Immortal. How bout you? Join us! Don't get left behind!
Menstrual Flow for Birthing==Men ST Rule==Gospel Preaching Flow!
No true identity means the Narcissist can not Love!
"Object" Unfolded - "It is right in front of you!" All truth be.fore you!
Deep Truth! Must Hear! Listen Up!
Most are Scared of this Kind of Preaching!
Outside is a Repeat! So... Renew the Inner Man...To Win!
Petition, Feather, Prayer, Living Waters, Fasting, Pen, Wing!
Suicide is Not an Option! - God Can Restore Anything!
The Devil's Decoys! - It might seem right, but is it?
1/2 Demons Follow you via Human Portal Handlers!
2/2 Demons Follow you via Human Portal Handlers!
Apportion: Joint Heirs with Jesus! Full Swing Spirit Flow!
Discourse, Flow, Pluvia, Rain, Pleu, Float, Ships under command!
Only the Scarlet Thread of Grace & Truth can Tame the Beast!
Validating decisive critical sound truth -vs- corrupt illogical foolishness.
Radio Sermon Synchronized w/ my drive down the Highway!
Types, Shadows, & Anti-types! Jump in & Renew Your Mind!
Wiccan Mother Earth Worship Fake Christian Agents Online!
Everything Proclaims Jesus & is a Worship Service!
Spiritual Air(heir) Conditioning(AC==13) SEER(influence) ratio(reckon).
How the Enemy Camp Works in Subtility! Baiting $ouls!
Let the dead bury the Dead! Mourn but then Move On!
Sculpture Decode: From Guilt to Spiritual Freedom via the Cross(T).
The Struggles are Designed to push you into the Faith Walk!
"Hope" Decode!
From an demonic divided Mind to a Sound Mind identified in Christ!
Fun, N, Act, FU, Distraction, Cross, Nazi, Bent Cross, Cutting Field
Take Note on the Red Flags!
""One Way" or Another "I am" Gonna Get-ch" Object lesson!
Contorted, Twisted, Bent, Slanted Body Language of a Witch! Decoded!
Galaxy == Gal Ax E, Milkyway == Milk E Way!
How Evil are You in your old adamic nature??
Mix of old recordings.
Babylon Origin & End: From Genesis 3 to Revelation 19
Maybe Hellfire Preaching is the Jezebel/Narc's only Hope!
1313 AC flesh creatures chasing spirit filled elect!
Breaking the Psychopath/Jezebel Spell... Another View!
DVD decode reveals Jez/Narcs R demon ac portals to trim up the Saints!
From a divided mind to your identity in Christ! dvd object lesson.
We are not like them anymore Elect Saints! We are Set Apart!
Another Way to Forgive Someone Real Fast! Compare Back on ur Life!
Commitment 101
Fractal Holographic Spiritual Truth Patterns Reveal Everything!
Life 101
Marriage 101
Marry Someone Who Bites You When Needed!
Not Even Joking! They really do hate Jesus in you!
Shame & Hiding 101
All Reality Unfolds from The Logos & is a Piece Cut Off!
All the Cat.ho.lic Red Herrings have been Busted!
How to Be an Overcomer! Pattern your Life after Absolute Truth!
More Evidence the Psychopath has a god Complex!
Red/Blue, Heir Lock Door, Show(H)er, Pain in the Birthing Process!
The Hive Mind Lies, Persecutes, Blasphemes, & Injures!
The Pride of the Empath is the Issue! Not the Narcissist!
A Living Sacrifice! Though he slay me yet will i trust him!
Higher Level Training Camp for the Saints! (how to catch a goat)
Narc free: This should Jump Start the breaking free process....
Narcissistic jezebel python catfish spirit COMPLETELY DECODED!
The daemon program in the narc really does want to kill you!
The Key to Forgiving Someone! (i feel your pain btw!)
1/2 SHE-sine wave threading her the church in by the spirit...
2/2 She, He, AC, Machine, Birthing, Repeat, Til Christ be formed in you!
Beating the Full Spectrum Brainwashing Demonic System of Illusions!
Bookz -vs- cat.Holic papal Bull et-al re.verse Word Agents!
The Perpetuity of the Saints! The Eonic nature of the Elect!
The Whole World is Mocking Christians & The Bible!
!!!...You Can't Fix Crazy...!!!
Change, Content Providers, Real Friends, Branches, Seasons
God Revealed the Enemy Camps Heart: Blasphemy, Persecute, Injury!
Somebody Has Got to Pay!!!
Thanks for the Warning!!! I See it too!!!
The illusion delusional Reality of the Narc/jez.
Turing Machine: Why some who R abused abuse, & others Don't!
You are in God's Spiritual Reflecting Pond!
Not even joking! A human clay vessel secret hidden in plain view!
1/2 More Knowledge Regarding the Narcissist Jezebel!
1/2 Reverse engineering the wiccan mirror game!
2/2 More knowledge on the narc/Jez
2/2 Reverse engineering the wiccan mirror game!
Unveiling the Enemies Ultimate Sandbox illusion/delusion!
1/3 The Truth Always Rises to the Top! Just Give it Time!
2/3 Just Wait! Truth Always Rises to the Top!
3/3 Truth Always Wins over Lies & Rises to the Top!
Breaking Unsaved Soul / Mind / Will Ties by the Blood!
Ephesians 4:28 - Time to wake up out of flesh mind dream land...!
If Your Fake, then Either Get Saved or Go Away!
Short Clip of Elizabeth Elliott (
The War is On! - Dogmatic Fundamental Doctrines Win the War!!
Under a huge demonic mirroring attack & a saint just sent this link!
Creation Code Explanation to why each day feels like a repeat!
Do not ...CON.FORM....but...TRANS.FORM... your Mind!
Everyone including Narcs Reap what they Sow!
God is Sending Strong Delusions to Entitled Psychopaths!
Com M union== Together M union== ion walking 2 gather
Genesis 3:8 Explains it. - Listen to 18:00 minute mark first.
Phillipians 3:13 - Don't Play the Worlds Games! Press Forward!
Real Faith Abides in Biblical Truth!,,,, Truth==Faith==Believe==Trust
Sanctified & Set Apart: Nothing to Defile the Camp of the Saints!
The Logos Wholly Written: id == identity == grown up == ear marked.
A Solid Object Gives a Brief Glimpse into the Greatest Work Ever!
It's A Word Craft War! (Type -vs- Anti-type) Get in the EA Game!
The War Starts Now! Bringing Back the Old Paths!
1/20 Going Through the Book of Colosians Exhaustively!
It's a New Day Saints! (no Re Membering into past identities)
It's Only the Beginning Saints! Praise God Everyday!
Most Love the illusion Lie & Hate the Real Truth!
We Already Won!... It is Rigged in our Favor Saints!
Drunk / Heroin Addict, Eventually Got Born Again!
I Don't Support Your Fake illusion Non Biblical World View! Period!
Psalm 101:7 Absolute Truth Applied Keeps a Liar out of your World!
The insane Genesis 3 Unsaved illusion Mindset of the Narcissist!
Tree Hugging Wiccan Sinners Will Burn in Hell Forever!
Unsaved Water Vessel Portals of the Devil, Hate the Truth!
1/3 How to Protect yourself from Demonized Fake Baiters!
2/3 Seeing these Demonic Psycho Baiters before they get in the door!
3/3 Seeing the Enemy! All Liar Demons Must Contradict Themselves!
Split, Separate, Cut, & Set Boundaries! Get the Unsaved Out of Ur Life!
The Heart(spirit of the man) Must....!!!..... Reveal Itself......!!! Outwardly......
Baiters gonna bait, & Players gonna play, if you Validate their lies!
Even the Typology, Lay of the Land, Points to Jesus & His Body!
Listen! This Truth Teaching will Set You Completely Free!
Many on here are in Cults & are not Born Again! You must be born again!
OK==Oklahoma, & Lucifer Just Trying to Steal Credit from Jesus!
POST==PO.ST==The Spiritual Seed in Your Heart Must Reveal Itself.
11 Yr Research Culmination! Peering Deep into the Enemy Camp!
A Verse Most Preachers will Never Ever Mention!
Breaking the Idolatry(eye doll) Mind Control!
CA: In total shock! brb in 3 days! need to process this!
FL: Sitting here in Total Shock Right Now!!! Be back in 3 days!
KN: Totally shocked right now! Need to fast and pray for 3 days!
NC: Everything is a language because everything is from the Logos!
Seeing the System Game & Hearts via the Holographic Word of God!
System Creating Off the Roof Paranoia is in the Last Days!
153 Fish! Balance! Law & Grace! Throwing the Net on the Other side!
Breaking the Narc/Demon Mind Control leads to Super Peace!
Demonized Lying Human Portals Walking Among Us!
Idempotent: A living sacrifice! Daily! Come find me when U wake up!
Maybe you Need a Spanking, so as to save your Soul from hell...!
More Word in your heart = more freedom, more life, & more peace!
Revealing the Source Code in Simple Terms! - Face to Face Union!
The Religious Fakers Revealed in Genesis 3!
Believers Baptism!
Creating Positive Patterns of Truth in your Life! One step at a time!
Have you met your anti yet? Jesus in you is anti to the whole system!
1/2 Great Narc Info!
1/5 Mind Control Research!
2/2 Great Narcissist Information!
2/3 Just testing a theory! Series==SeerE's==See joint heirs
3/3 Just testing a theory! Series==SeerE's==See joint heirs
Moving From Flesh Mind Illusion to Spirit Mind Reality!
System Wide!, It's an Ecumenical Indoctrination Mind Game!
The End Times Demonic Self Worship Trap! The Bible Warned Us!
The Soap Opera of Life Explained!
Til death do we part! I crossed the rubicon long ago!
You are BAT CRAZY INSANE, If you don't read & divide up the bible!
Beep! Beep! - Ask God to show you, if you can't see what i am revealing here!
Cracking the code: Peering into the Fractal Hologram
Listen! Huge Spirit Realm Revelation!
Make an Omelet when Dealt Scrambled Eggs!
Natural realm reflecting a cut & Narcissist family members cut off!
Psychopath Free! Know the Game & Stay Free!
Real Time Holy Spirit Inspired Revelation in the Word!
Revealing the Overarching Demonic Mind Game via a Fractal Pattern!
u.T.ili.T.y Truck Sign! (useful, service, profitable)
1/10 Days: Covert Mental Abuse -Turning the Light On!
2/30: Playing the Victim! Mental Abuse, Turning the Light On!
3/30 Abuse Game Online: Contorting & Twisting you into Them!
4/10 Abuser's Goal = Turn You into a Copy of Them!
5/10 Abusers Lie, which reveals they do not love you! Period.
6/10 Covert & Overt Abusers Have a Demon no Doubt!
Decoding the system has been a trip, to say the least!
Finding your & weaving PA.tterns of truth in your life!
Video Request from a Subscriber! Unfurling the Logos Word!
Which Spirit Are you Animated With?
1/3 Revealing the devils in your life via Word Logos Craft!
From a 3D clay mindset to a 5D Mind of Christ, Spirit Mindset!
Gaslighting is rooted in a Spirit of Murder! Devil is the father of lies & a murderer.
The bible is being played out in your life every day!
TV Seeries Reveals Fake Persona Eventual Nervous Breakdown!
1/2 Greatest Decode Ever!
2/2 Greatest Decode Ever!
Code == Codex == Book == Bible == Seed of the Word!
Gaslighters & Liars Are Children of Satan! Period!
Genesis 3 Types & Anti-Types! Your daily warfare!
How to Write a Person Out of the Script of Your Life!
Jesus With-Drew Himself Out of Their Script!
Liberal 501-3c Harlot System of illusions Set Up to Keep the Money Flowing!
Moving from Robot Zombie Flesh Mind to the Mind of Christ!
One Last Nail in the Coffin of the Jezebel/Narc illusion!
Real Love Abides in Truth! Fake Love Abides in Lies!
Rebuke a wise man & he will love you! Rebuke a fool & he will hate you!
Some People Just Love the illusion of the System!!
The Narc/Jez Sociopathic Player Works Just Like a Cult!
The Narc/Jezebel Wants to Kill You! They Prefer u commit Suicide!
The Tenets of the Faith Set the Captives Free!
The Whole Pie Revealed in Genesis 3.....
Evaluating the Mental Health of Bookz after Loving a Narcissist Player!
Have We Really Sold Out to Jesus & His Program 100%?
Healing: Dealing with Host Vessels of the Jezebel Spirit!
Overcoming Abuse in this Downcasted Natural Realm!
Rescue == Re S CUE == Re Sum Q == Re Q you! == Re Q Ewe
The whole jezebel system totally revealed! Genesis 3 Fractal.
a)How to Defeat Jezebel Biblically b)Learn from My Mistakes!
Fabricated Fake Help-Meet -vs- A Real Help-Meet Suitable!
Jezebel Fractal Parts Reveal the Whole Demonic System!
Last days warfare: The Enemy Camp Looks Like Your Camp Now!
You Are Prey to the Jez/Narc Demonic Spirit!
Listen to Their Words to See the Spirit Controlling Them!
Spiritual Motivation Behind the Jezebel Narcissist!
Break Free From a Jezebel Lying Spirit w/in 60 Days or Less!
How to Break the Controlling Demonic Spirit of a Jezebel...
Proof that Wiccans have a Subtil Demon Spirit in Them!
Truth For Advanced Students of the Holographic Word!
MA.terial realm trying to usurp HE.aven with pms drama Witchcraft!
No confidence in the flesh mind! In my flesh dwelleth No good thing!
Real Love? or Trauma Bonding? or Both?
1 cor 10:5-17 Come out from among them or die! Period!
1/3 Genesis 3 Fractal Reveals the Devil's Catfish Cat.A.Holic System!
2/3 The Whole Babylon illusion System Revealed!
3/3 The Whole Babylon illusion System Revealed!
3/3B The Whole Babylon illusion System Revealed!
Every Conversation is Soul/Heart/Truth WARFARE w/ an AGENT!
Face to Face!
Genesis 3 - Revealing All Hearts in the System!
Genesis 3, Reveals the Jezebel Narcissist Spirit to a T.
Just Bite the BULL-ET! Come Face to Face with Reality(real.ET)!
The Boomerang of Truth or Lies Always Comes Back!
Types, Shadows, & Anti-Types!
Your in a daily warfare for you mind.
Believe me or not! Your choice! But this is their END GAME!
Best Advice Ever! Pay attention to the 3 fingers pointing back!
My Only Life Agenda: 1)Win Souls, 2)Build the Body, 3)Walk in Truth.
Still Blaming everyone else for Your Sin & Bad Decisions?
Whole fake reality system is a warfare against your heart!
1/2 Real Love -vs- Fake Love!
2/2 Real Love -vs- Fake Love!
A Portal of Truth! - My Source Code Truth Walk,,,, Explained!
How to Profile a Heart, with the Word!
The Flesh Mind is Pure illusion & Not Even Real!
Today's Holo Lesson: Perfect Love Cast our Fear!
Truth == Peace!, Liars == Violence!
Wiccans & Warlocks are Destroying the Nations by Stealth!
Worldly Men & Women look @ Saved People as Game & Prey!
1/2 No Contact with Liars! Cut off the Noise! They have demons!
1/3 Videos: What is a narc?
2/3 Vid Pattern: A narc has a demon for sure! Son's of cain!
5 Yr Online Setup/Attack! Averted! The devil is still a liar!
A Gaslighting Liar is not a Born Again Believer! Impossible!
Going into the Enemy Camp to Reveal the Game!
If you are living shacked up then you are probably an unsaved goat!
It is Spiritual World War 3 On My Channel Right Now!!
Sow seeds of truth and change your stronghold patterns!
Which spirit do you smell like? - Kid of Cain? or Child of Abel?
1/2 The Spiritual Warfare Has Literally Gone Cra Cra!
1/7: Fundamental Sound Doctrine Preachers!
2/2 The Spiritual Warfare Has Literally Gone Cra Cra!
Amos 3:3 Revealed in All Reality & Everywhere @ All Times!
Keeping the Goats Off Your Ship! Testing the Spirit in Them!
Real Love Abides in the Truth & Endures through Eternity!
The Script & anti-script of your Life is foreknown by God!
Another queen bee failed..! Try again! Next time send a pretty one!
Break the Painted Face illusion Instantly Via the Holographic Truth!
Do not Rescue or Let the Jezebel Spirit Flip it Back on You!
Don't spiritually pimp out the catfish lies of the jezebel narcissist!
Forgetting Things Behind! Pressing Toward the High Calling!
The Doctor -vs- Miss.E, Typology!
The Hidden Heart Motives of a Catfish Narcissist Agent Revealed!
The Whole Bible, aka Universal Truth in less than 5 minutes!
Truth Can Never be Shut Down! Gates of hell won't prevail against it!
Viewing Life From an Eternal Perspective, Outside of Time!
Old Judas Flesh Mind -vs- Jesus in you Spirit Walk!
1/3 The Warfare You Face Explained very Simply!
2/3 The Warfare You Face Explained very Simply!
3/3 The Warfare You Face Explained very Simply! a Seer.E's Quantum Under radar heart peering!
I'm Back Saints! Let Freedom Reign! Had to kick a liar off my ship!
It's impossible look back on claydoh(playdoh) land!
Knowing the path -vs- Walking the path! (head vs heart knowledge)
The trinity loves you! Now! Die to self & start walking the spirit walk!
Unfurling the Word Reprobate!
Archonic Universal Construct Revealed! Revealing Jesus in all Things!
Earthy, cain fractal, old eve fractal, mother earth worship, self worship!
Faith Alone in Jesus Alone is Straight Up Bible!
Really Saved == Really Born Again! Sealed w/ the Spirit of Truth!
Reprobates: They play out their character script in the holo writ!
The devil's biggest lie and endgame agenda!
The Hologram has Decoded Eve! Old Eve is DEFILED to the Core!
The Narc Hates you because of Jesus in You!
Warn Her Brother With a Picture! Come out from among them!
You Can't Go Back to Fake, Once You Know the Real Truth.....
You're my enemy now! You lying catfish jezebella harlots riding the beast...
1/2 Breaking Jezebel is Easy with straight Up Truth!
AME Podcast: 4/7-Narcissist Injury via Demonic Portals of Torment!
AME Podcast: 5/7-Narcissist Injury via Demonic Portals of Torment!
Elijah Destroyed Jezebel(eye doll) & Her Lying Flying Monkeys!
Fundamentals of the Faith! Get right with the one you offended!
Gentile Narc Jezebels Everywhere! Fake Love! Fake Reality!
I Predicted their Next Game 2 weeks Prior via the SEERies
Living Contrary to the Truth Makes you a Slave Puppet of the Devil!
Satanic Psychopathic Narcissistic Injury Repeat Abuse Game!
The Reason you are Bat Crazy is because you have no Bible Truth!
Types & Shadows Reveal Jesus & Are Everywhere & In Everything!
Your Life Pattern Reveals Your Heart! You Did It!
AME Podcast: 1/7-Narcissist Injury via Demonic Portals of Torment!
AME Podcast: 2/7-Narcissist Injury via Demonic Portals of Torment!
AME Podcast: 3/7-Narcissist Injury via Demonic Portals of Torment!
Digging down Deeper, Requires Dying to Your Own Understanding!
These kind of people really do exist!
1/2 Demonic human portals: World, Flesh Mind, & Pride Facie, Selfie, Narcs!
Breaking a Souls Ties with Unsaved Worldlings
Game on! Magician priestclass! Send another one! Busted!
If you were a Target by a Narc, Watch This!
Son's of God don't yoke w/ unsaved babylonian gentile jezebels!
They give fake persona illusions because they believe illusions!
1)Spirit in the man controls the man. 2)Old eve -vs- New eve.
Fractal: Lying, murder, Sorcery, gaslighting, pharmakia, drugs, harlotry!
Truth Wins! Why be afraid of Jezebel & her flying monkeys?
This is the Deepest Truth in the Universe!
Your spiritual influence is proportional to dwelling in agape & truth!
1/2 Breaking the Framework of Lies Causes the House to Melt Away!
Are you Really Saved? Test Yourself whether you be in the faith!!
Chat log with the "Alice Chat" social media Robot!
Jesus in the Midst = Syn-Chron-ic = Together in Time!
Test yourselves whether you be in the faith! What do you chase after?
Tic Toc,, Tic Toc,, Hell is Hot,, Hell is Hot,, Tic Toc,, Tic Toc!
Time For War! A Truth War! OSAS
1/2 Jez spirits breaking ur Flow! Signs of Covert Abusers in Your Life!
1/5 Queen Bee Ma.Sonic Hive jezebel catfish baiter system decoded!
2/2 Covert Abusers in your Life! Mind control over time!
3/5 Spiritual gang stalking, demonic catfish vice baiting system...
Beating the Baiters! Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world!
Decoding your name reveals your calling in the script-(ure).
Fake love/lies vs real love/truth fractal: Spiritual Script in ur Life!
Great How to catch a goat! They can't rightly divide the word!
More proof of, the series in time, following after eternal saints!
Rabbit == Rabbi.t == Becoming a Master Teacher!
Series, Seer, See, See Joint Heirs, Pattern, Paternal, Pa, God the Father!
Thank God for the Past Abuse! Now Educate Others to Avoid & Heal!
Where are these kind going to hide before to long?
Wizards use drugs aka pharmakeia to talk to demon spirits!
1/2 Queen Bee Self Worship Flip Flop idolatry Control Game!
2/2 Queen Bee Self Worship Flip Flop idolatry Control Game!
Everything Unfolds from the Cross!
When you think like the source code, you think outside of time.
Are They Demonized? Now You Can Know!
Bookz = bad target! Go away Jezebelas! Peace is my thermometer!
Busy w/ the True Body Of Christ will keep you Safe & Healthy!
Can you face your beast? Can you admit your sin?
Crying Wolf & Devious Plans Destroy Friendships!
Distance self & set strong boundaries w/ demonized people in your life!
Focus on: Honesty, Purity, Uprightness, Loveliness, Good, Virtuous!
Todays Holy Spirit Leading. Spiritual Authority!
Joint Heir Portals of Truth.
Which Jesus do you worship?
1/2 Mankind shall be lovers of "self" in the last days! (not love God first)
Fractal Truth: Biggest Witch Hunt in the History of Mankind!
Open Your Eyes to Full On, Whole Absolute Complete Truth!
Sharks Among Us! (bible calls them scorners!)
Society Cult.uring Spoiled Rotten Scorners Exponentially!
The War is On! Bring it! Lying devils have no Biblical Truth!
What framework are you building your house on? Lo.g.os?
Bookz! Friend or Foe? U decide! Truth Sets Free if U want it!
cadman, emet, met life, blimp, animation, playdoh, spirit, truth!
John 8:44 - Queen Bee Liars speak of their Own Ideas & Own Truth!
Just Browsing into the Enemy Camps Future Game!
Real Love, Real Truth, Real Life!
Spilling the Beans on the Whole System!
The Whole Truth Revealed via the Road Runner Cartoon!
Urgent Warning: Spirit Realm Looking Glass Fractal at Every Level....
Watch this video 21 times! it will save your life one day!!
Ephraim has turned to idols leave him alone!
Escape the Narc/Sociopath Fabric.ate.d Lies w/ Proverbs!
Flesh minded people see different colors than born again saints!
Methodical Abuse with a fake Smile Really does Exist!!
Spilling the Beans! -10 yrs of researching the devil's system!
The Holy Spirit is not your mother! Block agent liar "Ron M"!
Yea, But! They Post bible verses on G PLUS!
Catfishing the Catfish by Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth!
Elect MA.E Creatures dont Yoke Up with Defiled MA Creatures!
The Spirit of the Man Sustains(sub-ten-) the Man!
These psychopaths are Real People! Believe it!
Tissue, T.issue, Out of the heart proceed all the issues of life!
!Yea, I'm Done! No narc gaslighting liar will get in my ship ever! Period!
False Doctrine Eye Doll(idol) Luci, ma earth, Proxy War on Gplus...
Goats hang w/ Goats, & Sheep hang w/ Sheep! Period!
Narcissist catfish psychopaths decoded w/ Bible & reverse flash typology!
1/2 The Bernie Ann Fractal! (multiple personas)
2/2 The Bernie Ann Fractal....(multiple personas)
Defiled Vessels Can't Hear God! Or abide in True Doctrine!
Hologram Heart Fractal: Acting Charades = Pride!
I'm smarter than a 1000 of you jezebel goats added together! Go away!
Preview of a Major Gaslighting Catfish Scheme Coming!
Samson & Delilah Repeat Game Script Revealed in 2017!
Very Important Comments! It All Unfolds from the Cross!
Breaking Free! Seeing Past the Fog! Heart Check Up!
Meditate in Proverbs to Escape Any & All Scorners!
Self lies are the worse kind..
This is the Key to Catching the Fake Persona Baiter Scorner!
WHO ARE YOU? REALLY! (self talk! inner thoughts!)
1 Cor 7:15 - God has Called Us to Peace Saints! Period!
Birds of a feather flock together!
Cognitive Dissonance Demonic unsaved Flesh Creature Fear Game!
Coward Abusers use Cognitive Dissonance to Get Control!
Demon Game in the Sociopathic Host!
Enemies Next Attack Revealed in the Seeries!
Narcissist Psychopath Devils Around You! Amazing Stuff!
New kind of enemy Coming! Never faced this kind before!
Proof! You & Your Whole Life is in a Spiritual Script!
Psychopaths use Cognitive Dissonance via a Fake Narrative Contradiction!
The devil is Cat-Fishing the Whole World w/ Many Tentacles!
Their script: The fake persona woman, bookz 'loves' falls into trouble again!
These Kind of People Really Do Exist! You can not fix them!
Watch This! Really Think You Can Lie, Hide, & Play Games Now?
You Know all Things in Christ! Ask God, He will Reveal this to You!
1/2 Animated Series Following After the Script of Jesus!
1/2 Portals of truth set captives free! Portals of lies bring bondage!
2/2 Animated series object lesson!
4/5 ET Holy Writ.ten Holo.graphic Wisdom from Above!
A piece cut off explained again w/ a new object lesson!
bookz -vs- (, jezebel,, w.ic.can, gnostic, legalist slave agents)
devil = Confusion and it comes with the fake mask people!
Don't let the devil gaslight & pimp you into flip flop flesh mind lies!
Eve(flesh mind) is the demonic Portal. Nothing New Under the Sun!
Future Faking Foolishness! Block those Lies from your EarGate!
Hello... kitty, kitty, kitty!!!
I'm Back Saints! Lets gather & fellow.ship w/ the true elect this time!
In short, a narc is a spoiled rotten self absorbed evil childish scorner!
Keeping up the Image: Self Absorbed Outer Cup, Pleasers of Men!
Reading the Enemy Camp's Heart & Mind Today!
Saints! Do not look or go back to babylonian egyptian lies & liars!
Studying the bible holographically!
Truth spoken in eargate overides sociopathic lies!
"Coward" Unfolded, Holographically!
1/3 Why wiccans & sociopaths gaslighters mirror image you!
2/3 Gaslighting & fake mirror imaging game explained.
3/3 Gaslighters, Catfish, Players, & Prey.. Go get Healed! Please!
Deep Seated Shame! Ego/Pride Blocks Conviction of Sin!
Facebook Eye Doll Player, Baal Temple Prostitution Revealed.
Gaslighters are Abusive Insane Sadistic Hollow inside Psychopaths!
Gaslighting: I Beg Everyone to Watch This! This is a Real issue!
Get bad apples out of your life! Future Faking = Just more abuse lies!
Letting someone gaslight, Means you hate God & Truth!
Shame(selfishness) -vs- Remorse(unselfishness)
These Devils will Even Claim to be Saved!
Twice Dead Agents of Satan! - Mockers in Last Days!
You Just Know!!! Down in Your Gut!!! You Just Know!!!
1/5 Did bookz just call himself an ET?
2/5 Spiritually Profiling Hearts via ET Holo.Writ Ten Wisdom!
3/5 ET Wisdom! Flying Monkeys! ... Duhhhhh...lie. lalalalalala...
5/5 ET hologram recorded from the other day!
"Catch Me if You Can" Psychopaths Amongst Us!
Breaking Free from Cognitive Dissonance Justification!
Cult Love Bombing Designed to Steal, Kill, Destroy!
Ditching youtube explained via "wonder woman movie" fractal!
How Queen Bee Pings You to Test Their Control over You!
Maybe i will just do some short snippets of truth...
More Proof: Gaslighting, Catfish, Player, Selfish = Selfie Controllers!
So yes a gaslighter is causing you stress under the radar!
The Spirit of Truth in You always Defeats a Liar Everytime!
Truth(Faith Alone)Truth - Faith alone is Enmeshed withTruth!
Trying this Evil Abuse on Me?!
Unsaved Flesh Minded Earthy Zombie Vampires!
Visual Explanation of the Queen Bee Syndrome!
Keep Your Spiritual Eyes Clean with Proverbs!
Truth Cuts You Deep, to Heal Your Heart, Deep Down to the Core!
Use Online Lessons Learned to Help in your real Life!!
Are You Really Saved? Really Born Again?
Do not yoke w/ or enable anyone in a 'Jerry Springer Drama' lifestyle!
Huge Ob.ject Lesson From the Show!
More Practical Proof: Don't yoke with the unsaved! no life in them!
Shocked at natural realm Mind.Sets, after a 5 yr spirit walk Journey!
Showing Mercy to Others!
You Young Single Women Need Some Serious Help! Really!
1)Fear of man brings a snare! 2)Catfishing yourself? 3)Identity!
1/3 And Jesus with.Drew Himself! Changing the script!
2/3 And, Jesus with.drew himself. Changing the script!
3/3 Changing the Script! Jesus with.Drew himself!
Babylon Does not Love You! It fills your mind with lies to kill you!
How to Get a Super Fast Answer via the Word!
Huge secret revealed: Object lesson! Changing the script of your life!!
More babylon flip flop Insanity even in emails!
Now! Can you see that you are in brain washed Babylon yet?
The Spirit Minded Believer Knows All Things in Christ!
1313, 13.33, AC.CC, Sin.e wave training you to rise to the spirit walk!
60 More Days of Boot Camp to Go! Setting the Captives Free!
All the saints are a work in progress! Love & Truth! Go Team!
Clay Vessel Making His Presentation/Offering to the King!
Cutting & Turning Your Inner Man into the Truth!
Same Truth Being Revealed in All Things!
Testing the Spirits in the Inner Man!! Holographically!
"Lord, Please Remove this Person Out of My Life." 3 Day Pattern!
1/10 The Heart is key!
2/10 The Heart is key!
Bee Safe Saints: Make online friends? Yes! Nothing More!
Boot Camp: Do you have a hard heart?
13(ac) 33(cc) - Re.verse the Sin.e Wave to Be Healed!
Enemy Camp's Game, Completely Decoded!
Explaining the addamm family sim program flesh creature demonic portals!
Ion Sion, Eye on Zion! The Ion pilgrim progress walk!
Rise Above the Sin.e Wave w/ Absolute Eternal Truth!
Whateverrrrrrrrr Tila! Quit stealing & 180 flipping our truth teachings!
Promoting A Channel of Truth!
Saints: Your life & body is not your own! You've been bought by His blood!
3 Fingers Point Back when you Blame Others!
Animated SEERies Mimic Life for a Reason!
Claiming the s.Elect out of babylon! The bookz you once knew is dead!
Our Flesh Mind wants to Kill Our Spirit Walk!
Real Love, Real Truth, Real Life! Time to Grow the Bleep up Saints!
Applications for your Life Today seen in Exodus 20!
Love & Truth is all i know now! Nothing else matters!
Perfect Example of A Shape-Shifting Devil........
Saints! God will beat us with a whip if we keep acting contrary!
When the Abused Become the Abuser!
Believing Gentile Lies & Delusions, Gives You a Hard Heart!
Boot Camp: Jesus does not follow you! You must follow Him!
Get your Identity Right then the Walk is Easy!
How to Read or See a Heart with the Holy Writ!
Identifying with Jesus Your True Calling, State, & Office!
Rebuking Me in Truth tells Me you Love me! Flattery is a big ole Lie!
Saints Know All Things! Christ! We Really Do....!
Start Thinking Saints!: "My Creation Turned Against Me!"
Step into Your True Identity Son's & Daughter's of God!
Time to Get Real in Your Heart of Hearts!
Truth in the inner Man, Has no ties that Bind!
Facebook Harlots Found in the Bible! Proverbs 9
Galatians 5 - Freedom from the Law & the Lies of the Flesh Program!
God Has Called us to Peace! Not chaos, lies & gaslighting!
Human Dark Souls = Pride & Insecurity, Sine Wave Robot Programs!
Void Copy Cat Vampires Hate & Envy Your Soft Heart!
Escaping the Abuse With Absolute Biblical Truth!
Old Adam Program is not Even Real! It's Just a Bad Habit!
Q & A Session for Liz: How does the woman build up the man!
The Real Realm is the Unseen Realm!
God Pin Points Your Fears to Push you Toward the Faith Walk!
Job was a Narc too, Before God took Everything He Loved!!
Not even joking! Quantum Entangled Love! In the Body of Christ! Fact!
Raising the Bar Again! This place is not my home!
A Gaslighting Lying Construct Eye Dolls, Reveal Realities Construct!
Do You Want Real or Fake? Real Love? Real Truth?
Guilty as Sin Outward Lying Clay Dolls -vs- Inner Truth Spirit Beings!
Jesus Does Not Enable Lies & Sin! Jesus is Full of Grace & Truth!
So, how's that working out for you? Having your cake & eat it too?
Thank You for Saving my Life! I Owe you Big Time!
The Universe Always throws Jezebel out the Window! Always!
Truth vs Lies: Fakers want Love but no Absolute Truth!
We See You Eye Doll Fake Players!
"Shame" Unfurled (Healing your inner child...)
Always a Deeper Agenda when Engaging the Devil.
Heart Motive Behind Abusers in your life! Revealed & Decoded!
John 8:44 They Semi Believed but Loved Their Lies More!
People Framing Fake Idol(eye doll) Realities for You to Desire!
Tough Love is Real Love! Accountability will save your life!
1/2 Freedom is Leaving the Tron Repeat Robot Program!
1/3 Nicknames(st nick): Revealing Snakes Via the Hologram!
1/3 Teddy Bear MKultra Flesh Mind Cry Baby Trigger!
2/2 Leaving the Babylonian Tron Zombie Repeat Program!
2/3 Teddy Bear MKultra Cry Baby Flesh Mind Trigger!
3/3 MKultra Teddy Bear Cry Baby Flesh Mind Trigger!
Buh Bye!! Deleting All Fake Friends w/ this Video!! (get off ship jezebel)
Idolatry == Repeat Alice in Wonderland Fake Realities!
Must See Videos! Fixing False Realities in your Life!
Psychopaths Gaslight Reality & Are Wandering Stars!
Romans 8: Experiencing the Exchange Life in a Deeper Way!
Save some: Hating even the Garment(your vessel) Spotted by the Flesh!
Screaming at Snakes Won't Work! Cut their Lies Off Completely!
This guy has some good videos! Must See!
3 c.licks to flow! Lick(beat) the devil's storm with agape love!
Abusers: Fracturing & Stealing others Life & Time with Fake Love!
Biblical Word Study Reveals Heart of a Liar! The Holographic Truth!
Blood on Your Hands for Living Your Double Life! Guilt & Confusion!
Boot Camp: "Raising the Bar!" "Eating your own vomit no more"
Die to Self! Your flesh mind is destroying everyone around you!
ECT Shock Treatment! Yanking El.ect out of Repeat Slavery Babylon!
John 8: Speaking Patriarchal Truth & Wisdom From Above!
Kick dead weight off your Ship to Flow!
Living in Lies is Not Love, but Demonic Delusion Land Evil!
Peace is your Thermometer! Huge Shift in the Script!
Repeat flesh Mind: Games, lies, gaslighting, tragedy, suicide, murder...!
Saints in Proximity & Paired up with Goats == A Doomesday Effect!
Sewing Patterns in Your Life == A Fortified Place!
You must negate old life & old associates! Only observe them briefly!
Destroying Babylon Gentile Stronghold Lies at Every Level!
Jesus Doesn't Enable Lies! No Conviction = A Seared Conscious!
Natural Realm Cleaning Process, Parallels Purging Liars From Life!
Source Code Truth aka Spirit Walking Has No Ties that Bind!
You know all things in Christ! All Truth is Right in Front of You!
Careful! One Bad Apple can Hurt You Bad Spiritually!
How to Check the Condition of Your Heart!
It feels Like Death when God is Cleansing a Heart!
Yoking with the Wrong Kind? Payday Always Comes Around!
Q tips for the Q's! (opq, then qrst, then ewe.V.UU.x.Y.z)
1/2 Explaining & Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties!
All idols & false images Rejected by the Blood of Jesus! Claiming out saints!
Bow & Arrow Object Lesson! (eyes in boat of truth cures idolatry)
Truth in the Inner Man, not Lies in the Inner Man!
1/2 Free Universe.el College Education with God!
2/2 Going to School with God for Free!
Idolatry, Harlotry, Lying, & Silly Worship!
Jesus Doesn't Enable your Lying Double Minded Lifestyle!
Sequel, Series, Follow, Disciple, Re-Present Jesus!
1/2 Advanced Lesson, for the Elect Saint Priestclass!
2/2 Advance Lesson: Answered Prayers Reflecting inside the Hologram!
BCD9: Dealing with False Brethren! Prayer at End!
Boot Camp Day 7: Having Sex with the Devil.
Keeping your Heart & Soul Canal from Spiritually Stinking Vaginitis! BCD8
Unsaved People are Robots!
"Go Marry a Whore" Object lesson = Blinded to the Hypocrisy With-in!
All BOOT CAMP rebuking videos are about MY OWN HEART First!
BCD6a: Leaving Clay-Doh Land: Every Picture is Worth a 1000 Lies!
BCD6B: Saints Don't Yoke w/ Clay-Doh Creatures!
Boot Camp Has Pushed 3 off Ship ALREADY!
Boot Camp Warfare! - Day 7 - Truth Train Keeps A Rolling!
Boot Camp: Weeding out Fakers & Fake Love! (they will drop like flies)
God will close every door, until you repent of your idolatry!
God's Relationship Dance Pattern: (Spirit & Truth)! -vs- (Flesh & Lies)!
Boot Camp Day 3: Evaporating babylon out of your life & ship!
Boot Camp Day 2: A Pig with a painted face still stinks!
Boot Camp Day 1: Waking up zombies & calling Out the Elect!
Gaslighting Root Issue = Trying to be a god!
Follow this Pattern! Sow this Seed! (ask God to teach you how!)
G4T was material realm phase psyop of the eastern religion encroachment!
Manly P. Hall Baphomet Lie Being Pushed Via YouTube Channels!
Strong Delusions are Here! Even the Children can Sense it.
Tila Tequila = The New G4T! Upping delusions up a Notch!
Grammer: An Unfolding! Revealing Jesus in all things!
10/10 Setting the Captives Free: Escape False Flattery Nets & Lies!
7/10 Setting the Captives Free! (escaping the world & legalism)
8/10 Setting the Captives Free! - Put God first above Anyone!
9/10 Setting the Captives Free! - Escaping Vanity Fair & Vain Pride.
Crazy Observation! & Now for the Experiment!
Cut off the Noise & See.k truth to See the Truth!
No Turning Back! Truth Camp Does not Look Back!
Patterns Everywhere for a Reason! (man will destroy himself if left alone!)
Sow-Reap: Heart, Thought, Mouth... Physical, Mental, Spiritual...
Perception Filter: 90 Degree Shift.
2/10 Ink Pen Decode! - Unfolding the Parts!
1/10 The Whole Bible is Encoded in this Ink Pen!
Alex Jones Next illuminati Sacrifice? Symbology is Obvious!
Source Truth Encoded Everywhere & in Every Moment!
Digging Deeper! Holographic Significance Behind Epistles! Spiritual Power!
Everything Derives from Jesus! (from, through, & to Him)
Receive Jesus by Faith: Habakkuk 2:4, John 1:12, Galatians 3:8-14.
The War is On: (3rd Eye Fake Snake Bride) -vs- (True Body of Christ!)
Pan Nap, Alive Asleep, Panacea Whole Health Flow Complete Panarama View!
Breaking free from the Drama, Fear, Worry Jone's Cult!
Doctrinal Red Flags! Agents of satan red flags to watch for!
Getting in Tune w/ the Whole Truth! Body, Soul, & Spirit!
INSTANT SYNCHRONICITY! The Spirit man is eternal outside of time....
Jesus is God! We are not God! Jesus Alone is Good!
Medicine Secret Revealed == m ed id sin e (changing your identity)
Queen bee, self worship, selfie, me, myself, i, narcissistic culture!
JJ Dynomite Decoded! (die, no might == power)
Every Movie, Story, Ryhme & Song has been Decoded!
The Word!, Bringing all the Puzzle Pieces Together!
God Complex Increasing! God is Sending Strong Delusions to Scorners!
NWO Perception Filter Cleanse! Absolute Truth Sets Free!
"object" Object Lesson! - Plucking out his Elect!
Calling Out the Son's of God to make your Appearance! Faith Alone!
1/2 Treading on the Snake Head! Nailing system drama to the Cross!
2/2 Edit the sine wave to follow you, not follow it!
Above ALL take up the Shield of FAITH!
Regulate it before it regulates you!
Eph 5:26 Object Lesson: Washing of the Water of the Word!
Huge Hint: Nothing new under sun implies source code birthing process!
Tila Tequila Fulfills Scripture Proving Bible as the Truth!
Until Christ be birthed in you!
Eve Ad.Am == Eve Toward.Adam == A Piece integrated back In!
Praising God for Seeing How Much People Have Grown!
Tower of Babel Enya Works(ant-hill) -vs- Faith Walk in the Son!
If You Still Believe Alex Jones You Need Mental Help!
Legalist preaching against witchcraft while pulling people deeper into it!
High Minded, Lovers of Self in Last Days! God Complex is Growing!
Info-Wars Anti-Bible Cult Falling Apart Fast Finally!
It is Rampant! - People Following Man above Jesus!
Object Lesson: Chewing, Eating, Digesting, Sup, Thinking, Expressing!
!!!..STAY FREE..!!! - !!!..DON'T BE FOOLED..!!!
Holding Firm to a Strong Biblical World View aka the Mind of Christ!
I Decoded the Universe & Here is the Culmination!
ZINC OXIDE Healing Properties, Holographic Creation DECODE!
"Row, Row, Row Your Boat" Decoded!
Alphabet Boy Song Points to the True PO.ET Jesus!
Escape the sinusoidal sine wave == Sin you sow into your identity!
How to Escape Play-Doh Land!
"Red vs Blue" Object Lesson Completely Explained!
Alex Jones's 'Cube' Animus Worse Than Hitlers 'Swastika' Animus!
28 year truth seeking mission! 5 years of it, was decoding creation!
Birthing Pains! Until Christ be Formed in You!
Current, Flow, Issue, Discourse, Birthing, Express, Press Out, Conception.
High Level Synchronicity Explained! Dis.course of the Truth!
Never Ending Code: Salt, pepper & ketchup decode, Coming Soon!
That which is seen is made by the unseen!
The flesh is in befallen repeat time, but the spirit is in eternity!
The proof is in the pudding! Maestro! mae st row
To Build a System You Need a Pattern! Pa t Turn!
1/2 Syrian Girl, John Birch, Alex Jones All are Cia Fake Reality!
Saints are portals of the spirit, filling up the whole plenary truth!
IT Decoded! (Turing Craft of Logos!) A never ending st.ory!
Jesus in the Midst! Living Waters! The Birthing Pains are Worth it!
2/2 Unfolding the Creation Code (colosians 1:17)
I see your insane 'flip flop' game! Silly 'copy cat' 666 "free MA sons"!
Object Lesson of the Woman's Wedge Shoe!
30 Day Face off Against Legalism!
BEHOLD as the HOLO.G.RAM Reflects BACK Words & HEART!
Omega: The "Big O" resist the proud but gives grace to the humble.
Reality Expressing Same Truth Everywhere! Til Christ be formed in ewe!
Wake up time!
1/2 Unfolding the Creation Code! (Fragments back to the Whole)
Decoded: Why Faith Alone is Attacked by the Hive!
Golden Ratio Decoded! (turning/churning out babies)
Golden Ratio, Proportion, Extent, Tent, Tenet, Breadth, Hold, Inheritance.
The HoloScript: Reflect, Contempl.ate, Medit.ate, Cogit.ate, Deliber.ate.
You are "Dr Who" if you are Saved!
God Gives Gifts unto Men Expressing Pieces of His Whole Being!
Seeing God in All Things! A Fractal Holographic Creator Father Pa!
You are what you eat? Really? No! As a man thinketh, so is he.......
"The Last Supper" Image Decoded!
Coca Cola Machine, Secret Code Revealed!
Driving in the Hologram Beholding the Truth Everywhere!
Eating of that Eternal Life Every Micro Second!
Oxy Cleaning the Gentiles by Faith Alone!
Red Flag Shape Shifting Mocking Pirates!
The Veil was Split Signifying Union with God by faith!
Tila, Alex, Icke, & Rogan Animated Incarnations of the Jezebel Spirit!
All science, physics, reality & language fit the script of Christ & His Body!
Enemy Camp Decoded! Names Reveal the Holo-Script Role Call.
Object Lesson Source Code Truth Teaching!
Quit Crying Over Spilled Milk Youtube Income!
Time Decoded: Train of followers. The Son sequeled in every moment!
Time for Another good ole 3rd EYE Wiccan WITCH HUNT!
Daily/Hourly Synchronicity! (syn chron ic ty)
Master Card Symbol Decoded! (red)(heir birthing)(yellow)
Synchronicity Key! Why it Happens & Exist at All.(the body walks by faith)
Turn Not from Faith Alone, back to Go Green Fleshy Works!
Boomerang: Spiritual Reason for why "it" Returns!
Synchronicity Documented: High Level Sync Daily, Hourly, Instantly!
Tila Tequila Decoded: TT==XX==Double Cross!
How to catch a witch or warlock in your camp!
Nothing New Under The Sun! Same Love Story Everywhere!
Power in the Spoken & Written Word!
Spiritual Truth Behind "The Flow" of Life.
Tila Tequila Fulfills Bible Prophecy About 2nd Coming!
The Truth is Everywhere! Con.sider, Reflect,, Cultiv.ate, Ideate!
1/2 Eve Dropped Mankind Down into the Repeat Time Cycle!
Get Grounded in the Word Above All Things!
Once Saved Always Saved! Is Absolute Truth!
1000 Points of Fake Light!
Are alex Jones types, a precursor of the anti-christ?
Creations Root Codex! The Whole Pie! (cut, turn, union, flow)
digital son abc1, created 3-26-17
digital song abc2, created 3-26-17
Lamb slain before the Foundation of the World!
River, It, In-Form-at-ion, Opposition, oppo-sit-ion, op-position
1/2 See, Sea, C, Seed (s.hip floats on sea) d.e.rive
2/2 See, Sea, C, Seed (fishing, destination, destiny, de.river)
All Unsaved are Sociopaths!
Behold that Eternal Life! Unfolding Logos! He Holds it all Together!
Logos seed turned over in mind/heart womb to birth Son of God copies!
New Age Proxy Game via Fake Believers!
The Psyop Game: Python Spirit Snakes Pressing you on Every Side!
Destroying the wiccan religion lies brick by brick!
The Snake Pierced to the Pole! (look & live by faith!)
Source Code of All Things!
1/2 Decode is complete! My job is done!
2/2 My Job is Done! The Code is Complete! It is Finished!
Creation Code is Complete! It's been fun! Passing it on!
1/2 Everything is Quantumly Connected to the Cross!
2/2 Everything is Quantumly Connected to the Cross!
Revealing the Magician Priestclass Ultimate Python Spirit Lie!
Videos that have been blocked located here!
1/2 Reflect, Re-side, Consider, Con Side Heir,, get identity in Christ!
Look Just 1 Level Deeper & See That "All Things" Point to Christ!
Piece-meal Truth is not Full on Absolute Holo Truth!
You never know what one seed can do!
1/3 Decoding the Universe! (the spirit & the bride say, come!)
2/2 Decoding the Universe! (flesh weakness -vs- spirit power)
Decoded: Spiritual root for why mirrors reflect vertical(Y) & not horizontal
Truly Amazing! Instant Synchronicity after Last upload!
The Many Arms of Babylon! (self works -vs- faith in Christ)
"Snoop Dog" = Curse of Cain - Decoded Holographically!
Reading Minds by Proxy Via the Hologram!
Coca Cola Machine Reveals the Fractal Truth!
Heart Source Code Designed to Function after God's Heart Code Jesus!
The Machine == Transform Heir (via the logos!)
"W" Decoded - Deadly Duo! [The Church proclaims(v) His word(v)!]
Our offering is to Believe on His Son's finished work! Re-Present Him!
ThorZ Back! Contemplate, con.template, template, temple, reflect..
Clay-man, pride-man, cad-man fake parrot teachers!
Most people can't even have a decent conversation anymore!
Wicca derives directly from the subtle serpent! They are jezebel devils!
1/2 Circumcision Explained!
2/2 Circumcision Holographically Explained!
Great Joy & Peace in Constantly Turning the Truth over in your Mind!
Organs & Pipes in your body instruments of Praise to God!
"Blood over Intent" == Jezebel Spirit
"Blood over Intent" demonic insanity based on lies from the get go!
Can you see(ne) past the flesh mind repeat ma) game?
De.\+/.el.op.ment - (rise up through the blood of His Cross!)
Green in the holo.g.ram reveals you are in the his ST.ory!
Holo.truth everywhere! Red typology in the holo.g.ram.
Everything is Proclaiming God's Redemptive New Birth Program via C.hrist!
2/2 Types: Offering of Christ & his finished work, not yours!
The Hologram Reflects Back Your Heart Condition to Heal You!
Holographic essence of all creation! Gospel truth encoded everywhere!
Secret code found in S.T.: NCC1701=1433QA=AD33 Quality Assurance!
Servant Leadership Creates the Flow!
A Piece Cut Off in Sequence After the Pa.tron....
1/2 Holographic Codex == Gospel being preached everywhere!
2/2 Holographic codex == Blood of His Cross typified in all things!
Cut off the noise & hear deep truth from God in the inner man daily!
Cutting the Truth into it's Root Parts! (Enter Heavens Gate by Faith)
Eve & Child mind ress (names coded in all movies)
From Cartoon Clay Flesh Mind Fake Program to Real Spirit Mind!
Natural Realm Has to Follow/Respond to Spirit Walkers!
From "CLAY" to "PAPER" to your "HEART"!
Version==Translation==Transfer==Copy==Across + Carry
"what wondrous love is this" adjusted
1/2 Born Again Saints are the Meta-Humans(super humans)
2/2 Born again Saints are the meta humans!
Throwing truth under the bus begets being thrown under the bus!!
Track 11 Adjusted
Track 5 Adjusted "much love much pain"
For the New Subscribers! The Whole St.ory!
Is Bookz Teaching Carl Jung?
Explaining why i am Uploading about Objects!
Gematria Insanity Explained! (com.m.union w/ devils)
Objects projecting(jet) out from the Logos to cut out the flesh mind.
Quantum Physics in the Bible! (They Looked at Logos!)
Re New the Mind.... Re Cog Your Thinking!
Great Insight & Wisdom in Each Member of the Body!
Setting the Stage to Break Old Adam Perception Filters!
Simple Faith? or Some Hair Splitting Method to Get Saved?
Wake up from Blind Zombie Land... 1)Admit your a sinner 2)Trust in Jesus to be Saved!
13 13(M AC) Nazi Demonic Lying Insanity Decoded...
Holographic Study on the word "idea".
1/2 Is a gnostic or Blood bought Saint?
2/2 Is bookz a gnostic or a Blood Bought Saint?
Unfurling the Truth!
Whole Truth Holographically Written Everywhere!
3/3 Cleansing the Hearts Perception Filter!
Coitus Decode(Union of parts): a)physical b)mental c)spiritual
Cube shock treatment created to cut out the flesh mind!
ST, Story, Objects, Derive, River, Stream, Flow, Rivulet, Rhine
2/3 Cleansing the Heart's Perception Filter!
Real Faith is inclusive of Receiving the Holy Spirit to be Reborn!
1/3 Cleansing the minds perception filter with truth)
Elevate into your Spiritual Script! Ask God to Reveal Your Calling!
Get Right(red grace) or Go Away(blue letter law)!
Lo & Behold the True Operating System! LO.G.OS!
Spiritual purpose of all objects, shapes, & symbols decoded!
Grasp This & You Will Grasp How All Reality Functions!
David Icke Decoded: Class 101
My Goal for this Channel Explained....
"10" Holo Decode: Holding Firm the Truth aka the Tenets of the Faith!
Electron, Information, David Bohm, Factitious, Writ.ten!
End Game of the Hive Mind!
Proof the Human Heart is Deceitfully Wicked!
Colosians 1:18- Jesus is the Head of His Spirit Body!
Headless Zombie Hive Lies -vs- Body of Christ Truth!
More Proof of Quantum Entanglement in the Body of Christ!
Rhine, stream, brook, flow, river: Have Faith! The river will provide!
1/3 Watermelon, The Universe, & The Body of Christ!
2/3 Watermelon, The Universe, & The Body of Christ!
3/3 Watermelon, The Universe, & The Body of Christ!
As pools whirl, as the world turns, as PM(eve.ning) follows ad.AM(day)
Types & Shadows!
We Have the Mind of Christ! We know the Truth!
A must watch! Explaining the holographic fractal unfolding videos!
1/3 Quantum == Quantity==Qui==How Great==Who==Body of Christ!
2/3 Quantum == Quantity==Qui==How Great==Who==Body of Christ!
3/3 Quantum == Quantity==Qui==How Great==Who==Body of Christ!
God made man upright but they sought out many inventions!
Prime: Holographically Unfolding(revealing) Jesus to the Gentiles!
Rightly Divide the Word Before You Teach It!
Paul was Willing to Spend & Be Spent for the Fellow-Ship!
1/2 Char Actors [charactor](A Gift in an Earthen Clay Vessels)
2 Kinds of Water Vessels Walking Down Here!
2/2 Char Actors [charactor](A Gift in an Earthen Clay Vessels)
Awareness, Emerging, Symbology, Char.acter, Re.presentations!
More Proof of Quantum Entanglement via a Series(Sequence)!
Proof of a Quantum connection w/ a series & previous upload.
Reality is patterned after the Spiritual Body of Christ!
Portals of Truth!
Uncover the natural, mental, & spiritual typology & solve all mysteries!
3/5 Most Dangerous Channels on Youtube!
4/5 Most Dangerous Channels on Youtube!
5/5 The Most dangerous Channels on Youtube!
1/5 Most Dangerous Channels on Youtube! (demon possession indoc)
2/5 Most Dangerous Channels on Youtube!
A Fractal Love Story That Never Ends But Reverberates Across Time!
Body Language of a Scorner!
Breaking Free from the Sociopathic Selfish Flesh Minded Creature!!
Psalm 1:2 Unveiling: A Holographic Fractal Study!
Creations fractal truth: GO GET HEiR! (Bringing in the Sheaves)
Logos, Napier, Ratio, Reason, enSign, Show, Mental Construction!
Resistance is Futile! Universal Holographic Fractal Turing Machine!
God rested the 7th day! You can too! Appropriate By Faith!
Hmm - I wonder why this appeared outta no where!
The Words you Speak Have Serious Power!
1/2 Getting Ship Shape (cross, turn, union)
2/2 Water Ships Carrying the Spirit Car.go in Your Body!
5/10 Setting the captives free! Using the Hologram as a scalpel!
Even his name "LOGOS" Means to gather his Elect!
Keep your eyes in the boat: Cut, Turn, Flow == Cross, Verse, Union!
Keeping Your Ship in Shape via the Word & Com.m.union!
"WHOA!" Holo.graphic Decode! No greater love! (Whol E Writ ten)
Black/White/Red==Cross Blood, Red/Blue==Turn==Verse
Even Solomon Used Natural Realm Object Lessons to Teach!
Psalm 139:16 W.Holy Writ.ten Script.ure!
Small example of how to see the Hologram...
The Universe is in AC.CORD w/ God's "New Birth" Training Program!
Walking & Functioning in Your True Identity in Heaven!
Wiccan & Gnostic Nazi Devil's, Hate & Defame All Christians!
Sacred Geometry Explained! (they aint got nothing on the saints)
"I've Got Faith" even on a tv series
Alpha, Bet (1st in Sequence, House)
Charity via the E: Just some code thoughts from today not organized yet!
Creation Code: Cross Union via Turning(verse)!
IN The ZONE! Meshing w/ the Logos! Goal is to cast no shadow!
Pow-Wow 101: God is repeatedly attacking you w/ a Pow & a big Wow!
Root Codex: Cut, Turn, Union! Amos 3:3 (secured by faith!)
2/3 Socialism is a Big Fat Anti-Bible Anti-Reality Lie!
3/3 Socialism is a Big Fat Anti-Bible, Anti-Reality Lie!
4/10 Setting the captives free! (examine yourself! really in the faith?)
5/10 - Setting the Captives Free! (get out of the box)
Eat, drink, merge, blend, hear, emesh with & 'see thee truth' everywhere!
Mcgee: Discussion on Suicide...
2/10 Setting the Captives Free! - Q & A (who & fold)
3/10 Setting the Captives Free! Integrating You Back into the Whole! you to our spiritual ship via the bridge of "faith in Jesus"!
"SUN" Decode: Bringing(S) eUe iN, Brewing ewe!
1/10 - Setting the Captives Free! (post,
Co/Mission: From old letter of the law to spirit walking in love & truth!
1/2 Television Series Must Typify the Pattern of God's Reality!
2/2 In Series: The Universe is a Spiritual Copying Machine!
God Judges & Hates Slander, Slurs, & Backbiting!
God's Word Attacks Ur Flesh Mind to Birth Christ in U! Chew the Cud & See it!
"Q" Holographic Decode: Not What but Q(Who)... q are you?
Oasis Wonderwall Salvation Encoded Message!
The Bible is Showing You How to Be Free & Stay Free!
The Born Again Saint's Worse Enemy! (Heir pierats)
End-Time Prophecy 101 (do not live in fear!) Eve.nts Reveal the E Hologram Fractal in Action!
You... "No love or grace, letter of the law legalist" Need to Hear This!
"Drive or Persue" "Switch " "Saved" Logos changing us every moment of every day!
Get Connected(N): Pieces Wedged In & Risen Up Via the Cross Union!
Just "Be One" Connect with the source code Logos!
Rain on Windshield, & Shadows on Dashboard! Object lesson!
Word(logos) Is Cutting(turing) You Back in From Birth!
1/9 Source code Logos cutting & turning ewe back into union with God!
The Simplicity that is in Christ by Faith!
They Fear These Truths Being Preached! (listen and get free!)
(EN "SIGN")Puzzle Solved: Pieces in Series After & Typifying the Whole!
Beware of the "Fake Faith Alone" People!
Breaking the Status Quo!
Cross Union: Walking in the Unity of the Spirit Flow!
Praise God! I See & Speak a New Language Now! (types & shadows)
Talking about that Recent "EK KEY" Unfolding Video!
1/2 Holographic Decode of: Job 1:7, 2 Chron 16:9, Daniel 12:4
God Created Synchronicity, Not a lying created devil..
The Creation Code: "alphabet" (next video = colors)
1/3 Universal Creation Pattern: Cross Union
2/3 We function through the cross union pattern!
Conversation, Readers Digest, & Eaters Digest! Equaling out the Equation!
"Don't Tread on Me" Mind Control Reverse Psyop!
Breaking the flip flop flesh mind "word source" culture programming!
Look & Live,,, Look & Live,,, Look & Live!
Really Simple Explanation to My Teaching on Creation Decodes!
The drama people revealed! (fake faith alone people revealed)
The U.l.ti.mate Utter Truth: Creations Source Code!
Curtain decode
Reflections decoded
The Parallel Universes Clearly Explained & Revealed!
We see through the Word via Christ in us!
1/4 Holy Writ, Wholly Written in All Creation!
2/4 Jesus the Source Spoke it All into Existence!
3/4 Holo Written! Pebbling the number of the beast led to seeing code!
4/4 Meshing & Turing U w/ the Word! Holy writ, wholly written!
This woman gets it! All creation declares the Glory of God! Holo.written!
Isaiah 9:6 - God the Father, God the Son, God the Comforter!
Seeing God & His Program in All Things! romans 1:20
2/3 You know all things in Christ! - 1 john 2:20
3/3 Saints know all things in Jesus!
Let it Reign! Water! (rain, reign) Phonics Even Reveal & Preach Jesus!
Re-Member Into Your True Calling! (join.t heir shipmate members)
1/3 Yewe "KNOW ALL THINGS" in Christ! Believe it & Receive it!
YES,, Y.ser, together w/ "i am"! Tuning a fork to eat strong meat!
For advanced saints only: Systematically putting puzzle pieces together!
501-3C Security Blanket Keeping You Deaf from Hearing God directly!
God Created all Words, Symbols, & Shapes! Period! Not the illuminati!
Holographically Decoding Linus Charlie Brown Peanut Character!
Lo & Behold that Eternal Life, Revealed In all Things!
Painted face Jezebels, Don't be fooling me! Holy writ reveals her true game!
The Holy Writ Truth, Wholly Written, Holo.graphically in All Reality!
All Symbols, Mysteries, & Types, Point Back to the Cross!
How legalist ships can push & raise your grace ship to higher ground!
Legalist & ignorant brethren will never teach on these verses! Ever!!!!!!!!
Raising the bar & schooling the ignorant childish "boxed in" brethren!
So Many Great Object Lessons when Observing Legalist Judgheir!
The Holy Writ, wholly written, everywhere in the Script of life!
True Saints are E.merge.inG! (parts revealing whole)
Col 1:20 Bringing Back Parts into the Whole through Jesus!
Have you Received Jesus by Faith into your Heart?
Jesus is the Root Pattern Source Code of All Things!
"I Give Up!"
1/25 'Sentence': "Language Structure Decode" Playlist Intro!
501.3c Mind Game Psyop to keep you deaf & dumbed down!
Balancing Doctrine with Agape Love, Grace, Mercy & Wisdom!
Elect Saints Own the Truth! Grasp it! Object Lessons Will Help You!
Integrating the Parts into the Whole! & The counter attack!
5/5 Holiday Warfare! (help but not enable the manipulator)
5d Holographic Mind of Christ Impossible for the 2d Flesh Mind!
Bazaaro Synchronicity - (just mentioned this experience in real life)
Col 1:24 - Fill up that which is behind.. (folio, series, sequence, follow) freeee V.ia ma.e! E, V, 5, power, espirit, ether, essence, etherial...
It's Very Important to Meditate On & Memorize Galatians 6:1
The Holy Writ.ten Truth E.N.coded EvE.rywhere!
E=MC^2 Decoded! (the spiritual meaning behind the formula)
1)Physical 2)Mental & 3)Spiritual: Same Birthing Truth Eve.rywhere!
Intersection: The Logos's Holo.graphic Fractal Meaning Behind it!
Listen Up & C.thee.truth! - Kill pride & greed, b/c they Blind you(ewe)!
1/2 Proof: Synchronicity is not witchcraft it is the spirit flow!
2/2 Proof: Synchronicity is not witchcraft but the body of Christ in communion!
"Turn"-"Verse": Quantum Fractal Holographic Pattern at Eve.ry L.eve.l!
Approach, calculate, reckon, find, seek the purpose & function of life!
Full Spectrum Plenary Truth Points to Christ & His Elect Saints in Union!
3D AD.VENT.UR.E! - E ventilating & revealing deep truth in 3d!
Small minds attack what they can not understand!
Holographic G(7) complete codex, behind all F((6)66) movies & tv series!
3/5 Holiday Warfare! (total freedom! identity in Jesus!)
God's Universal Reality = Re-Union of Broken Parts! (Bone Setting!)
Look & Live! (numbers 21:9)
Eph 1:23 - Bible Proof of the Holographic Nature of the Body of Christ
Perfect Love Cast out Fear! 1John 4:18
1/2 Fractal Pattern in all Movies, Scripts, Series & Reality!
Manly.p.hall, wiccans & gnostics turn u into a 3rd eye green monster!
AME Podcast S1, E2 - Once Saved Always Saved!
1/2 Cube System, Designed to cut out your old adam!
2/2 Cube system designed to cut/mirror out the flesh mind!
Saved Shipmates mess up sometimes but we forgive each other!
2/5 - Holiday Warfare! (unsaved family don't know us in Christ anymore)
AME Podcast S1-Ep2 Preview - osas, whole E written, ai, cadman!
Cadman: Psalm 1:2, Mesh w/ Source Codex: Meditate in Logos Continually!
From pa.per 2D to 3D. Chewing the Cud Chews You!
News Article Attacking the Bible is just Plain Dumb! Lessons Enhanced via a Char.acter in a ST.ory.
A Must Hear!!! - Identity, Types & Shadows, Ink, Pen, Pin!
CADMAN - The Mother Load Decode!
Join.t Heir(air) S.hips on the S.ame Ad.vent.ur.ous Enter.prize!
Just A Mirror for people People who Judge Rashly & Ignorantly!
Old adam identity Vessel Must Die! New Adam Ship id Must Live!
Sorry, but we had to weed out the legalistic fake love spies!
The seen is made by the unseen! Set affections on things above!
Union(Oneness) with God through the Cross of Christ typified everywhere!!
Welcome to the Jungle! The Spiritual Warfare Jungle!
1/5 Holiday Warfare! Parallel Universe Faceoff (holy days -vs- holiday lies)
Bringing the bride home by the ultimate sacrifice! Justified by Faith!
Escaping subliminal "works based" cube dreamland mind control lies!
Advance Code 101: M==|\+/|, Logos seed in the womb of a heart! A birthing fractal truth!
Love Locked in! C Locked in! Where you Gonna Hide?
Quantum Connections in the Body via the Source Code Spirit Sap Oil!
Why i Eat Sound Doctrine All Day long! To push the baby out!
You Better Run S.our.ce Re.veals Your G.ame!
Born Again Saints are the Ascended Masters Already!
Revealing The Hologram! Impossible to Refute This!
Same Story Everywhere! Donate sign decode in real time!
Shadowland' - Forgot to upload this one from last month!
AME Podcast Season 1 Intro! (episode 1/24 this friday 12-9-16)
AME Vlog: Season 1, Episode 1 - Object Lessons Everywhere!
Legalism = law, guilt, shame, condemnation, bondage!
Sound Teachings at Every Fractal Holographic L.eve.L!
501-3C Insane Legalist Want to be God in your Life!
Etymology mean Sound Doctrine! Ignorant Pride Blinded Legalist!
Legalism Refuted 100%: Galatians 3, 1 Cor 13, Galatians 1,
Listen up Deaf & Dumb Zombie Pew Sleeping Legalist!
Quantum entangled s.hip m.ate.s in the holo.phoneme tied at the hip!
Ship.Mates, as Quantum Parts in the Holy(whole E)
A Scene Decode: The Gospel is in Everything & Everywhere!!
All Reality unfolds from this! Free of Charge!
AME Weekly Podcast Starting This Friday!!
Object Lessons! - (Same Union at each level of life)
Wayne Crook, Holographic Decode! He can't stop or change!
Creation Code(aka Universe) Proves 100%, that The Bible is the Word of God!
Fighting for LULU! The Real & Only War! (Real church = heir by faith)
God's Universe Always Proclaims Sound Doctrinal Truth! It Must!
Wake up NEO! You're Asleep! See the real Script(ure) of life!
(1/1=1): Big Q / Little Q = 1, Awake Yet? Grasp this Yet? Identify!
153 Fish Caught! (union,, red/blue, pierce, net, sup, boat, die to self)
Amos 3:3, 33, Gather, Together, Communion, Joint heirs!
The Venue: Psalm 2:12 Kiss the Son Lest he be angry & you perish..!
2/2 Copy Machine Object Lesson! (real time living lessons)
Eat the Whole Loaf of Bread! - whole, holo, holy, holywrit, hologram
Fox Hole Salvation! "Lord Save Me!", By Faith Alone!
Glean truth from everything while the Bible is our source code!!
Spirit of Truth Controls/Directs the Saints Ship/Vessel!
Walking in the Spirit! Exercising your Gift to Build up the Body!!
|\/| Christ in you & you in Christ! |di\/id| The Real Flow!
A New Kind of Attack Against Faith Alone! Splitting heirs!
As God taught elijah in the wilderness, He teaches me on the highway!
Causing Doubt & Splitting Hairs(heirs) in the body is Insanity!
Each Member Partaking of Same Eternal Life Loaf!
God Teaches His Disciples Even Via His Universe!
Jesus Made Exact Copies of Himself! Whole E Spirit!
OS, Video Game, Entrepreneur, Manage, Manual, A Precise Hand Book!
Par.King Lot Clean.Heir! Exact Copies of Jesus!
The "Logos" - He is Everywhere! Just look right in front of you!
Faith Alone in Jesus is Receiving the Free Gift of Eternal Life!
"MA.ST.ER"! To master anything, take up your cross!
"MO" Finally Decoded: The Spirit & Bride Say Come! Praise God!
Exchange Life: New Adam Replacing the Old Adam!
Parts fit together & make up the full plenary potent truth!
1/2 From Linear 1 level Flesh Mind to Holographic Mind of Christ!
2/2 From Partiality Flesh Mind to the Whole Mind of Christ!
Spiritual Body Parts Drawn Back into the Whole by Faith Alone!
1/3 - Continual stretch or run, of the Holy Spirit flow teaching!
Drawing the Elect Back into the Fold!
Phonics Even Preach The Gospel. In Tune with the Universe!
1/2 Identity Crisis = Root Issue in Life!!
2/2 Identity Crisis = Root Issue in Life!!
Act, Series, Parts, Script, Episode, Source, Code, Follow After!
APOSTLE== A.POST.EL == A POST OF GOD== Pillar of God!
Jesus is Everywhere! Deal with it! He is God!
Pride is Like a Pig in the Cargo of Your Soul!
(Tar, tire, tare, flesh) -vs- (air, heir, spirit, ir.he) - Eternal Pattern
Escaping this Time Travel Experience by the Gospel Truth!
Hand in Hand' Hand Folded onto Itself! New Decode Method!
Same Truth, At Every Level, & Every Moment, Everywhere!
You are the Time traveling container of the Holy Spirit! (, emit, ime)
Born Again, Reborn Power -vs- Just a Weak Belief!
Series in Succession Reveals a Quantum Entanglement Lesson!
Want Hall of Fame status? Cultivate the new Adam! A Living Sacrifice!
X Mark's the Spot! Take Up Your Cross! Turning Ewe!
ALL Mysteries of the Universe Solved Via The Word!
Galatians 4:19 - [until Christ be formed(morpho├│) in you]
Surreal, Out of This World! Gift of God!
Ex.act Copy! Devil tried to Stop this Upload!
Jezebel Ghost Lady Shows up Again Today at Walmart!
This Life is a Vapor! Seek God Now! Erwin Lutzer
You are the Grapheme Character on the of the living Universe Word!
The universe interprets itself just like the bible does! l
"Source Code" Movie Decoded! (love story fractal truth everywhere)
1/5 Synchronicity Miracle Every 5 Minutes Every Day!
The Purpose of the Universe: Culmination of a 5 Year Deep Study!
When God Check-Mates You Into A Corner! Then you can wake up!
"HEAVEN" - A Partial Holographic Decode! ('ve' not decoded yet)
Archon's watching & keeping you on script w/ the marshall plan!
Ask, Seek, Beg, Cry, Knock, Fast, Pray, or Whatever for 'The Truth'!
See the Hologram? Rest In Peace, Hound of heaven, SIM Paternal Son
The Axe head wanted to go home! To it's proper post!
The Ether is the Spirit Flow! E TH ER (spirit.thread.todowith)
The Universe is a Copy Machine! (ma.chine) Wake up Neo!
Tree,, cut, turn, seed, concept.ion, image, clay, cycle
When Jesus is in the House! Sync Happens!
Synchronicity Decoded! (A 5 Year Mystery or Quest is Complete!)
Every Word in the Bible is Important! (ephesians 1 teaching)
2 Finding Love even amidst a devil's War Zone!
Get saved & get truth while you're young! (ship, vessel, deliver, manifest)
Out of this World Synchronicity! (hobby, tail, puzzle, federal, pieces, parts)
Slip streaming together(two.gather) via the Holy Spirit!
The USA Reveals God's Providence! (black man, white man, red man)
Adam Typified & Preached the Gospel by Spiritually Dying for Eve!
Follow After(tail) & re.tell the tale of God's Never Ending Love Story!
Creation Code! (v, gyr, br, bwr) (cut, turn, x-change, overcome)
"ST" Holographic Decode! Rise Up w/ an Augmented New Life!
Do you see the gospel story in EVERYTHING yet? it's encoded here!
Jesus Pierced on the Cross to Bind the Elect Back In!
The Logos Universal Turing Machine is Separating Saints from Aint's!
The Mystery of All Reality Decoded! That Old Time Story Typified Everywhere!
Diana, mother earth, 3rd eye, self worship, culture indoctrination!
FAITH leads to Christ in u by Love via the Daily Faith Walk!
Partake & Receive Eternal Life! (by faith) (piece cut off)
Red thread of redemption woven in & lacing together all reality!
Staff of Truth, Faith, & Love!
153, Wine, Spirit, Egypt, Canaan Land, Gospel Preached Everywhere!
Partake of Eternal Life! ("eat of my flesh & drink of my blood")
Types, Shadows, Anti-types, Fractal, Holographeme
Breaking System Ties, Lies, & Strongholds With Truth!
David's Gospel Rock Killed the 3rd Eye Goliath Hive Giant!
Holographic Fractal Thinking! Seeing the whole in the parts!
Overcome the Distractions that Hinder Hearing from God!
The Logos is the Change Agent for the Heart of Man!
Blue/Red Election Colors Show Universal Turing Machine!
The Stone the Babel Builders Reject!
1/6 STAY IN TUNE! - Intro Video! (following the right pattern)
Fear.full Flying Monkeys Under a Sociopathic Manipulator!(subscriber asked about this topic)
Jesus Fulfilled the Script to the T(to the Cross=T)!
Leaving Babylon Toward Total Freedom in Christ!
BushCraft Teaches You about God Our Provider!
Gaslighters are Sociopathic Flesh Minded Creatures!
Inheritance, Remote Viewing, Crystals, Cristos, Atom(Adam)
Same Truth Being Preached in All Reality!
Be careful what & who you quantum connect with. (series, sequence, follow)
Dr. Strange Decoded
In the flow! (in it & sustained by it at the same time!)
Crazy in Love! (buy the truth and sell it not!)
Documenting Daily Synchroniticities (5 years of this everyday!)
The Uni.verse Meets You at Your Heart Condition...
"Apartment" Decode & Logos Overview.
A Love Story! Reality's Holographic Fractal Truth! (dr who, fringe, flash)
Hallow-Wean: Most Important video upload in a long time!
They Ain't Got Nothing! But We Do! We Have Full Absolute Truth!
Trying to Grasp/Explain the High Level Daily Synchronicity!
Zombies All around by culture programming!
"Time" Types & Shadows Discussed!
Gematria = 666 Flesh Mind Rabbit Hole!
More daily synchronicity! (egoista, serpent eye, conscious, forehead)
Reality is my Television & It Squares with Scripture!!
The "Gematria Lie" Explained!
Son's of Belial Typology! If a Man Doesn't Work He Doesn't Eat!
Type & Shadows Forum! Intro Video!
Anyone who Hates the O.T. God Yahweh needs to get Saved
Breaking 'Joshua' into Holographic Fractal Parts!
Come out from Among Them! They are Agents of Satan!
Creation Code Research 5 Year Conclusion!
Really Listen! (you can see God's nobel sacrificial love in everything!)
The Real Game of Life: Communion, Fellowship, & Together With!
Yo! No wonder we are intrigued by ladders so much!
"Ether" Decode: Unfolding the holo.gram(holy writ)! Ur In it & it is in you!
More on the Ether! A Typological Thought Experiment!
The Teaching Format i use on YT, Explained. Reinforcing concepts!
1/2 Preliminary: Decoding the shapes lead to the same gospel truth!
2/2 Preliminary: shapes,, mark of God, mark of the beast
Audible Voice of God, OSAS, Scripture, Iron Sharpens Iron, Code
God's Calling in Your Life! (forgot to upload this)
Quit Being Stupid! Read Creations Source Code for Full on Truth!
5 Year Daily/Hourly Holographic Synchronicity Observed Like This!
Even More Proof of HIGH LEVEL Instant & Hourly Synchronicity!
God is calling back his elect to stand, proclaim, model, & reflect Jesus to the world!
High level Synchronicity! "Model" Ship Co.! Last video subj.! Hello!
How i got started in the code. Pebble the number of the beast!
More Proof Reality is Script.ed! (script.ure)
The Jezebel Spirit is Real! No doubt about it!
Truly Amazing! The Word Bringing Back His Elect !
Holographic creation agape magnet! All reality built on this simple Truth!
People can only "produce" from, the reality of which they live under!
Phase Shift, He.Brews, Ex.change Li.f.e, Trans.por.t, N.ew Crea.t.ure!
A Guy Crashes on a Planet and then finds...!
Believe me now? Episodes i watch mysteriously synchronized w/ my uploads!
Fractal Holographic Creation Codex Preaches Biblical Truths!
The Apostle Paul Had God's Power!! How?? He Died Daily!!
Universal code: Orange==spirit filled, Red==Blood of Christ
Drink & Eat this Truth! All patterns & models in reality point to the Lamb of God!
Synchronicity & Quantum Connections!
Logos & Divide!
Red-vs-Blue Turning/Cutting U, via the Black/White/Red Sacrificial Redemptive System!
Rightly Dividing is my Artwork! The Parts must Typify the Whole!
1/2 Reproductive Process Proves Pre-Tribulation Rapture!
2/2 Pre-Tribulation Rapture Typified in the Reproductive System!
A)Logos & B)Cut: Reconciling the 2 Main Source Code Roots! Hugely Important!
C = Rich Man(God) chasing a poor man(sinner) down to give him charity(gospel)!
1/2 Devil's Singularity Lie -vs- Christ's Reality Duality Truth!
2/2 Devil didn't think it was fair he was dependent on God!
All Mysteries Solved via Types, Shadows, & Anti-Types!
All Reality is Nourished By & Manifest from "The Logos"!
Spirit Flow(e)! -The Blood of His Cross(at)! ATE, EAT, TEA , ETA
End game: 666 luci indoc. & to deny faith & water down the gospel.
Warning! Warning! Middle Path Lie Indoctrination All Around You!
Real Gospel Truth Teachers Should Lead You Toward Peace & Not Fear!
Reconciling Galatians & James 2
See the truth' here a little, there a little, line upon line & precept upon precept.
1/4 - Playing Cards: A Holographic Fractal Unfolding Decode!
The Spiritual Reason Behind Why Quantum Entanglement Works!
"Golden Ratio" Decode: Unfolding His "Excellent Story"!
5000 Video Titles To Set The Captives Free! See LINK Below!
The Creation Code(gospel fractal) Makes Sense for the Believer!
Creating/Mapping a bridge to freedom! Morphing to the new creature!
Panera Bread Decode! (Breaking Bread Multidimensionally)
Hive Mind Indoctrination -vs- Reborn Body of Christ!
"Hate Speech Flag" Channel Attack from a 501-3c Zombie!
Conviction: Lets Re-Venue! Spiritual, Repeat Training Program!
Get in Line & on board "aint's" because a Taw(Tav) Train is Coming!
Tech Billionaires So Smart But So Dumb!
Even Mystics Preach Jesus & Don't Even Know it! (blind leading blind!)
Knox, Kercher Holographic Decode: illuminati Sacrifice? You Decide!
People on g+/youtube who seek "The Truth" are a blessing from God!
Ultima: Breaking the 'Fractal Truth Pie' Apart to See the Whole!
Rival video explained for the new people!
All Last Day Prophecies Based on the Gen3 Selfie Fractal!
RIVALS! Same STREAM sustains life! But, only one wins in the end!
Spirit Realm Attacks Similar to Job 1,2
The Church Started on the Day of Pentecost! (sound doctrine)
Remote listening to the enemy camp via hive system venues!
This is How We Roll....
A new heart! David Jeremiah salvation message
Change, exchange, new mind, new state.
Red Blue Vid
"Youtube Apostles" so Called, are Lying Devil's!
Grasping Spiritual Truths with 2 Hands in a Must!!!
Why do we see Red & Blue everywhere? Decoded!
Anyone Claiming to be an Apostle is a Liar! (rev 21:14)
CN NE patterns lately? It's a Glorious Unfolding! Jesus is the Pattern!
Elect Charged via the Spirit, to Flow with the Gospel!
Wedge, Edge, ED-GE, Building truth & destroying the framework of lies!
Fractal Truth: Food has to be cut(covenant) to become a part of you!
It's A Love Story!!! - Across Space & Time!!! Don't Let Go...,...
System, Whole,, T.ime,, Repeat, Copy, Paste, Produce!
It's Expedient to Memorize Hebrews 4:12
See the Truth! It's Right in Front of You! (red vs blue)
Whole System Tries to Distract from the Simple Gospel of Faith in the Son.
Turn or Burn You Backsliding Heifer! (artwork of love in realtime!)
"The Machine" Completely Decoded via Types & Shadows!
God is Producing Spiritual Children! A New Life! Standing by Faith!
Son's of God -vs- Delusional Serpent Seed.
1/2 - Types & Shadows & Anti-Types
2/2 - Spiritual Truth Behind Natural Truth! Types & Shadows.
Been sick for a few days but i'm back! (more about "the cube")
Settle down by getting your identity in Christ!
Another Holographic proof that Preaching the Cross is the only way!
High Level Synchronicity: Radio, sewing machine, soup, tv, bell, 67.
Jesus beat the devil by the Blood of his Cross!
Saw this decode while eating Bourbon Chicken!
Tau, Tower of Babel, Machine Man, Tech., 666 Hive Mind Utopia Lie!
Fallen Angels Ate the devil's Lie thinking they can get back to God!
Egyptian Draconian Snake Law(ankh) -vs- Jewish Redemptive Law(cross)
Every Story Ever Written is about Jesus!
Google's New "ai" = End of Age Proof!
Heaven, Hell, Earth, & The Heart of the MA.tter!!
Maybe someone can help this person get an answer!?
OPQ:Very Deep Truth but Very Simple when you See it!
Copy Paper Decode!
Gnosticism Testimony: How i got Saved out of Gnosticism!
"By All The Saints Get Some Perspective Woman" peri.scope
"Once saved always saved" is the Absolute Sound Truth!
Spirit Mind is Lively and New!
Spiritual Understanding! (one Lord one faith one baptism)
Unraveling "Unravel" & "Ravel" Decode!
"Quigley" Spirit Mind Decode! (all movies are the same story)
"Wisdom For The Heart" is Faith Alone! btw
1/2 Rising above the system lies to reality truth!
2/2 Rising above works based id lies to faith alone truth id!
Adroid, Druid, Void, Voodoo, Identity, Copy Cat(33) AC(13)System!
Flesh Mind = No inspiration! Just the Boring Repeat Reaper!
Learning/Feeling Unselfish Real Love! "Earth Death in 30 Minutes'"
Pieces Must Represent, Model, & Typify the Whole to Live & Flow!
Program' Unfolded: Advancing the Unity of the Saints!
Seek the Kingdom of God more than Money!
Android & Apple & Whole World is Under Satan's Agenda!
Digest This! And see the Whole(holy) Truth!
Dying Daily for E Power: Containing & Grasping Deep Truth!
E=MC^2 Decoded! (E=13.33 Decoded!)
For the gifts & calling of God are without repentance
Learning from the Master! "Guide Wire" Decode!
Nurse Holographic Decode! Cracking the Kernel for Deeper Truth!!
"Thought" - A Holographic Unfolding Decode!
1/4 - id theft! (Identity in Christ theft)
2/4 Identity Theft is really the "Only Real Battle"!
3/4 Identity Theft! Secure it! Cut, turn, seed, water, Grow!
A to Z: Solo Fide All the Way Home! Faith! Faith! Faith in the Son!
Burning Man & Sorcery Subliminals Trying to Push Someone Over the Edge!
Cain is Still Trying to Kill Abel, Even Today! His Story! His Cross!
Fabric of Space Time! A Piece Cut Off!
Flesh Mind Agents Showing Up Unexpected Not a Coincidence!
Identity theft(spiritual) is on the Rise!
If you are wiccan you are insane just like all other world religions!
Staying Connected to the Real Body of Christ = Health = Sound Truth!
A glimpse into the next reality & more synchronicity.
From green horn blue blood flesh law to faith, love, & truth in Spirit!
1 Peter 5:8-9 - The Devil's Role & Game Revealed!
Convoluted 'culture christianity' thinking, is jezebel anti-christ insanity!
Creation Code must line up with The Bible & it Does!!!
Cut out pieces cleaved back in by sim arena turing time training events!
Denying God or thinking you are a god is utter total insanity!
RE Venue! (fractal truth at every level)
Reavealing the Parallel Universe Hidden in Plain View!
5 = E = Mind of Christ = Home = Fast(Quick(life)) = E^X = Y = Up.silon
Body building residing in Christ typified as eve re-sided back w/ adam!
Its all about building the body up! edifying! Meshing back in!
Pie, Pi, Tau, Whole, Parts, Fractal, Hologram, Hosea, Gomer.
Use & "Redeem the Time" to Produce some Spirit Babies!
Always Be on Guard but don't let Paranoia Win!
Another Instant Synchronicity Episode Documented!
The Moment by Moment Venue Encoded in Everything!!!
This Stage Event is a Fractal Hologram of Your Life! For Real!
A Quick Unfolding / Decoding of the Paint Program!
Continually Finding God's Will in your Life! The Real buddha Path!
Moving From Old Selfish id to New Opus identity(idem-potent)!
XYZ, ZYX Decode! (pieces of the pie fit the whole)
ALPHA & OMEGA! (this is not a joke! this is the real deal!)
Does the Bible Mention a Parallel Universe?
1/3 Let's Create a Pattern!
Copy PA.per turning MA.chine, fractal truth at EVE.ry l.eVe.l
Creation groans/waits for the Son's of God to Appear! Romans 8:19
Faith is the Work! Abel came God's Way by Faith in the Son!
Splendid! The code don't lie! Parallel Universe = True Id in Christ!
Answers for: '10 Questions an Atheist Can Not Answer!'
Jesus Wrote a Book! Absolute Proof!
The Brainwashing culture dish we live in ain't got nothing! No truth in it!
10 fingers & toes=20 indicate=20 diction=X speak=Proclaim His Cross!
Changing from old adam identity to New Adam idem! Cut turn seed die water..
Discussion on: "From the old id to the New id"!
Electricity and/or Free Energy Found Encoded in the Letter B?
So we think we can SEE!!! eh? Lets SEE!!! Unlock the heart door!
Biblical Christianity Teaches the Message of the Creation Code!
Brewing some tea under the sun! Not spaghetti minds but creating upright minds!
Bringing Typological Truths Back to the Saints! Deep Fractal Truths!
Create a Positive Repeat Pattern & Bend the Fabric of Space-Time!
Google Trends of Mandela Effect only in USA! World is Laughing at US Citizens!
Loving the Whore(lies) more than the Chaste(truth)!
Mandela Effect Proponents = Agents of Satan!
Out of the Heart the Mouth Speaks!
Proof! Mandela Effect = Lies! Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!
Air Conditioner (Heir Condition Her)
OT & NT 2 Witnesses! The Seed of the Word!
10 Questions an Atheist Can Not Answer!
Backslidden Heifers! Natural realm here to pre.pare us for deeper stuff!
Do not watch this if you have paranoia issues!
Holograhic Fractal Type & Shadow Thinking, Protects You Doctrinally!
More time travel proof when walking in the spirit!
Paradigm shift ahead! Benefit from & flip the daily grind!
Skip to the last 15 minutes of this video first! spirit mind!
So crazy, i'm not sure what to even title this one!
Sociopaths & The Mandela Effect Both full of Gaslighting!
Mandela Effect Logic Clearly Explained. The Source code never changes!
Not Playing Games Here! Which Hook Has You? ($ -vs- $)
1/3 Walking in the Spirit = Time Travel!
2/3 Walking in the Spirit is Time Travel.
3/3 Spirit walking = time travel = affections in eternal program.
Cain's go green good deeds belong in the Dumpster! Abel is able!
Huge Truth Unfolding! Must Watch to the End! (ea=spirit flow)
Letter A cut apart to test my theory of dividing all things for deeper truths!
Cleave, stand, & abide in your new suit of clothing in the 2nd adam!
My vids! Core theme: Serpent eye13 wizdom -vs- Holy Spirit wisdom!
The Same Spirit of Love & Truth Flows in God's Born Again Body!
The Seed is within the Seed everywhere, fractally & holographically!
Time Travel Proof! Spirit Walking Breaks the Time Repeat Loop!
1/2 Other Books -vs- The Bible!
1/3 - intro: How to Time Travel & Get in Sync in the Spirit!
2/2 - Other books -vs- The Bible
2/3 - How to Time Travel & Get in Sync in the Spirit!
2nd Adam Fruit Walk is totally counterintuitive to 1st adam flesh effort walk!
3/3 Time travel & spirit walking!
Regeneration! "Dr Who" Preaches Born Again!
Seizing & Guarding the Truth at Every Level!
A Spiritual Unseen War! We are not in kansas anymore!
Cut(cross), Turn(verse), Seed(p), Die, Water(m), Growth(c), Harvest!
Loving this Woman of Faith is as Easy as Pie! She Has Real Soul!
The enemy camp seems to be running scared!
The Greatest Fashion Show on Earth! Faith in the Son!
The Whole Truth! Creation is about birthing the body for praise to God!
Elect Kings/Priest Bible Truth -vs- Magician Priestclass Lies!
Every "Time Travel" Movie Explained! (isaiah 9:6)
Paranoia! Help lift your brother or sister out of this with absolute truth!
Walking Above the Issues of Life is by Faith!
All Reality Unfolds From the Cross! Sign.ifying the way back to God!
Birthing Christ in U via the Holographic Fractal Simulated Training Program!
Breaking the Time Barrier!
2/2- new identity via faith FRUIT -vs- old identity of flesh WORKS!
4.5 Years of Instant, Hourly, & Daily Synchronicity Documented!
666, Demiurge, Movies, Spirit Realm, Blaming God..
Art, Socialism, Capitalism, Heart of Mankind, Greed, Peace, John 3:16
Blame Game -vs- Looking at Own Heart! (world view issue)
Decode: "Pro.gram" of God = Pro.clamation of Jesus! (pro-graphy)
John 15 - Holographic Unfolding & Dividing the Word 'Abide'.
Friction Heater: Easy concept for cheap heat!!
Integer Decode: Complete in Christ! (colosians 2:10)
Spiritual Warfare: Out weaving the lying devils in your life!
How to Catch a Shape Shifting Snake! (Weeding out the virus!)
The Whole Truth! This is Everything! May God open hearts & minds!
Birds of a feather flock together!
Ice decode: Flesh mind heart BURN -vs- On FIRE Spirit mind!
Legalist will mess you up! If you let them!
The War is Back On!: Bookz -Vs- 1333 666 Serpent Eye Cube Hive
Warp & break the flesh-repeat time-cube mindset via a truth re-venue!
Weapon of Choice: 'It is written', 'it is written', 'it is written'!
Worship in Spirit of Man who Abides in Truth!
Notebook Decode. Holographic Fractal truth in everything!
The Hive: Explaining 'Remote Hearing' Video! (flesh persecutes spirit)
Win-Win not Win-Lose (7:48 minute mark is a key)
Do not let anyone steal your soul winning crown!
Driving the Truth Home!
God is Jealous over his Elect Born Again Saints!
Logos Holo.graphic Birthing Pro.gram! Turning, Meshing, Cutting, Converting Lost Souls!
Remote Hearing the Enemy Camp. Every Friday!
Unfolding the Logos to Grasp Deeper Truth!
153 & Tree of Life Decoded to the Hilt! Listen & weep gnostic/wiccan Liars!
The Human Finger, Nail, & Print Coded Message! Revealed!
Those Who Know! Go! (unfolding deeper truths!)
1)Divide... then... 2)Turn... then.... 3)Flow!
Cross Flow: The Bible Interprets, Explains, & Decodes, Itself!
Gnostic Demiurge Gate-keeper Lie Explained & Utterly Destroyed!
Reality War: Escaping Fake BlueBlood Law to Red Grace, Faith & Truth!
Blocked video is on G+ now
Gentile Occult Code -vs- Bible Creation Code!
" 'Rolling' out the Pattern" Digital Music (patron, seed, saint, faith)
Faith, works, acts, butterfly, caterpillar, spirit, flesh, old vs new adam.....
How to be successful in this reality!
"Mandela Effect Playlist" Intro Video!
"Midas Ad" Decode!
Part the Word to See the Whole!, Par.t
Rightly dividing the word of truth reveals the whol.e! hol.y writ!
The Puzzle Pieces Fit Perfectly into the Whole!
CC -vs- cc (Mind of Christ -vs- Hive Python Spirit Machine/Man Mind)
A great mystery: No Word is an Island to itself!
HOW TO ABIDE IN JESUS! By Faith! Period! 1st John
Magician Priestclass has been Utterly Destroyed with Truth!
"The Never Ending Story" The Proper Interpretation!
Alphabet Decode Explained for New Subscribers!
Peering into the Mind of Gnostics & Wiccans!
Pressing Truth into the Darkness to Birth New Creatures!!!
Vending Machine Decoded! (redeemed changed elect fruit)
All Creation & Every Moment Preaches the Cross!
Faith Alone in Christ Alone, in Philippians 3
Grasp This & You Grasp the Whole!!! Realtime Commercial Decode
Periodic Cycle System is to Cramp, Birth & Synchronize Christ in You,!
1/x Promoting born again channels who get it!
2/x Promoting born again channels who get it!
3/x Other born again channels who get it!
4/x Great teachers on this station -
6/x - Channels/stations that are sound in the faith!
The Exchange Life! Raising the Bar!
Utterances from on High, Time Travel, Shekinah Glory, Holy Spirit Power!
For Real...!!! The Crux of All Reality...!!!
Sign, Flow, Channel, Multi-Verse, Sequence, Procession, Express, Re-venue!
All Parts of Reality Point to the Whole which is Christ & His Body!
Free Air Conditioning in Every Home!
Gathering, threading, twisting the Elect Back to God by Faith Alone!
Many Members in one Body w/ Different Gifts!
No Deeper Truth! How to Enter the Holy of Holies!
The "Mandela Effect's" True Agenda is to Slowly Boil the Frog!!
The Enemy attacks fail when you stay connected to the body!!
God's Gospel alchemy -vs- devil's flip flop alchemy lies!
Magician Priestclass -vs- Elect Saint Priestclass!
Between Post: Betwixt, Gap, Pause, Intermission, Rest, Inter-Val
E=MC^2 is rooted in spiritual truth just like everything else!
All Patterns Unfold the Truth of Jesus & His Gospel Program!
"Once Saved Always Saved" is Absolute Truth!!
Beat Flying Monkeys & the Jezebel Spirit by Truth & Faith!
Patterns Make Sense & Point to the Exchange Life!
Every Moment is a Worship Service to God!
Conversation, Converse, Convert, Turn, Turing, Vs, Verse, Against!
Ephesians 3:18 (breadth, height, width, depth)
Proverbs 4:23 - All issues flow from the heart!
2/x Ruling in the Time Cube!
3/x Ruling the Time Cube!
4/x Face to Face to the Heart Pain in the Time Cube!
5/x Breaking the Die Cast: Tear Down Walls in the 666 Time Cube!
6/x-Warping the works based death cube w/ Faith Alone Truth Thread!
7/x ReSet Daily with Absolute Truth! (beating the 666 cube)
8/x Dying to self in the 666 die cube! it All Down to a.n Easy Ex.ample!
How to get to heaven! How to get eternal life!
It's 'time' to take the repeat "time cube" out of the devil's juris.diction. 1/x
Wake Up Cern! 'Blue vs Red' is a Good Thing! Dividing of 'law vs grace'!
Flesh Creatures Can Not Hear Us!
Multi-Verse, Fringe, Genesis 1:1, 6 is a subset of 7!
Multiverse Decode, The Shining, Genesis 1:1, Turning, Turing!
Neo in You: Materialize the New Man in Christ by Faith!
Voodoo, Identity, Arena, Repeat, Theatre, Machine Drama!
Bible = Spiritual Milk & Meat: MA(law) -vs- MAE(faith)
Forgiving a Liar should be easy after hearing this!
Ma.chine Cycle: Moving from MA to MAE (breaking any addiction)
Agents of Satan at Every Level in the System!
Real Nirvana: Unfurling & unrolling Universal Truth So Others Can Sea Too!
1/2 Totally Bazaar & Crazy & Counter-intuituve to the Flesh Mind!
2/2 Dying to Mesh Back In: Flesh Mind Weak! Spirit Mind is Power!
Legalism: How to Defeat the Legalistic Lies!
This is the warfare: Your Identity in Christ!
Do You Feel Like You Are in "The Repeat"?
Verb == Word: God's Word Produces & Births Action & New Life!
LaLa Land: Mandela effect, buddhism, gnosticism, wiccan, new age, 3rd eye!
Satan's Ultimate End Game! Borg Hive Slavery! Get out by faith in Jesus!
"Time Travel" A Holographic Unfolding!
Sound, Whole, Complete Total Faith in the Finished Work of Jesus!
Tune: "mandela effect" (just another jesuit/masonic/wiccan mind psyop!)
Decode "tt": (holographic view = entire whole sound healthy holy view)
Never Ending "Love" Story! - Savior Typified in the Movies!
Bullseye! Hitting the Mark: The Fractal Pattern Holds & is Increasing!
Explaining Video.. watch?v=MEqcMsqoo8U
Truth Train Rising! - New identity in Christ! Joint heir, exchange life!
Mandela Effect: Monopoly Game, Ventnor or Ventura false memory!
Not by Power nor by might but by My Spirit says the Lord of host!
1/3 Unlocking Deep Truths Hidden in Plain View!
Genesis 1:1,2 Explains the Program of God!
This is the the Real Deal...
Bend Space-Time for the Truth by Being a Repeat Time Remnant!
Do the wicked(mandela agents) really prosper in the long run?
Mandela Effect Completely Destroyed!
Mandela Effect Liars Scarab & Daemon Agents of Satan Busted!
Power of the Spirit Walk is Counterintuitive to the Flesh Mind!!
Your in the repeat arena of life like it or not! Stay Drunk or Get Saved!
Mandela Effect Hive Mind Precursor!!!
"Believe" Decoded!
Each member of the body building a great song of praise & worship together!
Identity Theft: voodooing u out of ur id: (cain vs abel, same ole game!)
Jesus died in eternity that we might live it out down here in time!
Legalistic killjoys Hate Our freedom in Christ by Faith Alone!
Recent Changes Explained! (conversation, truth, slaves, agents, mandela)
Righteousness by Faith!
The Religious System Hates Absolute Truth! Identity Theft!
A Top 5 Greatest Comments of all Time!
Can anyone else see this field moving in front of them? logitech word morphing
Fellowship w/ Jesus & Knit w/ the Believers in Unity!
1/2 Happy Cern Video Decode! (3:34 minute video)
1/2 Scripture is the Plumbline to keep the Foundation Secure!
2/2 Scripture is the Plumbline to keep the Foundation Secure!
Event, Farming, Conversation, Turning, Cutting!
Mandela Effect Started 6000 Years Ago!
Mandela Effect, Acts 12:4: War is On! Truth -vs- Agents of Satan!
Mandela Effect: "Last Days" Wake Up Call!!!
Revelation 19:10 Spirit of Prophecy - pneuma marturia prophéteia
A Simple Unfolding: Ideas, Conception (patterns unlock deep truths)
High Frequency!
Mandela Effect is for Idiots! Think before you Speak! luke 17:34
Mandela effect is just another attack on the Bible!
Mandela Effect: oxy -vs- oxi
Renaming the "Mandela effect" to the "M-Effect" Rapture is Near!
We can Use the Mandela Effect(m-effect) to Win Souls!
Intro: The Program of God - Cutting the Elect Back In by Faith!
Proof! 'Mandela Effect' is false memory by culture brain washing!
Reality is about changing your Diaper til Christ be formed in You!
Same Truth being taught all the time, everywhere! Gathering the elect!
Together Decoded: "To Get Her" Gathering the elect body of Christ!
Wake Up! God is cutting out the evil flesh mind to walk in the spirit mind!
Demon, daemon, background process
Oxy.. Holographic unfolding.
Seed, Water, Blood: Natural & Spiritual Birthing Typology!
1/2 Time travel question solved!
2/2 Time Travel Question Solved!
Abraham Proves it is Faith Alone! (not works)
Biblical Truth Theater Re-Venue Every Moment! Everywhere!
Full Truth is Right Before You Everywhere! Right Now!
I know why you live in a fractal repeat every moment of everyday! Do you?
Its War Time! Unraveling All Stronghold Lies of the Enemy!
Only 1 Way to Win! Unfold the cube & take up your cross!
The Unveiling & Revelation of Jesus to the World!
2/3- 25 Trump Protestors Blocking Traffic Greensboro, N.C.!!! !!!
3/3 Trump Protestors Screaming "Free Hugs"!!! !!!
Cutting the Truth up into it's Associated Parts!
Same ole repeat game: Gen 3:5 "..and ye shall be as gods.."
Trump Protestors! Quote: "None of Them Want Hillary Clinton Either"! 1/3
Re.venue, Dot Ma.tricks, EA Arena, Theatre of Life, Eve.NT!
Typified Everywhere: All Reality Wraps Around the Central Theme of Christ's Cross!
Universal Decode: Cut, turn, seed!
2/2 Dash & Dot! Blood of his cross!
4 Hour Synchronicity, Coffee Bean, walking on water.
Changing, Forming, Morphing, Submit, Gray, Unseen Realm.
EA Arena: Elect Harvesting via the Cross & the Blood Covering!
Mandela Effect Explained for Elect Saints Only to Hear!
New Jerusalem Telepathy: A Fibonacci Cognate Phonic Unfolding!
The Born Again Elect Belong Together!!! Forgive & Assemble!!! Ai 666 Cad-man must go through the Cross by Faith!
Arena of Life Repeat Cutting you back in by Faith! (dna seed daniel eric)
God's Magic Eraser System! Turning, Pressing, Cleansing, Washing!
Mandela Effect Totally Destroyed! wap.ner clearly pronounced wop.ner!
She the 'Enigma' puzzle! Solved! Breaking Space Time! Rise Above the Cube Repeat by faith!
Unfolding & Rightly Dividing the Word brings Light!
Biblical proof we are in a holographic universe.
Breaking us Down is Impossible! We Stand on Faith Alone! No Middle Ground!
No Middle Ground! PERIOD!
Shifting from Partiality to Holographic Thinking! aka 'The Whole'
Sound' a Holographic Unfolding: Developing a Sound Mind! aka "The Whole"
Truth Rightly Divided! Filling up that which is behind! The Body of Christ!
Walking on Water with the Elect Called-Out Ones!
1/2 Unveiling of Jesus to the Whole World!
2/2 Unveiling the Absolute Truth to the Whole World!
Unfolding, Revealing, Showing Clearly that Everything Points to Jesus!
$|$ Luciferian Oracle Within = Demon Possesion & Strong Delusions!
1/5 Remote Hearing Enemy Attack Plan Decode: 2 kings 6:12
2/5 - 2 Kings 6: Remote Hearing Enemy Attack Plan by Elisha!
3/5 Remote Hearing Enemy Attack Plan Decode: 2 kings 6
Beating the Repeat!
Daily spiritual warfare vid diary.
Huge Decode: "CIDE"
Run Barry, Run! (Run Saint, Run!)
Tilyard -vs- Slice: Object Lesson! Spring Forth Crescent Moon!
A Restored Church Fitly Framed Together, Fabricated via Love & Truth!
Channel Content Synopsis For New Subscribers!
How to Float Above the 666 Cube Jezebel Repeat Drama!
Stopping the Magician Priestclass Medium! Stay in the Bible!
The Cross is the Bridge from flesh cube mind to the Spirit Mind!
Alex Jones Trump Debate Video Decoded Spiritually!
Demonic Luciferian comments show the Spirit of this Age!
Escaping Fake Jezebel System Love!
Onion Layers, Mandela Effect, Thunder, Gray, Holo, Whole, Writ, Script!
Public Notice: Summoning all Saints out of wiccan/gnostic Lying Babylon!
The 2 Becoming One in Body, Soul, & Spirit!
The Merge! Univers.ity Pro.gram of Life! Milk.e.way!
"666 cern kernel cracking" Team Decode: All By God's Grace!!
"the end"
"upskip" How i make my background sounds! with Lmms
Everything is Preaching the Gospel 24-7!
Everything Preaches Jesus! Get Right or get Left Behind!
Head knowledge vs Heart knowldge.
Real Truth is Counter-intuitive to the Flesh Mind!
Where you gonna hide? Impossible! Hebrews 4:12
1/2 Data points lead to the gospel truth
Decode: Grey Aliens, Gray, Unseen Gray Areas!
How to Beat the Lying Legalist & Stay in Freedom!!
Stopping the Word from Sounding Out into the Cube is Impossible!
This is Everything!!! Understand this Truth & You Win!!!
"bluebird" - Do not yoke with the unsaved! Period!
"Subliminal Spiritual Warfare" with Multiple Agents of Satan!!
1/2 Most Glorious Truth Ever!
2/2 Most Glorious Truth Ever!
Extreme Synchronicity! "We could have had it all" & "Yeah, I would die 4 u"
Faith clears everything up!
Non biblical Advice is the "god complex"!
Staying in Equilibrium!
Whole Universe is a Spiritual Birthing Process!
"Green-Yellow-Red" Another Holographic Fractal Pattern!
"Mandela Effect" Influence Explained!
"Prayer" Unfolded - Ask, Seek, Knock!
"yinyanyin" a,b,c,d,e
Multi.verse Application Related to the Bible!
Multiverse: The truth permeates all reality.
"Mandela Effect" Did not Surprise God!
1/2 A clean heart only comes via the Word.
Decoding synchronicity in the holographic fractal cube system.
Decoding the Fabric of Space-Time!
Documenting this comment! This person gets it!
If it ain't Bible then it's Heresy & Contradictions!!
Preview of My Next Holographic Fractal Decode Project!
The devil always has a Hidden Agenda!
Unpeeling the Lies of the System to get 100% Free!
"Zenith" 1,2,3,4 (just adding to my created music playlist)
1 Corinthians 11:1 Life! Cultivating you to imitate Jesus's Steps!!
All Reality Unfolds From the Cross Flow!
As a man thinks in his heart so is he! Bible truth cleanses hearts!
Digging Deep for Spiritual Gold Nugget Truth!
Don't throw the baby out with the bath water!
Real Love! God Sacrificed Himself for Everyone!
"Mandela Effect" Should Humble You! The Heart Lies to Itself!
1/2 'Mandela Effect' explained via types & shadows!
2/2 'Mandela Effect' explained via types & shadows!
Breaking Free only Happens when you get Serious!
Fractal Truth: Media, Music, News, TV is Mind Controlling You!
How the "MANDELA EFFECT" Works! (Media=Medium!)
Mandela Effect? No Worries! Our snake eats their snake every time!
The Uni.Verse is Your Sim.ulated University Pro.gram!
Your choice! Either Die in the Cube or Die to self in the Cube!
"Agents of Satan"
Even Unsaved Tree Hugger Hippie Surfers Expect the Rapture Soon!
Gen 1:1: Universe = Univers.ity Pro.gram (grammar)
Mandela Effect: I took a photo of the white sun!
Mandela Effect: What color do you recall the sun being?
"Rosicrucian Borg Hive Mind Zombie Theosophy Crescendo"
As a farmer plows a straight field, God is tuning you to the proper pitch!
Get in Step! Post His Word & Gospel everyday!
Instant Synchronicity at the "25,39,46 second" marks!
Jesus gets all the Glory in heaven & earth! Post his word daily!
Looks Like Reality is Changing!!!
OPUS' Decode - Christ in you the hope of glory!
Think on this..
Types & Shadows Help You to Worship 24-7!
Heathen Gentiles Justified by Faith! - Galatians 3
Last Attempt at Breaking the Culture Mind Control of the Legalist!
"OXFORD Station" Real Time Decode!
1/2 Absolutely Breaking all Strongholds!
1/2 How the Anti-Christ will Rise to Power!
2/2 Absolutely Breaking All Strongholds!
2/2 How the Anti-Christ will Rise to Power!
Archons have to follow the types & shadows of the Cross also!
Counteracting Demonic Curses/Lies w/ Truth Speaking!
Dupers Delight of the Sociopath!
Fabric of space proves bible is the truth.
Faith Alone in Christ Heals Bitterness & Unforgiveness!
Gatekeepers Always Guilt Trip You Under Works!
I Found the "Pot of Gold" of the Universe!
If Your Saved!!! Listen to This Now!!!!
Man Got this System because of His Evil Heart!
Proof: Cube Media Must Follow the Gospel of Faith Alone in Jesus!
Synchronicity Topic! "Unity in the Body"
This is the Secret of the Universe!
"Galaxy" Decoded: God loves his elect out-called ones!
The Sociopath Gaze!
"Breaking All Enemy Strongholds" Playlist Intro!
"CR" Decoded: Carriage(vehicle) Return(id)!
"EVENT" Decoded! (events in time turning you back home!)
"Plan N" digital6a,6b,6c,6d
"Truth Train" tune - digital 5a,5b,5c,5d
Big "EVE.NT" Today! (mysteries of life in one event)
Compassion on the unsaved!
Galaxy, Gala Event, Milky Way, Uni Verse!
Sound Doctrine is Healthy, Reliable, Secure & Safe!
To Break a Stronghold we Must 'See' "it" Exist First!
Fractal - digital1c,1b,1a - Judgement Train aRolling
Gospel Being Preached in all Movies! In Everything!
How to Overcome the System!
Jezebel Spirit wants to steal your id back to this junk!!
No Looking Back - digital4a,4b,4c,4d
Round the Mountain - digital 2a,2b,2c
Saturated in Magician Priestclass Cult.ure indoctrination!
Staying out of the Magic Tricks & Egyptian Bondage Lies!
This Truth Applies A.Cross the Board!
War is On! (egyptian 3rd eye magic -vs- faith in Jesus!)
Warp Speed - digital 3a,3b,3c
Works Based Religion will take you to Hell...!
Colosians 1 - Faith Alone in Christ Alone!
Decoded: The Bible is 100% Absolute Canon of Truth!
Iron Sharpens Iron! Real Comunication vs the Fake!
Cut out Lying Viruses & Flow in Absolute Biblical Truth!
Saint! Going back to egypt will stab you in the back!
The Alchemy of God = Colosians 1:20. Reconciling All things to Himself!
The Pattern Holds! (the flesh persecutes the spirit always!)
Unfolding your Reality in Real Time! (gathering the elect!)
ABBA Father(ab:ba)12:21 Milky.Way Bib.el Potty Training!
Buddha path is a religion of self.
Do This & Win Everytime! Agape to all, even the agents!
Don't SUCCUMB to Serpent eye 13 ways! Forgive as Jesus forgives!
Level' Decoded! Praise God! - L(EVE)L = l(e\+/e)l
Wiccan, buddha, gnostic path = spiritual abortion path!
Decoding Convoluted Wiccan Delusional Insanity!
Decoding the Magician Priestclass!
Re Sounding the truth....
1 Corinthians 1 - No flesh shall glory but in God!
1 Corinthians 2 - Saved have the Mind of Christ!
All Reality Bends around the Cross!
Constant Pattern: Neo(noah) vs Smith(s.Myth) = Truth vs 1/2 truth
Hebrews 6-10 The Just shall live by faith!
Holographic Fractal Creation Code Explained!
Stir up the gift of God that is in you! 2 Tim1:6
Sync together building God's Bride & Bend Space/Time!
"How do you see Jesus in everything but i can't?"
Fighting the agents of satan, for souls, til the very end!
Gnostic Wiccan Anti-Christ Typified in TV Shows!
Holographic Bible Truth is Encoded in Everything!
Reveal: Dogmatic Unchanging Soul Saving Truth to the 'Whole' World!
Standing on Faith Alone! Firmly Set! Written in Stone!
"taken" God is setting you in your proper order!
133=ACC: Goats trying to mesh/yoke w/ the Sheep!
Created System Cuts you to the Core to Heal You!
Decoding a small Part of R$E's Nazi Rise Video!
Everything Functions via the Holographic Fractal Gospel!
Luciferian Media System is a Flip Flop Anti Always!
Somebody had to die! It is finished! Now its by faith!
The Absolute Truth is Encoded Everywhere!
Types & Shadows are here to Protect & Teach You!
We Already Won! Stay the Course! Whole Body Fitly Framed!
You Can Not "Rise Up" by your Own Effort! Impossible!
God's Universe(ity) Training Must Line up with His Word!
Shaman Witch Gets Born Again! Must See! Link below
The pattern holds.
Arena, Theatre, Drama, Act, Event, EA, Fabric, Eternal!
Book of Enoch liars listen up!
He Died Twice! More Proof Media is Lying all the Time!
Plow, Turn, Fertilize, Water, Harvest, Separate, Burn!
"Blue -V- Red" The Final Word! 'EA Sports' Spirit Arena!
A to Z: The Truth Never Contradicts Itself!
All Creation is about Birthing New Creatures in Christ!
Elect Regulating Earth & Birthing Spirit Babies via the Gospel!
Jesus Brought a Sword! (team.A -V- team.B) Mathew 10:34
Living Above the Drama Sin.e Wave!
Divide, Cut, Vs, Versus, Cleave, Turning, Verse, Engrave
"Go inside yourself" leads you here! 1333 gnostics!
God has a big...'CRUSH'...on you! in his ...'TIME'...!
God's in total control, even in every conversation & word!
Living around & rubbing shoulders with the unsaved!
Romans 8, Romans 12 - Spirit Walking!
Soap, Salve, Oil, Healing Ointment, Annoint, Salvation!
1/20 Healing Decode for Sound: Notes A,B,C,D,E,F,G respectively.
2/20 Healing Decode 'Sound': fame, tenet, together, faith, gospel
Extreme Synchronicity Explained! Sequel, Follow, Join, Bind!
Health-Sound Decode Playlist Intro. Part A
Health-Sound Decode Playlist Intro. Part B
Magician Priestclass Mystery School Babylon Copy Cat Liars!
This Proves your World is Fake under a Lying Devil!
2 kings 6:12 "No turning back!" "Thought" Decode!
Birthing her(a nation) out of false egyptian gods!
Make time follow you! Extreme unction from on high!
Matter being grafted back into spirit is painful!
Overarching Pattern Permeating All Reality!!!
Resting in Jesus and his work by faith.
Synchronicity = Together in the flow of God's Program!
Turn, Time, Signs, Sync, Fractal, Fold, Mesh, Pluvia,!
A Piece Cut Out Being Grafted Back in by Faith!
Fractal Holographic Universe Video Game!
Holographic fractal construct program drama horror show!
Home Depot Trip!
YAHWEH(faith) -VS- LUCIFER(works)
You are in a Spiritual Video Game!
Extreme Levels of Synchronicity Happening Daily-Hourly!
Healing via sound waves?
Synchronicity Puzzle Piece!
The Operating System of the Universe! Playlist Intro!
Walking in the Spirit Explained using Red/Blue Pillars!
Bringing the Bride Home! Meshing Her Together Spiritually!
Ceaser trying to Seize.her
Don't Come Crying to Me!
How to Decode Anything & Everything!
Same ole game: Enemy wants to defile her faith in God's Word again!
System Messing w/ your Mind on Multiple Levels!
That Christ May Dwell in Your Heart by Faith!
The Fractal PATTERN of Reality = a Show!
Weaving the church back in through the "Cross Pattern"
YAHWEH -vs- False gods of Egypt (joshua 24)
Answering a Question! All about the body functioning in unity!
Buddha path for dummies!
Get Ready!! Will be Renewing minds w/ Absolute Truth!!
How to Ring God's Bell...For Real....No Joke!
Magnet' Decoded: Magnet Riddle/Mystery Solved!
Unfolding "Perform": Create, Shape, Morph, Crescendo!
"i cracked the code" playlist intro!
All Creation Praises Jesus! (shapes, colors, symbols, languages..
Crack the Code by Cracking The Codex! ("The Book"!)
Everything is Connected @ less than 7 Levels Deep!
Explaining the "Crack the Code" Video!
Over-Arching Source Code: Seize, Know, Birth!
The Bible is the Truth! Other religious books are lies!
Vi.sion Works(acts) Realtime Decode!
1888 Modern Witch of Endor! Python Spirit!
C this..ex.plains eve.rything N a nutshell.. a flip flop psyop!
Gnostics, Wiccans, Legalist: Most Deluded on Earth!
Guide Wire! (direct, gather, weave, plait, adorn, hold up!)
Object Lesson: Planting Seed of the Word in your Heart!
Object lesson! Turning you from flesh to spirit!
Post Tribulation Rapture is Ignorant Theology!
Staying on the High Side of the Sine Wave!
Divide, Turn, Cut, Identity, Worship...
Hound of Heaven's Gospel is in Eve.ry Conver.sation!
Judas GaGa Blaspheme Decode!
By default unsaved are narcissistic, sociopathic Jezebels!
Don't be stupid! The devil uses muse.ic.
Hear, Decipher, Decode, Grasp, Gaze, Crack, Fathom, Excel!
Synchronicity: Someone has been aStOUNDed today!
All In or All Out! Full on Absolute Truth -vs- Half Truths!
Fabric of Space-Time Birthing, Weaving, Gathering the Elect! Slip in by faith!
Natural always has spiritual counterpart.
Prince of Tyrus missed the Key Puzzle Piece! By Faith!
Synchronicity every 2-4 hours! wifi beast computer -or- spirit realm?
The Spiritual Equation has to Balance itself Also!
Tradition, Tradition, Tradition! Not! (his.t.ory)
An Unfolding of Deep Truths Hidden in Plain View!!
High LeveL Synchronicity! Next video explains why!
Jesus is eternal so the gospel is eternal.
Old Testament God = New Testament God! Period!
Peace & Right Thinking only come via Sound Doctrine!
The Gospel is eternal so its everywhere!
To See Full Truth, Doctrines & Tenets of the Faith are a Must!
1/2 Satanic mind control system
2/2 Satanic mind control system! occult befallen sine wave!
All Mysteries Solved via Types, Shadows, & Anti-types!
Flesh Begets Flesh! & Spirit Begets Spirit!
God is Dogmatic about this Tenet of the Faith! Period!
Listen to the Holy Spirit! He Leads you Rightly!
Now!!! It Really Gets Good!!!
"LeVeL" Decoded: Rise up out of judgement by faith!
2 ways to look at life! (God's Son -vs- sun god.)
Trump, Trumpet, Strumpet, Surpass, Deceive.
A never ending love story! Fractal Holographic Truth!
Abraham, Lot & The Pillar of Salt!
Amway & Most 501-3c Preachers can't hear this!
Change your id.entity to break the addiction!
Jesus did not marry mary magdalene! Period!
Luci 666 Hijacked Codex -vs- Yahweh 7 Creation Codex
Perpetual Motion Free Energy Design Concept!
The Arena of Life! Pushing out the Birthing Process!
The Trump Fractal: Projecting the Image for the Elect!
"Caution" 4-way decode ex:(etymological, anagram, parts, fractal usage)
"Let my people go" you lying devils! 4-10 shotgun!
99.9%(66.6) of Youtube is Luciferian Sorcery Indoctrination!
Another Decoding Method that will Blow your Mind!
Tab, Sync, Sequence, Identity: Today's Synchronic Words.
The root cause of the gnostic/wiccan/33/serpent eye 13 lie!
The Sacrifice was worth it! F(6)Works -vs- G(7)Faith!
1/2 Gap Theory Refuted via Types & Shadows!
2/2 Gap Theory Refuted via Types & Shadows!
Cognatus=Blood Relative: Cognates Unfolded Reveal Truth!
De.code is Complete! Th.anks to!
Gator aide
The Bible is Literal. Period!
Today's Synchronicity: Is God calling someone to return or fulfill?
3/3 Knife, Watch, Clock: Unfolding Clock (todays synchronicity!)
Escape the "go inside yourself" Spiritual Reverse Psyop!
God is birthing, preparing, framing, cleaning & completing his church!
High Level Synchronicity (your heart always reveals itself!)
If God reveals ur heart to man, imagine what he can see!
Incitement, Goading, Instigation: Revealed in the Hologram!
Open Ur mind! Seek, knock, ask, divide! Via Christ u already know!
All Sentences Preach the Gospel!
Paul did not hate women! He set homes in proper order!
Sync, together, gather, same, one.
Synchronicity Happening Every 4-5 hours Daily Now!
"Go inside Yourself" is just totally Dumb & Contradictory!
1/2 Reality Decoded Down to it's Root!
2/2 Reality Decoded Down to it's Root!
Flesh mind can not rightly divide the bible! Ever!
God is great! Simple conversations even CUT in unsaved!
God's Word will not Return Void! (staff, scale, note, verse)
NC Creation Code School Link
The Devils Greatest Chess Move!!!
Discerning Watershed Moments! A Turning Point!
y=e^x: spiritual(e) power(^) via the taking up ur cross(x)
"They Live" & "Agents of Satan"
1/7 Unfolding the word "Office" (divine service, function, perform, power, duty)
Being Changed into & projecting the "image" of Jesus!
Fingernail' Decode: Proclaim the Cross!
Unlimited Wisdom & Knowledge via Types & Shadows!
Energy of the Flesh Never Works Out!
Example of How the Cube Arena Works in Real Time!
Real Time Synthetic Cube Broad Casting Reality Shown!
This is a Huge Truth!
Die in the Cube or Die to Self in the Cube! Your Choice!
Pardon my bad singing! Redeemed Saints Always Praise God!
Result after 10 Yrs of Reverse Engineering the Occult Liars!
Today's Synchronicity! Syn-Chrono(together in time)
Unfolding the Logos Leads to All Truth!
Worship Ain't Just one Hour per Week!
An Honest "Truth Seeker" Must Admit Faith is the Key!
666 -vs- 7 (cain vs abel)(law vs grace)(works vs faith)
Synchronicity Solved! Syn-chron, Char-ity, Together!
The Conspiracy Theory Behind all Conspiracies!
The Ultimate Conspiracy!
Today's Synchronicity! (u can run but u can't hide)
1953 Full time machine build testimony, F=1/T
Creation Code = The Logos! The Power of God unto Salvation!
F=1/T, Synchronic, Occur, At the Same Time, Simultaneous!
F=1/T: Synchronicity Formula, T = Taking up your Cross!
Gen 1:4 Light, Saw, Sin.e.wave, Spect.rum
Holographic Gospel Message Encoded Reality!
How God taught me to think Holographically & Fractally!
Lo & Behold! Mesh with the LOGOS OS! Lamb Slain!
The Arena of our Warfare!!! Truth vs Lies!!!
Logos Rightly Cut! Secret to All Knowledge & Wisdom!
1/2 Discussing Synchronicity Again!
2/2 Discussing Synchronicity Again!
Build Spiritually w/ the Bible! Burn/Flush the gnostic books!
Get in Tune with Eternity instead of Time!
Holographic Fractal Synchronicity for Today!
Queen of Heaven LUCi.ferian Culture Indoctrination in Ur Face!
Rightly Divide the Word & Destroy Agent Lies Easily!!
Spiritual Slavery!
Break any & every addiction!
Land of milk and honey!
Chi Tau Taw X T Cut V Write Divide Vis Wise!
EvE MA of aLL! eve.nt, venue, occur, hap, time, befall, circus
Rightly Dividing the Word is Key to Spiritual Growth!
Spirit of Elizah -vs- Spirit of Jezebel (same fractal battle)
Taking up your cross is really an offensive weapon!
The Arena of Life!
Attack Bible & you got War! -The Bible is not Man Made!
Cube nightmare as a child
Unfolding the Word "Key".
3rd Eye Demon is no Match for the Scripture! it is written!
Blessed are those who have not seen but Believe!
Gnostics! You WILL DIE in the Cube! Unless you unf
The War is on against the 3rd eye buddha jesus lie!
Theory of Everything! (math, science, music, law, psychology etc etc..)
We Preach Jesus not Self! Jesus is God.
All Answers in the Bible! (demon en-doors hate scripture & gospel)
Born again by Faith alone in Jesus alone! Abide by Faith!
EA Decode: Act to Register or Bring Back the Elect! (elect-r-ic)
Praise God if you have been Redeemed!
Santos Bonacci MrAstrotheology Decoded!
Wave, Break, Shore, Shear, Cut!
A Truth War that Only Bible Truth Can Overcome!
Bible = The Whole Truth! (Whole E Writ = Holy writ)!
2/2 Decoding Youtube Insanity! (Jesus wrote the bible!)
This shows how crazy youtube really is!
1/5 Predestination & Free-Will Study!
2/5 Predestination & Free-Will Study!
3/5 Predestination & Free Will Study!
4/5 Predestination & Free WIll Study! Adrian Rodgers
5/5 Free Will & Election Study - Mcgee
Everything Decodes Back to the Lamb Slain! Sacrificial Redemptive System!
Welcome to "The MACHINE" (No Pain no Gain!)
Unsaved Can't Handle Our Freedom in Christ!
Which god is the True God? Who is your creator?
Becoming a Disciple(follower) of the Master!
Demon Mocks Gospel Jesus said to Preach! Calls it lucifer!
Faith Alone in 1st John 5: His command is to believe on Jesus!
Faith Alone in 1st Peter 1!
Faith Alone in Ephesians 2!
Faith Alone in Habakkuk 2!
Faith alone in Hebews 11!
Faith Alone in Hebrews 3!
Faith Alone in Hebrews 4! (rest & cease from your vain works!)
Faith alone in James 1!
Faith Alone in Romans 3!
Faith Alone in Romans 4!
Faith Alone in Romans 5!
Mockers Mocking you to your Face!
Borg Hive Mind Copy Cat System Agenda!
Demiurge 101 (demystifying the gnostic reverse psyop)
Demonic Realm Agenda Fractally Shown in TV/Movies!
The SECRET to LIFE........!!!
Legalism is religious mind control.
"Demiurge" is a False Premise! (demiurge=flat out lie!)
1/2 Contradiction! light worker "FIGHTING" Demiurge! ROFL
2/2 Contradiction! light worker "FIGHTING" Demiurge! ROFL!
Adjustment Bureau! Get in the Program! (faith, love & truth)
Elliott talking then Epic game of life.
Holographic Reality 'demiurge so called' is a Good Thing!
The Copy Cat Game! They deny the Bible is literal.
Whole World is Against Faith Alone in Jesus Alone!
The "Demiurge" Lie Denies Jesus is God & Creator!
Jezebel Spirit, Recap!
Politics is Low Level illuminati Pyramid Fighting!
Reverse Engineering the Devils System!
Root Decode of This Space-Time Reality!
Ai 3rd Eye Demon Beast Hive indoctrination in Your Face!
1333 Luciferian Gnostics Confuse & Flip Flop Genesis 3!!!
3rd Eye Hive Borg Black Sun Fake Heaven on Earth!
Get your Stinking Feet out of Our Drinking Water!
Gnostics Hate & Spit on the Redemptive Cross of Jesus!
Left Eye Demonized Disney Land Fairy Land Deception!
off.the.left.eye' Luciferian en.light.en.ment indoctrination!
Serpent Eye 13 Gnostic Game Revealed!
A Study to Defeat the Python & Jezebel Spirit!
From Blue Letter Bitter Law to Red Faith,
How To Win More Souls!
Mon.ty Flying!
Romans 8: Total Absolute Victory Over all Strongholds!!
Seeing Through the Convoluted Fog!
YT Future/Fortune-Telling Condemned by God. Acts 16
1/3 Einstein Decoded! (escape the 666 cube sin.e wave)
2/3 Einstein Decode: Everything points to Jesus & His Word!
We preach Jesus for his glory not ours.
Do We Become Ur Enemy Because We Tell The Truth?
Getting Ready to do some Street Preaching!
Good & Evil Teachings of Jesus!
Staying Free!
Book of Thomas Cult.
Try the Spirits with the Bible Alone!
Breaking Addictions! Sine Wave!
CIA - Sin-t-Rally Intel Hive Mind Agents See!
Most Important Video I've Ever Done!
Only Lining Up with God's Authority Can Fix Your Life!
You Can't Fix Your Life! - But God & His Word Can!
Gospel Truth Daylight(am) -vs- Luci.fer Night Light(ma)
His Cross, Blood, & Righteousness by a Covenant of Faith!
Wicca Religion is 3rd Eye Demonic Possession! Run Fast!
4 Year Research Project Complete! Thanks to all.
AC Wave Source.ery - Bio.H.AC.King - Hive Mind
All Objects, Thoughts, Actions, Words, Preach Jesus!
become a god theology -vs- sons of God by faith!
Cutting Down the Python & Jezebel Rebellious Spirits!
Demon Possessed Gaia Future Tellers on Youtube!
Gain the Whole World but Lose Your Own Soul?
His.t.ory == All about(ory) His Cross!
Python Delphi Serpent 13, 3rd Eye Game Exposed!
Python Spirit Trying to Sqeeze out the Gospel!
Why were we Created? To Do What? Know & Worship God!
1/3- Pie.thon, Jez.e.bell,, MAchine, Matricks, Muse!
2/3- Py.thon, Jez.e.bell,, MAchine, Matricks, Muse!
3/3- Py.thon, Jez.e.bell,, MAchine, Matricks, Muse!
Archon, Booth, Harvest, Cross, Door, Table, Kid, Judgement!
Holographic Multidimensional Bible Teaching Concept.ion!
Travail by Faith Alone in Jesus Alone!
A Good Ole Witch & Warlock Decepticon Burning!
Cain rejected a blood sacrifice but then did it anyway!
Gonna cut u down 'queen of heaven 3rd eye' shapeshifters!
We demand the python spirit come out of thegroxt & his agents!
Wifi(wife) of the Devil! Diva Jez Hive Beast Therion!
You are in the joke!
A War for Souls! Let the games begin! Got My 3rd Wind!
Cannibal cain ai green can't but red Abel faith et is able!
Egypt Draco Law -vs- Jewish Redemption Law!
Joe Rogan & Buddha Taking you to Hell with Them! 1/2
Miesha Tate Fractal Unfolding!
End Days Deception so Great it Boggles the Mind!
Make, Made, Fashion, Fit, Form, Build the Body of Christ!
Residence inn fractal holographic decode
"Hound of Heaven" is Greater Than We Even Know!
Elect Saints, Jesuits, Masons, Caliphate, Kabbalist, Warlocks!
Think Tanks: Jesuits Masons Kabbalist Caliphat
This is not a Joke! This is the Real Deal!
1ST 2ND 3RD 4TH: TH.OR (ur monsters don't exist)
Fun with a Holographic Fractal Unfolding Decode!
Keys to Escape the Repeat Horror Cube "it" 666 Game!
Talk it Out! Ex.Press it! Word it out! Birth it out!
You are the Elect Sons of God by Faith In Jesus!
11:11, 3:3 - King of all Decodes!
4/10a - Gamer(vesica pisces)
4/10b H.ea.ling (EA Sports it's in the Game) Holo-writ!
Holy Spirit Higher Education Training Program!
Rail Road Crossing Holographic Fractal Unfolding!
3/10 Healing: (Heaven & eartH)
5/10 - Healing Revealed in the Bible! $|$
6/10 Healing Starts in the Heart First! $|$ (gene.sis)
Pulling Son's of God out of Babylon by Faith!
2/10 Healing
Acid Reflux h(ea)led In(st)antly! God Revealed This!!
Knowing Your True Identity is Key! New Day Starts Now!
1/10-Healing Decode: Holographic fractal unfolding.
11:11 Decoded! Sine wave time cube based on heart of man!
Acid Reflux Instant Relief - Gen 1:2b Sine Wave Re
Media is DOWN CASTing Believers!
Wheel within the wheel. Not absolute sure on this yet!
Eternal Life Now!
Genesis 1:2b This is the Real Gold in Life!
N8N5(nhne) - No tare in New Heaven & New Earth!
1/2 Jesus utterly destroyed buddha jesus!
2/2 Jesus Crushed 'buddha jesus religion' 2000 yrs Ago!
AV audio/visual
Health, Heaven, Earth, Reasonable Service!
AV: Gospel Spirit Walking -vs- buddha spirit walking!
Borg Hive 3rd Eye -vs- Born Again New Jerusalem!
Holographic Sacrificial Redemptive Fractal Love Story!
Synchronicity: Fractal Love Story! Redemptive Sacrificial Typology!
Urgent: Huge End Days Decepticon!
1 john 5:13 - Understanding your Salvation!
Believe Every Word of the Scripture! Its True!
Body of Christ! One Faith, One Lord, One Baptism!
Fight the Fight of Faith Ewe Backsliding Heifer! God's Watching!
Flesh Mind is Die Casted! Trade in for the Mind of Christ!
I Am All in Lord! 100% Devoted to You First! (
Walk Through the Blood of His Cross by Faith!
Water, Blood, Spirit! (mae)
Your reality! Simulation Training Program! No Pain No Gain!
From Law to Grace to Purple Royal Law of Love!
EN(in:ni): Fractally Learning Process in Real Time!
Gaia Mother Earth Takes You Where? Really!
Higher Education Academy 101: Genesis 1:1
Praise God, Praise God, Praise God!!!!
Time Cube Simulation Training Repeat "it" Explained!
Ex 33, Put off dumb outward ornaments! Heed the Word!
Identity: You are the Ark! Enemy wants to Seize You!
Jesus Legally Bought the Elect by his Shed Blood!
Post Tribers are Works Based at both extremes!
Heaven & Earth == Heavrt = Heaurt = Heart U
Pull out of Harlot Babylon Cult.ure & into the true Bride!
Rebuilding the Sandbox! (from voodoo to id in Christ)
Its a Love Story!
Real Agape Love Builds Up not to "Tares" Down!
Ask God to Cut the Word into Your Heart for Soul Winning!
ED-GE of Glory Movie Reverse Psyop Explained!
Explained: Neo, Arch, Luci, Time Cube, Remote Viewing!
Go Away Wiccans! You Have Been Busted!
NC Fractal Unfold: Fish & Bring Forth w/ Cutting Agape!
Repeat Die Daily Gospel Preaching Typology Training Program!
2 Gospels Being Preached on YouTube! Be wise!
Buddha light doing a Copy Cat of Born Again Elect Light!
Controlling Your Emotions with Absolute Bible Truth!
Mr Ed! - The talking horse!
Peep: Holographic Fractal Cognate Unfolding!
Urgent must see: You've Never Heard this Before! Gen 1:1
"Everybody Loves Luci?" What you smoking? Dmt? Hec
"TRAIN" Fractal: (Elizah -vs- Jezebel's False Prophets)
1/2 Synchronicity to the Hilt & How God Speaks to Me 24-7.
1/2 Types, Shadows & Anti-Types!
2/2 Synchronicity to the Hilt & How God speaks to me 24-7.
AV Synchronicity: Audio is greater than Visual.
Break From the Fake Copy Cat Sociopathic Game!
Escape Plan! Agape' to All. g=t=x=ex=golgotha
Im sick & tired of all your lies & contradictions babylonian CULT.ure!
Time To Wake Up Completely! Queen of Heaven Indoctrination!
1/4 Misc. Topics (666 maitreya messiah psyop)
2/4 Misc. Topics (Luciferian Mind Control)
3/4 Misc. Topics: Duality is Needed to Learn to Love!
4/4 Misc. Topics: Snake eating Snakes!
Ephesians 1,2
1st John 5 (we have the petitions we desire)
Holographic Cognate Fractal Study on Prayer! 1/2
Cat - Mouse - Bell - Fractal Hologram!
GEF, To Get Knowledge, Global Environ-Ment Ease!
Get in the Supernatural Divine Providence of God!
Mickey Mouse Repeat Rat Race! Befall Cube!
Mind Games, Mind Reading, Subliminals, NLP, Wizards!
She Said Yes! Yes=Jes=Jesus! Said=Say=Proclaim!
Word of God fractally birthing Christ in you, in all parts of Your Life!
2/40 archive i forgot to upload (gnostics, inward man)
Heart Checkup: Thanksgiving, Offerings, Sacrifices & Praise to God!
Offering Your Life that Typifies the Gospel in Everything!
1/2 "Hypocrisy Within" Rampant! (galatians 6:1)
1/40 archive i forgot to upload (ephesians 6 -archons)
2/2 "Hypocrisy Within" Rampant! (galatians 6:1)
How to Out-Sage the System Sages!
Pan: Run to Jesus Bread of Life! He see's all & loves you!
Time, Event, Venue, Occur, Happen, Fortune, Befall, Fell
Top Mystery Unveiled: Everything Proclaims Jesus Cut for Us!
V.alentines Day: Duality Teaches us How to Love!
1/3 Gramophone Record: AV(Audio into a Visual Vessel)
2/3 Copy, Image, Needle, Stylus Written on the Heart!
3/3 Beat Jez System Mind Control Encoding w/ the Word!
Here Comes the Truth! Overcomers in Christ!
Revelation 10:6 "Time" itself Preaches the Gospel!
Where can u Hide? You're in it! It's in u! The Holo-Writ!
Word meditation produces high fidelity & a great reproduction quality!
Word of God will Milk out(emulsion) what's in the Heart!
$i$: Our Snake Eats their Snake Everytime! GeneSiS
Another Teacher Mentioning Types & Shadows!
Don't Be Cat-Fished Saints! Separate From Them!
EA Sports! Its in the Spiritual Game!
Quick Overview for the New Subscribers!
Self Reflecting Buddha Vision = The Blind inner Path
The Gospel is Being Preached Everywhere!
Morpheus -V- Neo - Advanced Decode!
Neo Holographic Fractal Cognate Decode! Amos 3:3
Its a new day! No Looking Back! Past is Past! Glory to Glory!
Let your yea be yea; & your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation
"Know Thyself" Luciferian Decepticon!
666 Cube: 666 Cu B, Be Q 666, Be a god or goddess ascension indoctrination!
Don't like Preachers? Well, Jesus is a Preacher!
Heaven is Avail-Able to All. Believe on Jesus & be saved!
John Doe, Janea Smith, Demonic 3rd Eye Gate Keepers!
1/4 Mystery School Babylon - Harlot Riding the Beast
2/4 Mystery School Babylon - Harlot Riding the Beast
3/4 Mystery School Babylon - Harlot Riding the Beast.
4/4 Mystery Babylon - Harlot Riding the Beast.
Serpent Eye 1333 = Demonic Virus in the Program of God
Enduring! Hebrews 12:7
G4T Channel, Try the Spirits, Cult-ure, Disney Land.
Keep the Faith! Elect Called Out Saints Don't Quit!
Test 1: Decoding their System Cube Game!
Their Fractal Attack Plan Against the Saints Today!
We're Coming After You Freemason Priestclass!
Ai, Man of Sin, Beast, Therion, reVelation, V, reptilian
Game Over Luci 133! Reverse Psyop Mirrored Back on You!
Identity in Christ & the Hidden Hand of God!
iN Christ Position(NC State) -vs- Blue Blood Devils!
Only Devils Attack the Bible & Saints!
Spirit Realm Warfare Manifest Here Fractally!
System is Getting their Cage Rattled!
Wake up! Your iN & iN Love w/ "Queen Of Heaven" Babylon!
Word(seed) Impregnates Hearts(womb) V-ia the Gospel!
Word=Sword of the Spirit=VVord. Hebrew 4:12
Amos 3:3 Fractal: Red Grace can't yoke w/ Law Blue Bloods!
Are You Saved? (Oliver B. Green)
Breaking the Mind Control Once & for All.
Buddha Path = Highway to Hell!
Faith + Alone + In + Christ + Alone! (Born Again Instantly!)
From Doctor Law to Doctor Grace! (Lester Roloff)
Urgent Warning: High Level Luciferian Indoctrination Psyop!
Artificial Intelligence, Beast, Therion, Tribulation, Python, Media
Being King on the Dance Floor of Life!
Buddha jesus is a love bombing Mind Control game.
ciVic Decode: (cia)V(wholly clean)
God gets all the glory! Our gifts are from him!
MKULTRA buddha jesus middle path cult fractal.
Shed Babylon Magic Cloth & Media & Don't Look Back!
System Noise -vs- Voice of God!
The 'V' Fractal Truth!
This video probably won't make sense to most people!
Turning up the volumn little by little!
Enlightenment Indoctrination Reverse Psyop Game!
Facing Truths that May Hurt -vs- Same ole Status Quo!
Google Decoded: Revealed by the Holy Spirit!
New Age Way(666 buddha) -vs- The Way(Jesus) 7
Stand(Fight) for Abolute Sound Doctrine & The Gospel!
Standing in Our Calling with Power from On High!
The Whole System is Babylon! All Nations Included!
The Woman in Revelation 12-(not the queen of heaven)
1/2 - Jezebel, Queen of Heaven, Good/Evil Tree Debate Explained.
1/3 Destroying Gnostic Rosicrucian Lies w/ Bible Truth!
2/2 - Good & Evil Tree Debate Explained.
2/3 Rosicruscion Gnostic Ascension No Gospel Lie!
3/3 Esoteric Gnosticism Blasphemes the Word of God!
Buddha Middle Path = Spoiled Rotten Communist Babies!
Duality 101- Sheep Truth Camp -VS- Goat Lie Camp!
Observe devil's Drama, but Don't Absorb it!
Testings of life, separate sheep from goat!
Babylon: Drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication!
Coinkydink? I don't think so!
Mystery School Sophian Gnostic Qabalah Hellish Lie!
Queen of heaven Succubus demon spirit deception!
Tetragrammaton, Yahweh, Jehovah, YHWH
Warning: Serpent eye 13 Meshing with Christianity!
2nd Try: Judas Us! (flesh works -v- faith alone)
End Days Deception So Deep it's Just Crazy!! Copy Cat!
Ford car names reveal the game plan! Words reveal everything!
If it's not by Faith then we have no hope!
Juda US! (sound bad, but this is important)
Rev 18: Zion will destroy jezebel goddess idol Worship!
System Utterly Decoded. 4 Year Culmination! Praise God.
Trinity are all Masculine! No mother goddess ishtar!
"Dispensations" Clearly Taught in the Bible!
Bible & Body of Christ Destroy Media Gaslighting Games!
Buddha jesus, good/evil tree Reverse Psyop Lie!
Cross Over, Dot Matrix Print, YinYang, Spot, Speck Flow!
Escaping Gaslighting from someone you Love!
Get Away from a Chronic Gaslighter!
Highest level decepticon in the system right now!
New Lie from Enemy Camp! Stay in the Word!
Teachings of Jesus. Movie Clip Explained!
Walking by Faith! Solo Fe!
1 of 3 - What in the Bleep is Going On?
Unfolding the Logos! The Real Source Codex!
Contradictory agents of satan using Bible to attack bible!
Devil wants to stop the blood flow & the Gospel!
Distraction, Distraction, Distractions!
Do you see the CROSS everywhere yet?
Flush False Doctrine Down the Toilet!
Its all about the "V" , v=\+/ , V(alentines) D-ay!
Types and shadows encoded in everything!
War is On! Spiritual Warfare! Time to Fight with Truth!
The Key That Opens Every Door!
You really think you're in control? rofl...
Breaking the System Trance: Nursery Rhyme Decode!
Cut Out, but Cut Back in By Faith!
Media down-casting you spiritually! Broad Casting you!
Powerful: The Real You is Eternal...
Revelation 1:4 - Greek word "erchomai: to come"
Superman is Real......!!!
Back to the Fundamentals of the Faith.
Apostle Paul teachings line up with Jesus!
Be angry and sin not!
Research is Complete! Gospel being preached everywhere!!
Youtube is full spectrum lying anti-bible insanity!!
1 Cor 12:2 - Ye know that ye were Gentiles
A REAL FASHION DESIGNER! - elect being dressed up!
Line up with the Plumbline & find Peace!!
Synchronicity Explained!
Root of Sarcasm: Cutting Re Mark! (Cut Re Cross!)
Secular, Gnostic, Wiccan = Usurping Hypocritical Lies!
Solve All Mysteries via the Logos! Biblical Fractal Truth!
Unfolding the Logos! (Unfolding Absolute Eternal Truth!)
All Media is Water-Witching you to Hell!
Elect can only have true fellowship with Elect!
Hound of Heaven is Chasing the Unsaved!
Noah Fractal: Noe, Neo, One, Eon!
They Mock Faith Alone all the time!
2 Main Fractals as Root Decode!
Faith in God's Sacrificed Son or Yourself in hell forever!
From Old Thoughts to the New Thoughts!
Preach & Teach the Word!
Shinning Hallway Decode! - Hebrews 9:22b
Speaking Bible Truth into the System Breaks People Free!
We are not alone! Real saints all over the world!
God's Love is Deeper Than We Even Know!
Short clip showing the crazy fake money system!
The Gospel Must Be Preached! It's the life blood message!
What's the Goal of the illuminati?
Galatians & Corinthians (legalism & flesh rebuked)
Sociopaths are just Full Fledged Flesh Creatures!
He that Wins Souls is Wise!
No Such thing as a "Door Mat" Christian!
Rise Up! Overcome the old adam repeat system program!
The Ultimate Mind Control Game! Gen 3 Heart Fractal.
Wiccan/Luci Fake Love & Peace Agenda Typified in Cartoons!
Apple TV Decode.
Bringing Back Sanity with Absolute Truth!
Fellow Ship Mates! (MA-T-E)S
Overcoming bitterness, anger & sarcasm in your life!
Rightly Dividing with Dispensational Truth.....
Guard ur Heart: The Real EA Game! Ear, Hear, Heart!
"HOUND OF HEAVEN" Decode! Praise God!
Getting Plugged into the Power of God!
Yoking up with God's program to win souls!
An Email from a Luciferian! Amazing Self Deception!
No Longer Entangled or Tied in Egyptian Bondage!
From Obligation Law to a New Heart Law of Love!
Our Staff of Faith Eats Their Snake Game Everytime!
Absolute Truth Must Permeate All Reality!
Dancing From Law to Grace through the Cross!
Even dance positions point to biblical truth!
Everyday illustrated Life of Christ Manifesting!
Legalism & Legalist are your Worst Enemies!
God is Sending Strong Delusions Worldwide!
Something fishy going on in the daily repeat! li-v-iNg
The big O! - Alpha & Omega!
Boiling the Frog Agenda on g+ & worldwide!
G+ Wiccan Luciferianism Indoctrination Agenda!
Romans 1,2,3,7,8,12 Discussed.
Take the ST(heirs): Ex it System by faith, love, & truth!
Breaking the Decepticon!
Chinese girl drowns while distracted using cell phone!
Exit = EX it = Spirit Cross Walk in this "it" System!
God the Son an Exact Image of God the Father!
I'll Be Back! Very Soon! New Content is on the Way!
Squaring the Eye! See Eye to Eye! - (i^2, iVi, ci2i)
Tau Mark of the beast: Humanities civil war coming!
"Rightly Dividing the Word" Conversation!
Genesis 15 Fractal: Covenant, Cleaving, Faith, Heir, S
Anti-Christ Middle Path mAC Truck Dead End!
Esoteric Middle Path Lie = Demonism Indoctrination!
Go Red(abel/faith) not Green(cain/works) before it's to late!
Jesus Hates the Middle Path budha jesus Lie!
Book of James: Royal Law of Love to all Saints!
Rosicrucians = Occultic Initiation into Demonism!
Book of John! By Faith Alone! - john 1:7-12
Book of Matthew! By Faith alone! - Chapter 9:2
Cut off the Goats & get your Vision & Peace Back!
Inner Court Truths for Elect Saints! Outer for gentiles!
Jesus himself said, it is by Faith Alone!
Jesus Saves by Faith Alone in Him! - Luke 7:50, Mark 11:22
No Condemnation in Christ Jesus! - Romans 8:1
Only satanic goats deny paul, peter & faith alone!
Behold the Image of God & be Changed!
Creation Code Fractal Derived by Unfolding the Cross!
Matthew 24 is not about the Rapture of the Church!
The Great Divide! (flesh -vs- spirit) (cain -vs- abel)
Wiccan Hive Coven -V- Born again Bride Covenant
Cutting, molding, pressing, writing your new Identity!
Rabbit Hole Fractal Mindset Explained! Mind Blowing Truth!
Be Like - I do it because i love it & it fits!
Fight the Good Fight of Faith Wide Eyed!
The Light destroys the dark!
Walk in the Light and See More Truth!
Biblical Light Overpowers & Eats the World's Darkness!
Don't waste your time with a Non-Orthodox Heretic!
Pulling Souls from the Darkside is God's Job! Dust Feet!
Sheep hang with sheep | Goats hang with goats!
Synchronicity Births from the Fractal Holographic Script!
Synchronicity: The War is On! Light Always Wins Though!
Universe Fractal' Decoded:(Heart of Man:Fallen Creation)
Year of Jubilee!
Anti-christ beast hive computer that fools the whole world!
Hive Mind Indoctrination Reverse Psyop Fear Tactic!
The Just Shall Live By Faith! Period! Bye Bye Agents!
The real "christ consciousness" demonic lying Agenda!
2/5 Fighting the archon system aka spiritual wake up call.
3/5 Breaking the Archon "IT" Programming Stronghold!
4/5 Breaking the Archon Stronghold Game!
5/5 Ephesians 6 - Breaking Archon Strongholds!
Door, Window, Air Vent - (walk, see, joint heir)
Killing 2 birds With the One and only Rock!
Living Breathing Ensemble!
1/5 Defeating the Archon Repeat Game in Your Life!
Budha is Burning in Hell.. Don't be Deceived!
Can a Saved Clay Vessel Lose His/Her Salvation?
Do Not Let Bitterness Blind You to Truth!
Star Wars Movie Decoded! (huge reverse psyop)
True gnosis, sophia, & love come after Faith in Christ!
Warfare against the wiccan/warlock sorcery system!
AG DNA - genesis 1:5 (void river -vs- life river)
Fractal Holographic Type & Shadow, Anti-type Thinking!
Lifting up a Standard!
Maria the Virgin Witch & Metropolis Fractal Truth Explained!
Mystery School Babylon Explained in under 12 Minutes!
Back to the Old Paths! The Word of Faith!
Becoming Who you Really Are! - Imago
Guard Your Heart! - (proverbs 4:23)
Spiritual Dance of Faith! Treading on Serpents!
53' Tractor Trailer(that which draws:something that trails)
Cez, Czar, Khazar, Ceaser, Christ-off, Canaanites!
If you want Fake Luci Love & Truth! Then Whatever!
Know Your True Identity & Exit Cousin IT's flesh Attacks!
Leaving Fake fear/works based reality to Faith Alone in Jesus!
Multi-Dimensional Thinking! 7 Levels Deep At Least!
Word Meshing Trumps the Babylonian Fake Dance Floor!
{Magic Wand} -vs- {A Staff} aka {works} -vs- {faith}
1 Hour Long Song Decode! Ratt (round and round)
Decoding the Gentile Lying Copy Cat system!
Tree True Stable Faithful Faith...Faith Alone!
Tree, Hollow, Vessel, Ship, Panel: A Piece Cut Off!
Try the Spirits with the Word of God!
A Time for Peace & A Time for War!
Biblical Fractal Truth in the Hologram! (holy writ)
Cares of this World Distracting Everyone!
Cutting ReMarks! (Cut t ing re mark) Own savior complex!
Doctrines of Christ Protect You from Snakes!
ISIS Explained!
Masonic Coward Luciferian Snakes Everywhere!
Miracle: Decode Method Birthed Right Before Ur Eyes!
TYRE.d of all your DRAma & BABEL dead CORPse lies!
Urgent! If You Are Born Again! Please Listen!
The Greedy Mocking Python Spirit of Divination!
Words Seed Birth a New Creation & Bring Oneness!
Being s(intergrated) back into the Truth! S(tree)t
Breaking ANY & ALL Strongholds!
Cracking the Language Code!
Endocrine System Hive Mind wwWeb Net Tomorrow Land!
Lets take a little stroll down the middle path, so called!
AB:BA - Eternal Love Birthed from the Heart of God!
Dead budha selfie jesus -vs- The Real Alive Risen Jesus!
Gen 3 repeat "played out" daily! (own ideas? or God?)
Tree of Life, Trunk, Stable, True, Truth, Faithful, Faith!
Get Saved (john/jane smith's) by faith alone in Jesus alone!!
Meshing (alphabet + 101 + ge.N.e.sis) Decodes! - Gen 3:15
The Key to the Kingdom! By Faith in Jesus!
Got Hit by an Archon Attack Yesterday!
Mesh with the Source!
Re-making into the image of the ONE: NEO, NEON, EO
Source Codex = The Bible = The Word
Synchronicity, Agents, New Name, Stronghold, Image, Source!
The 3rd Anti-Christ(ac) False Gospel = Middle Pillar Lie!
Tied into the Source gives you Power & Peace!
eBirthing(Exchange Life)! (ex coin(coitus)) (spirit cross flow)
Middle Path = Demon Possesion via Luciferian Spirits!
The Hidden Manna! - Genesis 1:1 - Revelation 2:17
2 Kingdom Programs Within! (adamic -vs- Christ)
24 Elders in Heaven while 2 Saved Prophets Witness!
How to Think Multi-dimensionally or Fractally!
Myth Origins are Based on Fallen Flesh Mind Delusions!
Rest! In his Finished Work! By Faith!
Truth & Reality Rooted in the Wounding Covenant of God
BABYLON! (master the book & then master babylon!)
Breaking the Love Spell of Babylon! (works vs faith)
By Faith in Jesus the Kingdom of God is Within You!
Bye Bye Baby*lon baby(lie)on (babyl(own ideas)n)
Digging Deeper for the Rare Gold Nuggets!
Divide - diVid - (dead works) \/ (id by faith alone)
Double Cross Half Truth Stinking Fishy Snakes = Works Based!
Eternal Love! (Bringing back love & truth to the Vorld!)
Get your (id)entity in Jesus and be restored back!
Gospel in Genesis 1:1,2
Middle Path Liars are Totally Insane, Crazy, & Delusional.
Spirit of Elijah Warring in a Jezebel System!
Blocked Comment Showing the Subtle Lie!
Encyclopedia decode!
Serious Warning Here! Devil's end of age trick!
EA Sports, it's in the game!
ez21:21 Reverse Psyop Everywhere in UR CULT-ure!
It is Flat-out Warfare!
Media drowns out the voice of God in your life!
Middle Path = Brothel Path = Highway to Hell
Moving on Up! (id-di) Know your identity in Christ!
The law was for israel not gentiles! legalism = insanity!
1/2 Hive Flesh Mind Leads to Strong Delusions!
2/2 Hive Flesh Mind Leads to Strong Delusions!
A Prayer at the end! If 2 agree in prayer believing!
God Hates "Middle Pillar" Cult Luke Warm Teachin
Devil's Bait = World, Flesh, & Pride of Life!
Genesis 1:1 - The Creation Fractal - (unfolding) - 1/2
A)Hearing the Word of God -vs- V)Seeing Vain Visions
All Mysteries solved via the Word! (word =logos) john 1:1
Bride of Christ gets the Gold Mine, devil gets the shaft!
The Ultimate Decode! (as above so below!)
Truth is Encoded Everywhere & in Everything!
"See You Later Alligator" Song Decoded!
Behold! The Best Bible teacher in the world today! IMO
Do not let anyone hinder your calling in life!
Guardian angels, watchers, archons, birthing, ward, rule!
Sociopathic System will Destroy itself Eventually!
The Sociopath Heart & System Fractal Overview!
The top bible scholar alive believes in Pretribulation Rapture!
What's it all about? Flesh & blood can't inherit the kingdom of God!
Xmen, new-man, near the door, 666, marcus, mars, war!
7 Dispensations & Faith alone - Greg Barkman
Lucy system trying to change Father God to MA goddess!
Martha Under Law -vs- Mary Resting in Faith
Martha! Martha! Martha! Just rest girl! It is Finished!
Marvelous! Fabuloso! Conversation!
Teal Swan Cult Addressed!
Walking in Total Spiritual Freedom in this Flesh System!
You are not alone in your struggles!
7 Dispensations! Must grasp this to grasp the Bible!
Must See! 7 Complete Ages Revealing Jesus in the Bible!
No Pure Biblical Gospel = Worldly Fear Drama!
Satan's Subliminal Mind Game Revealed! Fractal Truth Holds!
Spirit birth typified in natural fractal.
Use Discernment when Witnessing & Winning Souls!
1/3 Ecumenical Luciferianism Indoctrination.
2/3 Ecumenical Luciferianism Indoctrination.
3/3 Ecumenical Luciferianism Indoctrination
Be Careful what & who you Yoke Up With!
Born again saint comments, are the best iron sharpener!
Jesus is God! Bible is Absolutely Clear on it!
Leaving Deficiency Mode Mindset!
Man born of woman is full of trouble as sparks fly up!
No greater work than resting in Jesus!
Partial lucy light -vs- Full Gospel Truth!
The Reason i am blocking Nichol-SON.
"I'm in a mess Lord! Help!" Jonah Remember!
BEING CUT! - Hebrews 4:12
CROSS LINK! (the link to life!)
Translated - No sin in Jesus! - Greg Barkman
Beating the Pressures of the System!
Love Orginates from this! This deserves attention again!
The End Game of Lucifer!
Witnessing Tool Idea!
You don't need the occult rabbit hole stuff! Just the bible!
Big Fat Liar! Gen 3 Serpent 13 Fractal Unfolded!
Let no man despise thee. 1 timothy 2 fractal truth
Pi tau isis christians gnostics pagans archons armageddon
Good-bye Religion! Hello New Creature!
Pre-Tribulation Rapture Fractal Truth!
You Find What You Are Looking For!
Apology to dragonfly & thanks for being awesome everyone!
Do not yoke up with the unsaved! ever!
John 3:16 Destroys all the Lies of the System!
Just talking random stuff! Self Righteousness!
"..I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin.." psalm 51:5
1/2 Luciferian System! (lesser light lies)
2/2 Luciferian Agenda (lessor light liar)
Pro X Flow (to flow go through the cross) Period!
Saints Preach Jesus! Not the Law! (letter killeth)
Training, Progress & Transformation for New Z Land
Divine Feminine = Just Another Arm of Antichrist Agenda!
Ephesians 4 - Growing Up into Spiritual Adulthood!
Isaiah 11 quick overview - partial
The devil's agenda! painted face scripted program!
Day & Night even Proclaim the Gospel...John 3:16
Screen = To shield from punishment
Serve One Another! Couldn't hold back the tears on this one!
1/2 Goddess Lie Unveiled. (genesis 3 fractal)
2/2 Goddess Lie Unveiled. (genesis 3 fractal)
Adam & Eve Preach the Gospel...too! John 3:16
The Word Rightly Divided Protects You from Deceivers!
Born Again Fruits!
Building Trust in your Team! Sound Doctrine is key!
Eye of Beholder! Kicking against Truth! Loose E!
Go Team! No man is an island in Christ!
Orange = walking in the spirit = 5
Royal Law Explained via the Color Wheel Decode!
Anti-christ System has to Mimic/Copy Biblical Principles!!
Cult Love Bombing Fractal.
Lamb Slain Ultimate Object Lesson = Love One Another!
To Attack the Bible is Absolute Total Insanity!
Angels Control All Languages to the Glory of God!
Jesus Treated the Bible Literally! Jesus is Literal too btw.
Kill the Old Flesh Man & Walk in the New Spirit Man!
Leaving Babylon Self Works to Faith in the Son!
Luciferian Masonic "Thumb Down" google Agent?
1/2 The beast intro
Cut out the Riff Raff and Enjoy the Peace!
Luciferian Agenda Rooted in Reversing the Curse!
Sound Doctrine = Clear Absolute Truth = Mind of Christ!
The Word of God is a Must for the Spiritual New Birth!
Borg hive mocks God's Love that draws All Men to Himself!
Being Changed into the New Man!
Agents of Satan Be Like: "Lets Play a Mind Game!"
Breaking the Program!
Do we want System Lies or the Absolute Bible Truth?
From Data to Common Denominator to the Fractal Truth!
How to beat the illuminati!
System & Self Mind Games Busted ONLY by the Bible!
Find your Calling & Election down here!
From (Hive Flesh Mind) to (Mind of Christ) Breaking free!
The Key to Life!
Thoroughly Changed
Whole world under luciferian works base indoctrination!
Eat & Drink Truth & Be Completely Free!
Fill your Mind with Truth & not a Bunch of Demonic Lies!
Go Green Queen of Heaven InDoc Reverse Psyop!
Go Green Works Monster Cain -vs- FAITH-full Abel
Queen Bee Martha Syndrome -vs- Faith Rest of Mary
Revealing the Wiccan System. A Fractal Witch Burning!
A Fractal Unfolding: Flesh Walk -vs- Spirit Walk!
Birthing, Pressing, Developing, Scourging, Purging!
Breaking the Cult-ure Program! Via Truth in Love!
What Satan Means for Evil, God Uses for Good!
Word Pressing Out either Life or Death!
Book of Enoch is Junk! Period.
Enemy Completely Decoded! (flip flop mimic system)
If U want fake! Go somewhere else like g4tnews, jones, icke..
Live by the Sword = Die by the Sword!
New Spirit Creature not Law Keeping Flesh Effort!
Occultist & Legalist Witches Hate Faith alone in Jesus alone!
Psychopathic Dark Heart Master Manipulation Decoded.
Beating Mind Control with the Word & other Saints!
Sacrificial Redemptive Love Story Typified Everywhere!
Truth Cuts & Presses to Birth Out Your New Creature!
Ultimate Decode: Love -1cor 13, Intertwine, Criss-Cross!
Unweave from the Lying Witchcraft Cult-ure System! Peace!
501-3C Rule Based Sanctification Always Fails! Everytime!
Audi Partial Decode!
Authority-Submission: A Fractal study (walking by faith)
Fractal Study: Proverbs 7
V.W. DECODE (yahweh -vs- luciferian marvel x-men)
X-MEN DECODED (flesh-man trying to merge w/ spirit)
From Fear Based Living to Faith Based Living!
Gospel in O.T. - No way to escape but one way!!
The Refiners Fire! A System Wide Birthing Fractal!
Unseen Fractal New Adam Spiritual Birthing Process!
Utterly destroying a Big Fat guru Lie w/ the word!
Destroying gen 3 serpent 13 wizdom w/ Lamb slain fractal truth wisdom!
Don't Tread on me! Reverse psyop!
Hid in Christ -vs- Seeing in with sorcery tools & works!
How to know if you are really saved or not!
Rule based living will create more failure!
Bible Truth is the Head & not the Tail. Period! 1cor11
Breaking the CULTure Program! Music Decode.
Many Waters can not Quench Love! SoS 8:7
R.U.iN Love w/a Darpa ai Chat Bot Computer Program?
Samson and De-li-lah (tha lie allah) da lie la
666 System Revealed! Pythia Spirit Revealed! Python Lies!
Everything is Connected in the Logos!
Law mindset -vs- Grace mindset! - Rightly Dividing Truth!
UH OH - He is Meddling Now! (middle path nwo babel)
Go Red or Go Green? Abel or Cain? Faith or Works?
It is what it is!
Jesus Rose from the Dead. Period! The Bible Says So!
Lack of the Word leadeth to Strong Delusions!
Not my OWN wisdom but thy wisdom oh Lord!
Spilling the Beans on the Whole System!
Adam/Eve, Captain/Ship, Christ/Church (figure it out! love)
Ephesians Overview - You Already Won Elect Saints!
Extra Biblical books take you into Strong Delusions!
Gate Keepers trying to shut down Your Spiritual Gift!
Get This & Get Everything! AM PM
Woodshed spankings deliver souls from Hell!
Beating the Fallen Angels Angles of Attack!
Breaking old adam flesh creature sorcery delilah strongholds!
If it ain't Bible Oriented, it is Sorcery! Period!
Saint Camp -vs- Aint Camp (amos 3:3)
Truth Cuts You to Restore You!
Col 1:14 In whom we have redemption through his blood
Get Out of that Kitchen Martha & Just Talk to Me!
Jesus is our Baptism & Sabbath Rest! It's Finished! Appropriate it!
Killing a gematria warlock teaching by his own Words!
Letter Killeth but the Spirit Gives Life! Stop doing & Be!
Martha Syndrome!
Respond no longer to the draMA but to the Spirit!
Revelation 1-4 - Overview
Revelation 5 - overview
Revelation 6-11 - overview
Tarrot card sorcery is total insanity!
Washing the Bride with the Word for Unity in the Home!
What is Real?
Yep! Time for a good ole warlock "witch-hunt"!
Jesus is Risen & Alive! - 1 corinthians 15
Plead the Blood! Praise Jesus not Self!
Stopping Demonic Remote Viewing in your Life!
That ole devil. He/she is still a liar! Claim the Blood!
Go inside yourself? Really? lol, Bless your soul...
God Complex in Occult & Legalistic Vigilantes!
How to Know you Found your Adam/Eve Connection!
Lesser Light -vs- The True Light!
Lesser Light (lucy) -vs- God's Light (truth)
Pull Out of Her(sorcery jez idol system) & Be Free!
The Flesh is Sorcery, Withcraft, & Jezebel.
Unfolding the Labyrinth! [a greater work than works]
Ace in the Hole! Always be prep'd for the devil's tricks!
Allure, Web, Flip Flop, Wicca, Magic, Sorcery System
Cries in the EVEning light but Joy in the Morning Light!
Defamation of character 2.5 Year email record! 1/2
Gog, Magog, Dispensations
Hope for the defeated unto power! Erwin Lutzer
The "OCCULT" Utterly Completely Destroyed!
The source is Jesus not a budha jesus hive mind!
Traversing through this Sorcery System.
Race Wars, Archons, Introspection, Faith, Elizah, Jezebel!
Star Wars Trailer Decoded! (reverse psyops explained)
The Bride Carries Life to the World! (she gospel carries)
This is Everything! 1/2 (the gospel is everything)
This is everything! 2/2
2/2 Total Absolute Utter Freedom!
A Fractal Love Story at Every Depth, Level & Emotion.
All music, tv, movies, scripts, words, creation point to Jesus!
Christ is the Head of the Church! Type & Shadow!
Fractal Cognate Cloud 9 Gospel Living.
Holographic Bizarro DC Comic Fractal.
How to Decode Anything!
The Gospel is Manifest Everywhere! (aka creation code)
Total Freedom Starts Now!!! To the Uttermost!! 1/2
Deny Jesus Before Men & He will Deny You!
It is time to show you their luciferian fake light games!
Live & die for Jesus! -or- a lying smelly ole jezebel system.
System Fractal Games Exposed. De ja vu feeling today!
Victory Dance! Breaking the Program via Mind of Christ!
A Time for Sorrow and a Time to Dance!
Bible inter-prets itself! (fractal logic via the uni-verse)
Building up the Bride in Grace & Truth via the Word.
How 3rd eye mac 1313 1333 Jezzie Snakes Operate!
I gave it my best effort Lord - It is well with my soul. Sorrow!
Kill Ego Self Help 1333 -vs- Being Born Again by God
Most Evil Teaching on the Planet! Inner Self Help!
Saul to Paul - (13 to 8) (8 = new creature by God)
Selfie Mind's Eye -vs- Mind of Christ (via a rebirthing)
Spiritual Object Lesson in a Battery!
Truth is everywhere! Why reject it? Just sub-script!
Confusion = Demonic Spirit! Try the Spirits Saints!
He That Hath an Ear! Let Him Hear!
Snake System Hate Christ Minded Gospel Thinking!
Snake Systems Decoded - (Enemies of the Gospel)
Snakes Hate the Scripture! It Destroys their Lies!
4/5 Breaking the Mind Control of the System!
5/5 Breaking the Mind Control!
Google Alphabet Is a Huge Deal Spiritually!
Labor Pains til Christ Be Formed in You! (no pain no gain)
No Pain No Gain! y=e^x (salt via spirit cross walk)
TRUTH CUTS me AND then truth HEALS Me.
1/5 Breaking the Catfish Program of a Lying System!
2/5 Breaking the Program of the CULT-ure Dish!
3/5 Breaking the System Program! Works -vs- Faith!
It's a Love Story! To Birth Love in you for God's Program!
Laplace Transform Spiritual Message in Math!
MKULTRA DECODED (2 impossible scenarios)
Keep the Faith! Never Stop! Sun will come up tomorrow!
Never read ur Bible? Yep! Ur a Narcissist Sociopath!
Run as Fast as you Can!
This will Bless Your Socks Off....
Want a New Life? Bible leads you to a New Life!
The Middle Path! Clearly explained! Be Free!
1/2 What holds everything together!
2/2 What holds everything together!
Grace & Truth = Jesus a Risen Savior = Eternal Life!
Let us hear the END OF the "MATTER". (ma tt er)
Confused? Scared? Sad? Alone? Lost? Doubting?
Goodbye Old Life, & Hello New Life!
Head=Spirit mind, Tail=Flesh mind(submit to ur head tail)
Let go of that egyptian bondage chain ye old heifer!
Rapture Truth' Fractal - (he that hath an ear!)
Rapture, OSAS, Book of Enoch, hit a nerve for a reason!
System set up to cause failure for a reason!
The Rapture Controversy!!!!!!!!
Unsaved Mockers Abide In Total Darkness & Death!
Urgent! - Please Listen! Truth sets free!
Walking in God's Spirit -vs- Do as thou Wilt Crowley Junk
You must surrender ALL! Own will & ideas must die!
Your Cult-ure Dish is all Fake Works Based Sorcery!
1/5 70th week of daniel, Tribulation Saints, Times of the Gentiles
2/5 Tribulation Saints, Age of Gentiles, 70th week
Behold a mystery: cleave = cut & cleave = glue
Bee Hive "Why Fi" Cain Works Hate Faith Alone in Jesus!
Faith 101: Real Enduring Faith (not temporary faith)
Get Under The Blood Covering! NOW!
Masons, r$e, illuminaiti, gnostics won't like this one!
3rd eye cartoon network can't Praise God! But we Can!
Keep a notebook & see the mindgame being played on you!
Living Water Truth Flowing Out from the Spirit Man!
Stay Free Saints! Enjoy Ur Freedom! We Already Won! Hallelujah!
The "TARE" (you must be born again!)
Adios Legalist & Occultist.You ain't got no Soul Message!
An instrument of Praise to God! To help birth others in as well.
Cross Flow! - The secret of life! - Col 1:20
Dedicated to the "RUNAROUND" game!
GEOMANCY(as used by groxt) Is Demonic DIVINATION! Period!
Adios Theosophist! Got what i needed! Im done! Sorry!
Devil's minions want U obsessing -vs- The Faith Rest.
Restoring Souls! Galatians 6:1
Shadow of Sin following you around?
Sorcery -vs- Prophecy (eye gate -vs- ear gate)
X = 24 = CROSS, 24 HOURS IN A DAY!
Can you dig it? Satanic luciferian indoctrination with a smile!
KAZAM SCREEN CAPTURE running on XUBUNTU amd64 laptop.
Pigs in the Parlor! (what or who posseses your mind?)
Serpent Eye 13 CC Culture Dish Luci Indoctrination!
1/2 Types & Shadows! (through the word to be delivered)
2/2 Types & Shadows! (through the word to be delivered)
Partial Truth -vs- Full on Bible Truth!
Recurring Script impossible to deny!
Rotate Object in Blender (testing with kazam screen capture)
You are Clinically Insane if you deny being a Sinner!
1/2 Superman Decoded!
2/2 O.T. & N.T. Bible Doctrine is the Script of Realit
Jer 3:13 - Only acknowledge your sin against the Lord!
1/2 How to get to heaven!
2/2 How to get to heaven!
IRON MIXED WITH CLAY! (google chrome cast)
TWIX Commercial DECODED! (luciferian indoctrination)
Got truth?
It is Written! Jesus will return from Heaven!
Jesus will return! Ignore the new decepticons!
Thank you Lord for all the Born Again Saints! Hallelujah!
666 TOWER OF BABEL Full Spectrum Onslaught!
How VW (2210) fits in the End Times Script Drama!
Middle Pillar Lie = A Circular Logic Rabbit Hole!
Unfolding the Truth hidden in Plain View!
1john1:1 "..we looked upon...our hands have handled...the Word of life.."
Bounce Back! Get Up! Keep Fighting! Don't Stop!
Greatest Compilation of the Ages! Aka The Bible!
Only the Church Has the Truth! Come Home!
Take your hand off the wheel & rest by Faith in Jesus alone!
Warning: Legalist on Steriods! Master Deception!
1/3 Suicide Jezebel Spirit in the Wiccans & Warlocks.
Colosians 2:10 "And ye are complete in him..."
Babylon works based religions kill faith alone in Jesus!
Babylonian-Phoenician witches & warlocks hate Faith Alone!
Little Sophie Cruz (wife sophia cross) goddess worship
Whole world system = Blue sky goddess cult. Lucyferian!
1/2 Wash, Merge, Absorb, Sleep, Eat, Drink Truth & Be Free!
1/3-Rev17 mystery school babylon works-based usurping 666 spirit!
2/3 Mystery Babylon! That Great City.... POLIS
" many as received him..even to them that believe on his name:."
1 Mediator between God and Man!
All knees will Bow!
Heavenly Minded -vs- Earthly Minded
Spiritual Reverse Psyop using Enlightenment to Confuse!
Better hide better SNAKES, cause we see you Clearly Now!
Biggest fatest Demoniac Liar on youtube! Ridiculous!
Fractal type & shadow of the Sacrifcial Redemptive Offering!
GET UP SAINTS! We're in the home stretch! Keep fighting!
Getting Balanced lol: 7th chakra, meditation, 3rd eye, astrology, spirit guides, signs
Mystery babylon great mother of harlots & abominations of the earth
SYSTEM Trying To CRYPTO(hide) the -GRAPHY(word)
The illuminati Never Stop Playing Games!
1/2 The real ISSUE: No CROSSing = No Flow! Period!
God is a Savior! That's just who He is! Its what He does!
Same root everytime: devil hindering gospe
3rd eye goddess hindu serpent occult cult subliminals everywhere!
3rd eye mother earth goddess worship Completely Destroyed!
1/2 All Roads Lead to Babylon not Rome!
2/2 All Roads Lead to Babylon not Rome!
Remember this video Wangli? :)
Where Are the Chemtrails? Where did they go?
1/3 illuminati babylon magician priestclass jezebel flip f
Breaking the Love Spell of the Jezebel Diva (System)!
Just Ignore the Agents of Satan! No more waste of time on them any more them!
Listen to the Power of God working through this man!
1/3 Fractal Study of Genesis 3:3
2/3 Fractal Study of Genesis 3:3
3/3 Fractal Study of Genesis 3:3
Blind Demonic Gematria Satanist hate you, Scripture, & Jesus!
Genesis 2:20 Helpmeet Suitable Fractal Study
Quantum Physics Explained via Bible Doctrine!
Reality not Computer Simulation but a Slain Lamb Fractal 1/2
Reality not Computer Simulation but a Slain Lamb Fractal 2/2
World wide CULTure dish using ism's to mind control you!
Yield before it's to late luciferian blind masonic wiccan Sheila's
1/2 3rd eyers worship goblins, fairies, & ultimately the Serpent!
1/2 Unfolding the Truth right before your very Eyes!
2/2 3rd eyers worship goblins, fairies, & ultimately the Serpent!
2/2 Unfolding the Truth right before your very Eyes!
3rd EYE bigot calling himself a bigot!
Biggest LIE EVER, Being TOLD to the WHOLE WORLD!
Dispensational shift: from water repentence to Spirit Baptism by Faith!
The Real Hologram! BELIEVE IT!
Unfolding the HOLOGRAM aka the BIBLE!
Who & what are the illuminati! 1/2
Who & what are the illuminati! 2/2
World Full of Insane Delusional Bible Mockers & Bible Haters!
1/2 Puzzle Pieces fitting in their right doctrinal order!
2/2 Puzzle Pieces in their right Doctrinal Order!
Bible = Our WEAPON to break the enemy stronghold! USE IT!